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April 2019 Newsletter

Pierre Area Chamber of Commerce, Pierre Convention & Visitors Bureau & Pierre Economic Development Corporation E-News

This is the electronic version of the Pierre Area Chamber's April 2019 newsletter. We continue to provide a hard copy of this document in the Capital Journal as well.

Life is good on the river,
The Staff at the
Pierre Area Chamber of Commerce

In This Issue
2019 Chamber Board of Directors
Executive Board
Jennifer Anderson - President
Anderson, Nill & Associates
Meredith Lee - President-Elect
Lee Real Estate
Thomas Allerdings - Vice Presient
ClubHouse Hotel & Suites
Russ Hofeldt - Secretary
Feeding South Dakota
Melissa Puepke - Treasurer
First Dakota National Bank
Bryan Beck - Past President
Beck Motor Co.
Board Members
Angie Bollweg
Sanford Health
Paul Bowen
Slumberland Furniture
Mikel Holland
Avera St. Mary's
Aaron Fabel
Cindy Bahe
Casey Tibbs Rodeo Center
Jodie Hickman Anderson
Strategic Association Services
Kristie Maher
South Dakota Discovery Center
Chris McConnell
Black Hills FCU
Dennis Rounds
Ex-Officio Members
Ron Wagner, PEDCO President
Pierre Mayor Steve Harding
Ft. Pierre Mayor Gloria Hanson
2019 PEDCO Board of Directors
Ron Wagner - Chair  
First National Bank
Andy Hubbart - Chair-Elect
Mark Anderson - Secretary
SD Department of Labor
Kim Easland - Treasurer
American Bank & Trust
Doug Abraham
May, Adam Law Firm
Trace Beck
Beck Motor Co.
Rick Dockter
Ameriprise Financial
Dawn Morris
Morris Inc.
Kim Olson
Sen. Mike Rounds Office
Karl Richards
Avera Medical Associates
Tiffany Sanderson
Gordon Woods
SD Intrastate Pipeline

Liaisons - Annual Appointment
Jamie Huizenga
Pierre City Commission
Jennifer Anderson
Chamber of Commerce
Kristi Honeywell
Pierre City Administrator
Norm Weaver
Hughes County Commission

Jim Protexter
Chief Operating Officer
Carmen Magee
Administrative Asst.

Pierre Economic Development Corporation 
2019 Investor List
(From 2/22 to 3/22)
Thank you to the following businesses, organizations and individuals who are supporting economic development in Central South Dakota through their PEDCO membership investment.

Bronze Investors - $150


CEO's Report
Jamie Seiner, CEO
Nothing shows our "South Dakota tough" like the March we had. Our patience is thin, our backs ache and there we are...in t-shirts on a 37-degree day because the sun is out. Optimistic for spring.

Optimism is shining bright at the Pierre Area Chamber of Commerce in April. We are hitting the spring cleaning like that last storm hit us. Hard.

Cleaned the office. Check!
Revising the bylaws. Check!
Wrapping up the strategic plan. Check!
Renewing the Chamber's committees. Check!

Refreshed and focused, the Chamber's Board, staff and committees are making great headway in 2019. We want all our members and our community to feel the same way. I'm convinced the Chamber, a collective group of "South Dakota tough," can plow through the lulls many of our members have experienced this winter. We do this by encouraging each other - the community, our customers, our staff and our business or organization to be Loyal2Local.

Loyal2Local is being self-sufficient like Michael H. Shuman, author of the book Going Local, describes, "Going local does not mean walling off the outside world. It means nurturing locally owned businesses which use local resources sustainably, employ local workers at decent wages and serve primarily local consumers. It means becoming more self-sufficient and less dependent on imports. Control moves from the boardrooms of distant corporations and back into the community where it belongs."

"South Dakota tough" is nurturing our local stores and service providers. It's putting on that optimistic t-shirt because the sun is out, even when things aren't exactly ideal.

Refresh and focus and encourage others to do the same. Join the Chamber and get involved for a bright 2019.
Pierre Mayor Steve Harding's Report
Many initiatives the City has been working on for years are seeing exciting progress. We are restoring safe reliable commercial air service to Central South Dakota; we are moving forward with a plan to replace Pierre's nearly century old outdoor pool, and old City Hall is on the market. I'm excited to share the details on all of these efforts with you.

On April 3, United Airlines will make its inaugural flight to Pierre Regional Airport. The plane, operated by SkyWest, is scheduled to land at 1:34 p.m. To usher that first flight into Pierre in style, we are hosting a ribbon-cutting ceremony. You're invited! It starts at 12:45 p.m. on April 3 at the terminal. We'll have refreshments and hear a few words from the airlines. I hope you can make it!

For years, we have been building our relationship with SkyWest. I'm so very happy those efforts are paying off and that we now have the nation's largest and most reliable regional air carrier serving Central South Dakota!

Outdoor Pool
I'm also very happy to report that the City Commission is moving forward with the Outdoor Pool Committee's plan to replace Pierre's current outdoor pool. Following four public meetings, and much positive input, the Commission has accepted the proposal. Construction is expected to begin in 2021. If all goes according to plan, Pierre will have a new outdoor pool by the summer of 2022.

