Pieces of the Rock
September 25, 2020
Parents and Friends, 

As most of you have probably heard our church is trying something new beginning on Monday, October 5th. It is called Stepping Stones and it is a brand new worship service taking place in the Wildcat Gym over at church starting at 6pm every Monday. The purpose of this service is to give insight into why we worship the way we do and also to provide a less structured environment. We hope this worship might be more conducive to those with children and allow for more movement and noise during.

As our city and community begin to open back up we hope this environment will be one that is welcoming to all our families and an opportunity for fellowship. COVID has caused many of us to feel isolated and alone and we know the devil works extra hard to ensure we feel this way. As Christians we don’t have to go about these tough times alone. We are reminded in Matthew 18:20 “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” I hope to see you there!

In Him, 
Chris Brune
Parent Teacher Conferences
As we look at the calendar for future dates we wanted to give you an update on parent teacher conferences. We are still planning on in person parent teacher conferences during the week of October the 19th. These conferences take place after the end of the 1st quarter in working together on plans for the rest of the school year. We will have increased cleaning procedures, precautions and social distancing to ensure a safe environment. We believe there are extremely important benefits of those in person conversations in strengthening the partnership we have in educating our children. Look for a sign up genius to come out soon!
Attendance & Gradebook Alerts
Now that we are a good portion into the school year we will be turning on the parent requested Gradebook alerts. For those of you that were around last year, these are similar to the alerts we began sending during remote learning. In your online registration packets for this school year you were able to select if you wanted those email alerts and their frequency. If you would like to change the frequency or begin those alerts contact the school office to update your preference at wildcats@stpetersfw.org. If you select weekly reports, those will come on Sunday. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the school office. These alerts will begin sending in two weeks.
Help Needed
We are so excited to have our first 20/21 PTL event, Pastries with Parents! If you are able to help us set up, serve or clean up for this event, please email ptl@stpetersfw.org. We appreciate everyone's help in making these special events possible!
Box Tops Update
Did you know that we are close to a $20,000 lifetime benefit to our school from the Box Tops program?!? The PTL has used this money to support special programs and events for many years. Each and every clipped or scanned reward comes back to our school. Box Tops has made it even easier now to either scan your receipt from the app or send in your digital receipts. You can also track your digitally loaded earnings. Keep on scanning and clipping!
Pastor's Sermon
Pastor Steve Ahlersmeyer is preaching this weekend. His sermon is titled "The Parable of the Two Three Sons". Please take some time to prepare for worship by reading the Bible passages before attending church.

Old Testament - Ezekiel 18:1-4, 25-32
Epistle - Philippians 2:1-11
Holy Gospel - Matthew 21:28-32

Please join us for worship on Saturday evening at 5:00, Sunday morning at 8:00 or 10:30, or Monday evening at 7:00. The 10:30 service will be live streamed on the church facebook page.
Prayer List
Please include these requests in your personal and family prayers.
  • Karl Frick as he heals and recovers
  • Jan Hieber as she battles returned cancer
  • Phil Habegger, grandfather of Jack Habegger, in his recovery
  • River Goodwin & family, cousin of Braxton & Bentley McKee
  • Eli Fuess
Church & School Endowment Update as of 7/31/2020
Total of all Endowments $1,584,779

Church Endowment                      $749,191             Managed by the Lutheran Foundation
These funds are used to support major or special projects. Recent projects include the new Preschool entrance, new sound and video equipment for the gym, and lighting in the sanctuary. This past weekend, the voter’s approved new projectors for the church (currently using the ones from the gym) and improvements to our security system.

School Endowment               $692,737             Managed by the Lutheran Foundation
These funds provide financial aid or technology support. Each year the Lutheran Foundation matches our contributions to the financial aid endowment up to $150 per student. Depending on enrollment, this match could amount to around $32,000. In addition to this match, they also grant an equal amount for helping us achieve excellence in education.

Preschool Endowment                 $142,852             Managed by the Fort Wayne Community Foundation
These funds provide financial aid.
Contact Tony Hunt for our enrollment code.
Orthodontic & Vision Rebate Opportunities
At the time of your consultation, mention St. Peter's Scrip Rebate program at the following offices:
  • Bussick Orthodontics
  • Orthodontic Specialty Services
  • Hockemeyer Family Eye Care
Remember to thank these doctors for supporting our school! Contact Tony Hunt to learn more.
St. Peter's Lutheran School
Organization Number: WG079
Find us by searching "46815 Peter"
Our Office Depot School ID is 70035997
We are listed as Saint Peter Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne, IN with AmazonSmile