Special Announcement:
In Honor of National Pierogi Day
We will be making
DINNERS TO GO on Tuesday, Oct. 8 from 4-5pm

Call 330-467-8655 now thru 3:30 pm Saturday
Email or Message Bakery via Facebook now thru Monday at 5pm
Payment required at time of order
Pierogi Dinner
12 Potato & Cheddar Pierogi sauteed in Butter & Onions with a side of apple sauce and a side of sour cream $25

Kielbasa & Kraut Side
1# Smoked Kielbasa & sauteed Kraut

Mini Kolacky Dessert
12 fruit filled Mini Kolacky $7

Polish Flag
The Whole Polish SHA-BANG
Get the 12 Potato & Cheddar Pierogi with Butter and Onions, apple sauce, sour cream, Smoked Kielbasa & Kraut with Kolacky Dessert! $44

As Always Our Freezer Case will have more Flavors to Grab and Go!
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Northfield,Ohio 44067
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