The City is positioned to pay for the basic plan with existing revenue. Additional features, like a lazy river and water slides, will require private financial support. A capital campaign is in the works. More information on the campaign will be coming out soon. Details on the pool plan can be found at cityofpierre.org.

Old City Hall
Since staff moved into the new City Hall last summer, people have been wondering what would come of old City Hall. Well, we don't know that yet, but we're officially shopping for ideas.

In mid-March the City Commission voted to issue a Request for a Qualified Developer for the old City Hall lot. The request basically asks interested developers, contractors or investors to come forward with a plan to redevelop the site.

The City's goal is for the land to be turned into a sales-tax generating development that complements the businesses and services already available in Pierre. May 17 is the deadline for proposals. I'm excited to see what ideas are out there.

Pierre is moving forward! I hope you're as excited about the progress as I am.
Fort Pierre Mayor Gloria Hanson's Report
So you want to live in South Dakota? Well, you'd better have courage and a sense of humor.

The recent two-day record snowstorm gave us another taste of just how tough and resilient we are. And if we are totally honest, we were more than a little envious of our friends and neighbors in warmer climates as we proudly posted selfies of the 7-8-9-foot snow piles on Facebook.

Having been raised on a ranch, and knowing March is calving time, my thoughts were with ranchers and their livestock while I snuggled under the blankets and listened to the raging wind. As I write this, it's the day after the storm, and reports are just beginning to come in. I hope people and animals alike found shelter to survive the wet snow and wind.

One thing about a blizzard, it brings out the neighborliness in people. My husband and I needed the help of our good neighbors during the storm, and as always, they responded immediately with compassion and good humor. We like to think we do the same when someone else needs help. Husband Ron certainly does his share with his tractor, scoop and snowblower.

The maintenance crew of the City of Fort Pierre went above and beyond during and after the storm. Most of them worked through the days and nights with little rest, even making the decision to keep plows running through the night to keep emergency routes open when State plows were pulled off.

The wet snow contained moisture that we didn't want or need, at a time when we are watching the snow pack and river ice melt. We have strong memories of the flood of 2011. It is comforting to me to know that the Corps of Engineers (and others) are watching the situation closely even as we hear reports of flooding in southeast South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa. According to the experts, as bad as that flooding is, it is helpful overall by removing and reducing the runoff potential early; thus, allowing the system to return to normal before the effects of the melting mountain snowpack are felt.

All things considered, mountain snowpack runoff into the system is predicted to be normal or maybe a bit above normal. And storage space in Lake Oahe sits at 13 feet below the top of the spillway, about double what it was in 2011. Pending any major rain events, Fort Pierre and Pierre can relax a bit, at least until the next surprise Mother Nature has up her sleeve. As always, we will continue to monitor the situation.
Happy Spring!

Capital City Economy
December 2018
Current Month  Same Month 2017 Percent Change 2018 YTD 2017 YTD Percent Change
Pierre 2% $683,495 $635,100 7.6% $7,822,615 $7,681,260 1.8%
Pierre 1% BBB $44,759 $42,265 5.9% $546,315 $536,254 1.9%
Fort Pierre 2% $91,421 $88,423 3.4% $1,149,383 $1,158,031 -0.7%
Fort Pierre 1% BBB $7,909 $8,113 -2.5% $120,599 $120,788 -0.2%
OCCUPANCY TAX            
Pierre BID No.1 NA $13,258 NA NA $233,615 NA
ADI 606 1,041 -41.8%         10,442 11,791 -11.4%
DAILY TRAFFIC            
Missouri River Bridge              13,243 13,497 -1.9% 175,054 181,391 -3.5%
US 14 East of Pierre               2,664 2,579 3.3% 35,485 35,607 -0.3%
New Homes
Stick Built - Number 3 0 13 16
   Dollar Amount $536,116 $0 0.0% $3,085,544 $3,836,603 -19.6%
Other* - Number 1 0 8 27
   Dollar Amount $0 $0 0.0% $195,000 $998,500 -80.5%
Number  2 3 46 59
   Dollar Amount $6,850 $39,200 -82.5% $508,937 $928,088 -45.2%
New Buildings
Number  0 1 7 10
   Dollar Amount $0 $150,000 0.0% $6,467,082 $26,386,951 -75.5%
Number  2 2 24 34
   Dollar Amount $109,452 $12,000 812.1% $2,868,247 $1,033,098 177.6%
Total Permits**
Number  48 22 867 817
   Dollar Amount $756,129 $302,815 149.7% $17,221,772 $37,817,695 -54.5%
New Homes
Number  0 2 10 10
   Dollar Amount $0 $896,000 0.0% $2,650,800 $3,141,184 -15.6%
Other* - Number 0 0 3 2
   Dollar Amount $0 $0 0.0% $205,000 $98,147 108.9%
Number  0 0 44 25
   Dollar Amount $0 $0 0.0% $703,430 $633,740 11.0%
New Buildings
Number  0 0 5 0
   Dollar Amount $0 $0 0.0% $568,000 $0 0.0%
Number  0 0 0 2
   Dollar Amount $0 $0 0.0% $0 $312,000 0.0%
Total Permits**
Number  2 3 96 69
   Dollar Amount $16,000 $902,000 -98.2% $5,572,348 $6,225,053 -10.5%
WORK FORCE                            
Pierre MiSA***
Total Work Force 12,405 12,693
Total Employed 12,097 12,308
Total Unemployed 308 385
Unemployment Rate 2.5% 3.0%
For local job opportunities, visit http://dol.sd.gov/localoffices/pierre
* Includes multi-family, mobile and manufactured homes
** Includes residential, commercial, and all other permits.
*** Pierre Micropolitan Statistical Area includes Hughes & Stanley counties
Source: Pierre Economic Development Corporation Research

