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Piedmont Vending Category Management
Aaron Speagle uses Breakroom Provisions category management software to provide a comprehensive healthy tagging program.
By Elliot Maras

Piedmont Vending, a Hickory, N.C.-based vending, dining and micro market operation, categorizes all of its products based on health content and tags the products accordingly at the point of sale. Stickers on machine shelves indicate if the products are standard, Health Fit or Health Fit Plus.

Healthy vending programs are not new, but Piedmont Vending has developed a program that categorizes all of its products into three health categories, according to Aaron Speagle, CEO. Professional dietitians developed the category requirements.

While the categorization and tagging has been introduced to all of the company's business segments - vending, micro markets and dining - it is most developed in the micro market business, the segment that has the most advanced category management software.

Piedmont Vending operates Breakroom Provisions micro markets, which feature flexible category management software that allows operators to categorize products according to customer requirements.

High Tech Food Vending Machines
Feast is bringing high-tech food machines to Toronto's subway network.
Feast, formerly a meal delivery service in Toronto, is developing a retail concept to provide food to busy office workers. A posting in Toronto's Freshdaily blog reported the company is working to bring high-tech food machines to Toronto's subway network.  

These are state-of -the-art automated kiosks with sophisticated temperature controls, inventory management and robotic arms, Feast noted on its website. 

Feast customers will get access to protein salads and bowls. Everything will be served chilled. This gives people more accessibility to Feast meals and provides the opportunity to carry more menu items and to try other options like breakfast, snacks and meals that can be heated.  
Feast plans on adapting its app to reward loyal customers. There will also be features like checking inventory in kiosks and ordering ahead. 

OTI's otiMetry solution includes NFC-based cashless readers and telemetry.

On Track Innovations Ltd., a global provider of near field communication (NFC) and cashless payment solutions, 
incorporates telemetry, sales, operations and marketing into its otiMetry, M2M solution with real-time management capabilities.
Application program interfaces (APIs) enable all payment, telemetry and terminal management functionalities. This includes a modular design that supports adding and removing binary modules; an embedded operating system; machine connectivity API including MDB, DEX and input/output; network connectivity API including 3G cellular and Ethernet; power management API including rechargeable battery backup; logging and error handling; and embedded real-time clock and calendar.

Microtronic US Guest Station Offers Solution For High Security Locations

The Guest Station from Microtronic US provides a solution for areas where security is a major concern. The Guest Station has smart readers that can be accessed using the Microtronic RFID smart card.

The unit has a robust touchscreen with easy-to-understand instructions. Operators can load value to purchase cards with cash. They can set maximum load values and maximum refund values with up to $3,000 refund capacity.

Cards returned for a refund are binned inside the kiosk for recirculation.

Consumers can purchase a card from the card dispenser, load the card with cash, then use the card with readers in the vending machines.

All readers are offline; it is a "read/write" from the reader to the card. Reports provide full accountability.
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