Pieces of the Rock
Living in the Son
Galatians 2:20
Dear Parents,
Happy New Year! So how are you doing on your New Year’s resolutions? I only made one this year, and I’m pretty stoked about being able to keep it. My resolution: While I might be sorely tempted,

I will NOT go on a diet this year.

I know it will be a struggle at times, but keeping my expectations low should keep me out of trouble.

Actually, my resolution is a perfect example of the old adage:

If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.

Goals are important because they help us grow. The nice part about them is they don’t need to be complicated or difficult. And even if we don’t fully accomplish a goal, we still learn from our experience. Many times we set goals in our minds, then promptly forget them. When you set one, write it down and put it in a place you will see it often. Better yet, tell someone about it.

One of your first goals can be teaching your children to set goals – goals they can accomplish on their own and goals you accomplish as a family. Family devotions, work projects, worship and Bible study are all great family goals.

I do have another goal in addition to the no diet thing. It’s simply finding new ways of

Living in the Son!

Soli Deo Gloria!
Gene Friedrich
This week at St. Peter's
An important reminder:
WE WILL HAVE SCHOOL MONDAY, JANUARY 21 . We were originally scheduled to be off for Martin Luther King Day, but Monday is now our make-up day for the bad weather day we had in December. 
Spelling Bee Aces
We congratulate seventh grader Ben Bentz, who successfully outlasted 21 other fifth through eighth grade spellers to win the 2019 St. Peter’s Spelling Bee. Ben correctly spelled the words “sagacity” and “relinquish” to outlast runner-up Jack Habegger, gr. 6, in the 18 th round. Ben will go on to represent our school at the Allen County Spelling Bee at PFW on February 15. Congrats, Ben, Jack, and all of our super spellers on a job well done!
And Geography Bee
January is Bee Month at St. Peter’s. No sooner did we complete our Spelling Bee than we jump into our annual Geography Bee. Monday, January 28, is the big day. Parents are invited to attend! 
Happy 90th!
Even though we ended our first semester just before our Christmas break, we just wanted you to know today is the 90 th day of school, exactly halfway through our 180-day school year. Have a great second 90, kids!
Reenrollment 2019/2020
Now that we’re on the downhill side of the 2018/2019 school year, it’s time to look ahead to 19/20. Bet you didn’t know your kids are already enrolled for next year. All you have to do is pay your re-enrollment fee appearing in your FACTS account to reserve kids’ place. And if for some reason you aren’t returning next year, (we hope that’s never the case) please let us know as soon as possible. We are thrilled to be partnering with you in raising your children in His Word, and we pray that will continue for years to come!
St. Peter's Open House
Sunday, January 27, is our annual Open House. From 12 to 3 P.M. visitors can tour our facility and see what St. Peter’s has to offer. If you have friends and neighbors who might be interested in quality Christian education for their kids, encourage them to attend our Open House!
As we begin the second semester, our thoughts turn to that most wonderful time of the year – testing! Now that we have the ISTEP thing down pat, the State comes up with ILEARN, an entirely new testing procedure. Many big changes this year, among them no time limits on tests (this should ease some students’ fears) and some Computer-Adaptive tests (a student’s next question is based on his/her response to the previous question.) Also, there’s only one testing window (April 22 to May 17) compared to 2 last year. You’ll be hearing a lot more about ILEARN as the year progresses.
Shop with Scrip
We are now back to our regular schedule of ordering scrip by noon on Tuesday with an expected pickups available on Thursday. With your authorization, we will deliver your scrip to the school to be sent home with a student. Once we have the results of the first half of the 2018-2019 School year, we will let everyone know. Thanks again to everyone that is using scrip to help support our school! 
Faithfully Forward Capital Campaign News
Thank you to everyone that was able to participate in the First Fruit offering and the start of the Faithfully Forward Campaign. Once we have the results of the fruits given, we will share this information with the congregation. In the meantime, and as you know, there is much work to be done. If you haven’t pledged or used your first fruit offering envelope, please understand that it is not too late to participate.
Church Attendance
When signing the Ritual of Friendship pad, use one line for each family member and write legibly. That will ensure that your attendance is properly recorded.
Pastor's Sermon
Rev. Richard Koehneke is preaching this weekend. His sermon is titled “Called to Make a Difference” . Please take some time to prepare for worship by reading the Bible passages before attending church.
Old Testament - Isaiah 42:1-9
Epistle - Romans 6:1-11
Holy Gospel - Luke 3:15-22
Please join us for worship on Saturday evening at 5:00 or Sunday morning at 8:00 or 10:30.
Prayer List
Please include these requests in your personal and family prayers.
  • Morgan Moher as she continues treatment
  • Healing for Riley Zent's grandfather
  • Joe Nuthals, father of Paige & Cora
  • Healing for Heather Vogelsong
  • Healing for former teacher Jan Hieber as she recovers
Mad Ants Family Night - Cancelled
5th Grade Hosting Teacher Appreciation Lunch for January
5th grade will be hosting lunch this month for our teachers and staff. Thank you to those who have already signed up! Anyone willing and able to help with lunch and recess coverage while teachers enjoy their lunch is also appreciated. Please follow the link below:
One Sports Reporter
One Team. One God. One Goal. One Sports Reporter.
By: Brynn Campbell, Grade 6
The Wildcat basketball teams continued their seasons after a short holiday break. The JV girls beat Concordia on Saturday (27-12). The 6 th grade boys lost to Concordia (51-10), but are already looking forward to their next game. The 5 th grade boys team showed significant improvement and ran several strong plays, but came up short in the end (34-12). The JV teams were scheduled to play St. John Kendallville on Wednesday, but all games were cancelled due to weather.
Our Varsity girls were victorious over the Crusaders of Holy Cross (22-9); 7 th grader Cailyn Bolinger lead with 12 points. The Varsity boys lost to Holy Cross, but the strong defense held the Crusader to only a 7- point lead (36-29). The Varsity teams played Emanuel St. Michael on Thursday; scores will be featured in next week’s report.
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Upcoming Reminders
School Delays & Closings
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Clubhouse is available at 8:00 am on delay days.
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