Pieces of the Rock
Living in the Son
Galatians 2:20
Dear Parents,

As today’s cartoon ably illustrates, there’s really nothing new under the sun. When you think about it, the positives (love, peace, music, drama, worship, etc.) as well as the things bringing us grief (war, sickness, greed, etc.) have been part of civilization for millennia. Take a close look at the Old Testament – you’ll find it all there. The difference comes in how we, through creativity, invention and technology, have learned to handle them.

So we can say there’s nothing new under the sun, but I prefer to say:

There’s nothing new under the SON.

From Moses carving the 10 Commandments in stone, to scribes faithfully copying Scripture on paper, to Johannes Gutenberg bringing God’s Word to the masses with his printing press, to electronic Bibles, to Bibles on our cell phones, technology has certainly changed the way Scripture comes to us. But I thank the Lord there is nothing new under the SON – the same saving Gospel message our ancient ancestors heard thousands of years ago is the same message coming to us today.

We often hear things like “The church is dead,” or “Christianity is old school” and other junk like that. Don’t believe it! Thanks to God’s never-changing, unerring Word, there are millions of people like us

Living in the Son!

Soli Deo Gloria!
Gene Friedrich
This week at St. Peter's
Back in the Classroom
Our upper grade students have been blessed this semester with the presence of PFW student teacher Zach Burkhart. Zach, a SPLS grad, has been working under the tutelage of Mrs. Rodenbeck and Mrs. Lunz. We’re happy to have Zach as a member of the St. Peter’s school family, if only for a semester, and we wish him God’s blessings on his teaching career.
Our CLHS Intern
Another SPLS grad working in our school this semester is Brianna Moehnke. Brie has been learning the trade by assisting our lower grade teachers as part of Concordia High School’s Internship Program. In this program, CLHS seniors spend a portion of their last semester in on-the-job training. Brie began her 2 afternoons a week in Mrs. Launer’s fourth grade room and is now assisting Miss Biddle in Kindergarten. Thanks, Brie, for coming back to your roots!
Staff Sgt. Foote
Our “Careers” electives class welcomed a special guest last week – Staff Sergeant Foote of the Indiana Air National Guard, who talked to our kids about life in the military. We thank Staff Sgt. Foote for his visit with our upper graders and for his service to our country!
School Musical Next Thursday!
Mrs. Kidd and I wandered through the gym while our upper graders were practicing for iAm, their spring musical. They sounded really great! You’ve all heard “There’s an APP for that.” iAm is the musical story of an APP dedicated to teaching kids just who God really is. The big night is next Thursday, March 21, in the Wildcat Gym (kids, be in your seats at 6:45.) We’re looking for a full house, so we’ll be looking for you and your family to be there. Remember – Next Thursday, 7:00 P.M., Wildcat Gym! Be there or be square!
I READ Begins!
Our third graders will be breaking new ground next week as they try out the new state testing procedure. They’ll put their reading skills to work in IREAD test sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. This testing procedure is identical to the procedure for the new ILEARN tests for grades 3 through 8 coming in April. 
Our Principal Call Committee has been hard at work and is ready to bring the name of a principal candidate to the congregation. To that end, a Voter’s Meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 25, 6:00 P.M., in the sanctuary. Please attend!
Walk with Jesus: An Easter Event for Families

Sunday, April 14, 2019, noon to 3:00 p.m.

Walk with Jesus is a powerfully moving event that will guide your family through Jesus’ last days on earth. You will travel to Jerusalem for Palm Sunday, sit down for the Last Supper, discover the sacrifice of Good Friday, and celebrate freedom from sins at the empty tomb that first Easter morning. Designed for parents and children to experience together, you will celebrate Easter in a way you’ll never forget.

Families are asked to sign up for a time to begin the guided tour. Walk-ins are welcome but might require wait time until an opening is available in a tour group. You can sign up for a start time below.

The tour will begin in the north corridor (at the back of the Sanctuary) and will take approximately one hour to complete. This event is free and open to the public. For questions, contact Michelle Leahy ( mleahy@stpetersfw.org or text 260-610-1778).
Faithfully Forward Campaign News
As of 1/1/2019, we reported that our pledges and gifts totaled $2.3 million with a mortgage balance of $3.5 million. After two months, pledges and gifts are approximately $2.5 million and the mortgage balance is now $3.379 million. While this is wonderful news, please refer to the Stewardship Corner to notice that we are 8.1% behind budgeted giving which impacts St. Peter’s ability to deliver all of the important ministry work that the church provides.

