A great report of the trip and ways that you can help right now

changing lives from desperate to hopeful

Africa 2015 May Trip
The May2015 Team
Kindergarten in Cyuru, Rwanda! Video of the kindergarten children counting in English
Jeannette - watch video
Jeannette has been sponsored by HOH since 2009. She was pointed out by the local mayor because she had been living with the cows. Since then, she has saved up money to buy herself 3 cows, some pigs and a goat. She is going to a vocational trade school and has hope for her future.
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5 Opportunities to Give:

1. We have a few Feeding Projects that don't have a sponsor right now. Would you like to sponsor one and  help the top 100 desperate children in an area for only $320/month?  Click here Or give what you can! $1 = 1 plate of food

2. In July, we are bringing a few staff leaders over to Canada. You can help us pay for their flights to come and their expenses while they are here. Click here

3. A sponsor is matching 2 for 1 for a building project and only $1250 is left to raise! Donate here - $50, $100, $200 - it all adds up!
We also have parcels of land that have been given to us in Africa and we are waiting for the finances to build buildings on them. Click here

4. Just $40 gives a desperate child a pig to help them become self-sufficient. Click here

5. Add your name to the Dream Centre sponsor waiting list and we will call you when a baby is rescued. You may even get to name the child! Click here

Everything we do is for the CHILDREN! - Brian Thomson