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Dear Faith & Work,

Many people begin the new year with high expectations and heartfelt resolutions, conjuring up pictures of professional accomplishments, personal growth, and moments of joy.


We hope you enjoy the below pictures, a small sampling from FWI’s 2022 photo album. Click the links to learn more about those photos. After all, every picture tells a story!


What images are in your photo album at the end of this year? Are things as you pictured them or are some blurred, focused on the wrong thing, or too dark to see what was supposed to be there? After all, how we picture something is not always the way it turns out. Or are they in focus and full of light?


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I close FWI’s 2022 photo album by wishing you a festive and restorative holiday season. May you savor the last pages of your 2022 photo album and look forward to filling your 2023 album with joy and anticipation!



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David W. Miller, Ph.D.

Director, Faith & Work Initiative

Princeton University

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“The Role of Faith in Business in Silicon Valley,”

hosted by Stanford Law School 

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The new Faith and Media Index (FAMI) presented at the Concordia Annual Summit

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Princeton's Bioengineering Initiative Inaugural Lecture:

FWI hosts lunch with Prof. Jodi Halpern

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Work Pray Code author Carolyn Chen in conversation with David W. Miller

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Teaching and mentoring 2022:

Professional responsibility and ethics, EGR219, EGR501A

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Reunions Talk, May 21, 2022:

"Leadership in a Time of Crisis:

What's Your North Star?"

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FWI Advisory Board

  • George Bauer, Chairman, GPB, Ltd.
  • Marc Belton, Founder, Wisefellows Consulting
  • Rich Berg, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, Performance Trust Capital Partners
  • Brill Garrett '88 S89, Jason Garrett Starfish Charities
  • Pat Gelsinger, CEO, Intel
  • Lou GiulianoOperating Executive, The Carlyle Group LP
  • Tom Horton P15, Partner, Global Infrastructure Partners
  • Dale Jones, President and CEO, Diversified Search
  • Yung Bong Lim '87 P23 P25, Managing Partner, RDG Funds LLC
  • Gene Lockhart, Chairman & Managing Partner, MissionOG
  • Mimi Pivirotto Murley '76 S72 P07 P10, Leading civic volunteer
  • Robert Murley '72 S76 P07 P10, Vice Chairman and Senior Advisor, CS First Boston
  • Craig Philip '75 S76, Director, Vanderbilt University Center for Transportation Research
  • Toni Townes-Whitley '85, Independent Director/Trustee on eight Boards
  • John Tyson, Chairman, Tyson Foods, Inc.
  • Kevin Weiss, '79 S79 CEO, Sectigo, Inc.
  • Jacob Worenklein, Chairman and CEO, US Grid Company
  • Johanna Zeilstra, CEO, Gender Fair

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The Faith & Work Initiative is a teaching and research center within the Princeton University School of Engineering and Applied Science and the Keller Center committed to exploring ethics, values, and practices of exchange on the frontier of complex social challenges. We explore foundational meanings and promote ethical awareness across our constituencies at every phase of life and work. To do so, we look back—both in terms of the histories of ethical philosophy and also the varying authoritative traditions of religious communities. We approach such histories and wisdom traditions as beneficial for understanding as well as framing contemporary global challenges. With our team of ethical philosophers, philosophers of religion, and historians, as well as our global partners from a range of other disciplines, we commit to this rigorous portfolio of offerings for students, academic peers, religious communities, and leaders in the marketplace.