Wildcat Auction
Hold your horses! You haven't heard about our Wildcat Pride Benefit Auction here at St. Peter's? Well mark your calendars because the "mane event" is Saturday, May 4th. Yep, the same day as the Kentucky Derby! It's almost like it was "mint" to be.

If you haven't attended the school auction in the past, let me fill you in on what to expect. Friends from school, church, and the community come together for a big night of fun. It's anything but stuffy - this is truly one of the liveliest events of the year! Our gymnasium will be transformed into a gorgeous party space; the decorations seem to get better each year!

We'll begin with a delicious meal (Geoglein's, we see you!) followed by competitive rounds of both silent and live auction items. There will be food, there will be drinks, there will be fun...but there will not be any pressure to spend more than you & your family are comfortable with (huge misconception). Some auction items will go for over $10,000...and others will be sold for $20. The committee works very hard to create a comfortable atmosphere where everyone has fun and takes pride in the overall financial benefit!

Ticket order forms were sent home with students a few weeks ago. If you have questions, contact the office or a committee member today: Hollie Mowery, Selena Stankovic, Leslie Augustyniak, Jen Hartman, Emily Campbell and Nicole Bolinger.
Church Attendance
When signing the Ritual of Friendship pad, use one line for each family member and write legibly. That will ensure that your attendance is properly recorded.
Pastor's Sermon
Rev. Thomas R. Ahlersmeyer is preaching this weekend. His sermon is titled “Citizens of Heaven...Living Here on Earth” . Please take some time to prepare for worship by reading the Bible passages before attending church.
Old Testament - Jeremiah 26:8-15
Holy Gospel - Luke 13:31-35
Please join us for worship on Saturday evening at 5:00 or Sunday morning at 8:00 or 10:30.
Prayer List
Please include these requests in your personal and family prayers.
  • Healing for Owen Lemberg, 5th grade
  • Healing for Landon Coil, 5th grade
  • Grace Hayes, 2nd grade, as she undergoes testing
  • Morgan Moher as she continues treatment
  • Healing for former teacher Jan Hieber
  • Healing for Erica Reith, school nurse and mother of Grace & Camille
One Sports Reporter
One Team. One God. One Goal. One Sports Reporter
By: Brynn Campbell, Grade 6
This past week the Wildcats wrestling team competed two different times. Last Thursday they had their last home meet. They also had the Concordia Ed LeBeau Invitational tournament over the weekend. The tournament included teams from St. Vincent’s, Central, Lutheran South Unity (LSU), Concordia, Holy Cross, Emmanuel St. Michael (ESM), St. John Emmanuel, and Wyneken. The St. Peter’s wrestlers that placed are as follows:

Peewee (4th grade) - Jack Krocker 3rd, Paul Wenzel 2nd, Brody Jones 4th, Rashon Johnson 3rd
Junior (5th and 6th grade) - Max Derheimer 3rd, Owen Lemberg 2nd, Ian Brown 3rd, Jack Habegger 3rd, Braden McFeters 3rd, Jack Hartman 1st, Riley Ripke 3rd, Fred Steele 5th, Carson Dale 6th

Senior (7th and 8th grade) – Carter Ripke 2nd, Maddox Krocker 2nd, Tyler Moher 1st, Ben Brown 4th, Chance Harris 1st

The Wildcats have one more tournament left in their season. The LSAA tournament is this weekend, so be sure to go cheer on the wrestlers; but if you can’t make it check next week’s edition for details.
Teacher Appreciation Lunch
Third grade is hosting this month's Teacher Appreciation Lunch, scheduled for Wednesday, March 27th. Third grade parents received an email with a link to sign up and provide this lunch. We will also need help with lunch & recess coverage while the teachers enjoy their special lunch. If you are able to volunteer your time to help with recess duty, please sign up using the link. The PTL Board will be taking care of lunch room duty. Thank you!
Easter Candy Grams
You may purchase Easter Candy Grams now until Friday, April 12th. Order forms are in the school office. Delivery of the Easter grams will be Thursday, April 18th.
Box Tops
Sheets are due by March 29th. If you need another sheet to fill, stop in the school office. Thanks for collecting!
Upperclassman Dance
The Upperclassman Dance (7th & 8th grade) needs a chairperson. Are you interested in this opportunity? Please contact one of the PTL Board members or the school office if you are able to help!
Lunch Menu
Upcoming Reminders
School Delays & Closings
Severe weather related delays or closings will be announced as
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Clubhouse is available at 8:00 am on delay days.
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