December Newsletter: Issue #12

Accounting Therapy Had a Blast 
At QuickBooks Connect 2017!!

QuickBooks Connect is an annual 3-day conference 
for entrepreneurs, accountants, 
developers  and other professionals. 

The event offers great opportunities for us to learn about the latest developments in our industry.  

We look forward to the sessions, speeches and presentations, there is always so much to see each day!

We learned about the best new products and apps that work with QuickBooks, and even got to demo some cool new stuff!

Many thanks to Intuit for another great QuickBooks Connect!!

An article for those of you who have considered their financial software options and  narrowed it  down to a desktop products.  

Stacy Kildal is an experienced and trusted QuickBooks consultant who works with Intuit.  She's written an extremely informational review of two of Intuit's desktop accounting software - QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier.  

This is a great post if you have been wondering about software features or are looking for general advice on how to decide between Pro or Premier.

You can also contact us for a more in-depth review of whether QuickBooks Pro or Premier is best for you.  (310)791-1230,

quickbooks desktop premier_
QuickBooks Desktop Software for 2018 Are Here

The newest versions of QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier are available on our website!

Our relationship with Intuit enables us to offer you exclusive access to the best pricing available on QuickBooks and all Intuit products.  

You can also reply to this email or call (310) 791-1230 to see if a Desktop software is right for you.  
Quick Tip for QuickBooks  Desktop Users

Important advice if you are a  QuickBooks Desktop user: don't forget to  setup your user account (the one you will regularly use) separately from the default admin account.  
This is considered best practices because - as some of our clients have experienced - if something happens to your desktop computer while you are logged into QuickBooks, you could be locked out of your user account.  

It's especially important if you use QuickBooks or other timely tasks, such as processing payroll.  So if you have created the other login, you can still get your payroll and any other bookkeeping done whether there is an issue with your computer or not.  

If you would like some help with setting up this up or have any other questions, please contact us!  

(310) 791-1230
For Those Who Ship With FedEx or UPS,
Here's a Great Easy Way to Save $

If your business regularly ships with FedEx or UPS, we recommend that you look into 71lbs.  They  monitor and claim the refunds on your behalf, and it doesn't cost you anything unless they find a refund.  

Many businesses are unaware that they  are entitled to refunds on late deliveries, invoice errors, and lost & damaged packages shipped via FedEx and UPS .  Since the claims process can be complex and require time and money to  successfully  get refunds, we recommend that you seriously consider if 71lbs' services are right for you.  

How it works: 71lbs monitors and claims the refunds on your behalf.  Once the shipping refunds are credited by FedEx and/or UPS, then 71lbs will invoice you for their fee which is half of the found & collected refunds.  That's it!  

How Making Appointments With Us Just Got Super Easy

Scheduling an appointment  with Accounting Therapy has never been simpler.  

You can now  set up a meeting by picking an available time that works for your schedule,  using our Calendly account.

it's easy!
Make Your Email More Productive: 

If you're using Microsoft Outlook, consider these helpful tools and tips to organize your email.  There are quite a few details on how to keep your email productive, and some are lesser known hacks so if you're using Outlook it's certainly worth checking out:

TSheets is joining the Intuit family

Matt Rissell, the owner of TSheets, wrote an open letter announcing the change earlier this month.  They are a great company offering payroll solutions that integrate well with Intuit products, this is good news!  Matt  wrote  in part:

"I'm fortunate and humbled to continue growing TSheets as part of Intuit, led by CEO, Brad Smith, a friend and mentor, with the Small Business Self-Employed team who pour their heart into their mission of supporting those who dare to dream."

Congrats to Matt and the TSheets team!  

Read the full letter here:

Cloud Computing Changed 
How Los Angeles  Responds to a Crisis
In  the event of a terrorist attack, flood, or an earthquake, the more than 4 million Los Angeles residents will rely in part on the City of L.A.'s Emergency Operations Center.   Last year it became clear that the Los Angeles' alternative emergency operation centers needed an update, so the city decided to move these backup  systems  to the cloud.  

E vacuation tracking, hazard mitigation, and emergency communications  now  reside on Amazon's global network of data centers.  

Ted  Ross, the chief information officer for the City of Los Angeles, spoke about why it made sense for Los Angeles: " A cloud backup costs the city just $300 a month, it saves time, and it maintains operations when they're needed most."  

Ross also pointed out that using the cloud enables them to " set up a virtual Emergency Operations Center anytime, anywhere."

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