Pieces of the Rock
September 11, 2020
Parents and Friends, 

September 11th, 2001. Most of us most likely remember exactly where we were that day, how we felt, what we saw and heard. Even for myself as a 6th grader, I remember being in chapel and in the middle of prayers our associate pastor coming over the balcony and saying we needed to pray for the world trade center because there was an accident. I remember walking back to our room discussing with my classmates which city that was in (I am certain none of us said New York). We sat in our classroom and watched on a TV as the second tower was hit and the ensuing panic and anger, not understanding fully what was going on. Watching as brave firefighters, police officers and first responders ran towards the signs of distress and not away, to which all of us are forever indebted. We remember Patriots Day for so many reasons, too many to list in this letter. 

From talking with my parents and others older than me, 9/11 was their President Kennedy’s assassination, a day we will never forget. The worst part at the time was probably watching my parents and other adults make sense of the situation themselves and working through their own fear and emotions. Yet, there was something so impactful for me in that moment as well. I watched as my parents, teachers, pastors and other important adults turned, in a time of despair, to the only source of truth that we have, our Heavenly Father. They turned and got on their knees in prayer, remembrance and honor for those who lost their lives. So today, on Patriots Day, we turn to Him once again. In thanks and praise for those first responders and their families who lost their lives. In thanks and praise to impactful people to guide and direct us in time of strife. In thanks and praise for all He has done. God bless you all!

In Him, 
Chris Brune
Parent Alert Texts
Wednesday we had our first 2 hour delay, did you receive our Parent Alert text message? If we have your cell phone number on file and you didn't receive the message, text START to 22383 to opt in to our alert messages. Contact Mrs. Ripke if you need any help.
School Pictures
Everyone was dressed to the nines today and looking great! If you forgot your picture form today, Varsity Photo has an online ordering option this year for families. Click the link below if you would like to place an order for your kiddos school pictures.
Our limited supply of masks for students who have one break during the day or happen to forget one is running low. We are trying to get in as many as possible to still provide those to our students who find themselves needing one. We are asking if you are able and willing to donate disposable masks, we would really appreciate it! Also, please remind your children to not only bring their mask each day, but also have a spare in their school bag.
Voter's Meeting on Sunday
Members of our church! There is a voters meeting this Sunday after the 10:30 service. Part of this voters meeting is to extend an official Call to our first grade teacher Mrs. Brune and also Mr. Motter. Mr. Motter has completed his colloquy course work and is now eligible to transition from a contact to a Call. See you there!
Beginning Band and Strings
There is a parent meeting for new students interested in joining the band or strings programs next week at Concordia Lutheran High School. Strings is Tuesday, September 15th at CLHS in the theatre. Band is Thursday, September 17th at CLHS in the cafeteria. Parents can stop by any time from 4:30-7:30 pm to start their instrument rental process with Mynett.

Mr. Eiler will be talking briefly about the strings program at 5:00 and at 6:00 on Tuesday for parents interested in learning more. 

If you are unable to attend these meetings, contact Mr. Eiler for strings or Mr. Phillips for band.
Fans at Fall Athletic Events
We are so grateful for the athletic directors of the seven LSAA schools who went through the trouble to create plans to safely hold fall sports, one of which was our own, Mr. Falkenstern. Many other schools voted to not have fall sports however Mr. Falkenstern, the principals and AD's from seven schools put precautions together for a safe fall season. The LSAA has laid out rules pertaining to fans due to COVID-19 at fall athletic event as we begin games for girls volleyball and boys soccer. At this time, the only fans allowed are up to 2 parents of athletes. Fans must wear a face mask and practice proper social distancing. LSAA will be re-evaluating the number of fans allowed later in September. We know limiting fans and other precautions are not ideal however, these things allow our students to participate in fall sports, and therefore we will all work together through these. Games will be live-streamed whenever possible on the school's facebook page. Thank you for your help and cooperation in making this fall season safe and successful!
Are you a St. Peter’s Lutheran School alumni or know of someone that attended St. Peter's? We are gathering information to stay connected with the great alumni of our school. Fill out the form below on how we can stay connected with you. We are putting together an alumni newsletter that will be sent electronically twice a year to stay connected with our large group of alumni. Our goal is to keep you informed and to stay connected. Feel free to send this link to friends that you know might be interested as well. We want to be connected to each and every one of our alumni in a meaningful way as we Connect to Christ, Grow in His Grace and Share Him with others!
Flower & Vegetable Plant Show Update
This year will we not be holding our annual plant show. The SCFVA Blue Ribbon show has been cancelled as well. Follow SCFVA on facebook to learn more. Use the link below for to participate in the Virtual Plant Show.
Pastor's Sermon
Pastor Adam McDowell is preaching this weekend. His sermon is titled "What Awaits...". Please take some time to prepare for worship by reading the Bible passages before attending church.

Old Testament - Genesis 50:15-21
Epistle - Romans 14:1-12
Holy Gospel - Matthew 18:21-35

Please join us for worship on Saturday evening at 5:00, Sunday morning at 8:00 or 10:30, or Monday evening at 7:00. The 10:30 service will be live streamed on the church's facebook page.
Prayer List
Please include these requests in your personal and family prayers.
  • Karl Frick as he heals and recovers
  • Jan Hieber as she battles returned cancer
  • Phil Habegger, grandfather of Jack Habegger, in his recovery
  • Schimmoller family
  • River Goodwin & family, cousin of Braxton & Bentley McKee
  • Layman family
  • Lunz family
Contact Tony Hunt for our enrollment code.
St. Peter's Lutheran School
Organization Number: WG079
Find us by searching "46815 Peter"
Our Office Depot School ID is 70035997
We are listed as Saint Peter Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne, IN with AmazonSmile