PEDCO Update
Jim Protexter,  Chief Operating Officer
Wheelhouse Joins PEDCO Board
Damon Wheelhouse has been nominated to replace Tiffany Sanderson on the PEDCO board of directors. Wheelhouse is an owner of Allied Plumbing & Heating in Pierre.

Sanderson began serving on the board in 2016 as a local expert in workforce development, particularly in the area of technical education. She will be transitioning to Gov. Noem's staff next month as a senior policy advisor, where she will continue to work on the state's economic and workforce development initiatives. Her resignation was tendered based on the need to avoid putting herself, the state or PEDCO in any situations where conflicts of interest may enter in.

Wheelhouse is a native of Pierre and will bring unique perspectives to the board, including that of a small business owner and one involved in technical trades. Welcome Damon!
PEDCO, GOED Make R&E Visits
PEDCO COO Jim Protexter recently teamed up with Governor's Office of Economic Development business development representative Kyle Peters for some Retention & Expansion visits to local businesses.

R&E visits, as their known, is a chance to learn what opportunities and challenges local businesses are facing that might affect their ability to maintain their level of service or even expand. PEDCO recently visited Morris Inc. and East Pierre Landscape and Garden Center. Thank you to John Morris and Art Smith for your time and valuable input. The future looks bright for these two local companies.
PEDCO to offer Leadership Pierre Scholarships
The PEDCO board has approved creating a $1,000 annual scholarship fund to support the newly-resurrected Leadership Pierre program coordinated by the Pierre Area Chamber of Commerce.

Currently there are 15 participants in the program thanks to their employers who have not only allowed for time off, but are also covering the program's cost. PEDCO would like to make sure that self-employed or small-business-employed future leaders can also get some financial support to get involved.

PEDCO will be working on the scholarship rules in the next few months so that applications can be processed with the next leadership class. Enrollments for the next class begins in May and slots are limited, so Chamber CEO Jamie Seiner is again expecting a competitive selection process.
PEDCO Loan Helps Prepare Northridge Plaza for New VA Clinic
STG International Inc., based in Alexandria, VA, was recently awarded a $6,195,142 federal contract from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center for medical services in support of the Pierre Community Based  Outpatient Clinic in South Dakota.

The new home of the local VA clinic will be in Northridge Plaza. With the help of a PEDCO loan, Midwest Holdings of Pierre was able to begin transforming 7,920 square feet of mall space into a medical clinic environment. The clinic will front Garfield Avenue and stretch from the former Kmart doors to Tokyo Sushi.

Founded in 1997, STGi designs, builds, staffs and manages healthcare clinics around the country that deliver primary care, mental/behavior health, women's health, radiology, telehealth, among other services. According to STGi, they excel in transitioning all aspects of clinic operations upon contract award - from building-out and equipping the facility, to passing inspections and recruiting a full complement of credentialed medical and administrative personnel who are ready to go on day one.

The new clinic will create at least 10 full time positions in Pierre, which was one of the reasons PEDCO agreed to provide financing. "They are advertising 11 quality healthcare jobs on their website now," says Jim Protexter, PEDCO COO. "We can't say how many net new jobs that is because there will be movement within the community, but it's the type of opportunities for professional growth that we like to support."

The new space was turned over to STGi's contractor last week. It is anticipated the new clinic will be open sometime in May.
Retail Briefs
Red Wing jumps into New York City retail
Minnesota-based footwear brand Red Wing has opened its first Manhattan store, with plans to grow by 1,000 new locations through 2024. The brand, known for its work boots, operates 700 international stores. Star Tribune (3/20)

Dollar General details store openings, improvements
Dollar General will open 975 new locations and remodel 1,000 existing stores this year, with self-checkouts and improvements to sections including health and beauty, the company said. The 15,300-store retailer will also expand its fresh food and home goods offerings, and it's developing a digital strategy designed for its core base of lower-income consumers. CNN (3/14)

Retail store closures up 23% this year
Retail store closure announcements this year are outpacing 2018's numbers, with 4,810 stores having closed so far -- a 23% increase over the same period last year. "[Retailers are] either filing for bankruptcy or even the ones that are still operating are looking to reduce their store footprint to be more efficient, to invest in their online channel," said Ana Lai, senior director and analytical manager at S&P Global Ratings. National Real Estate Investor online (3/14)

Report: US retail sales rebounded in Jan.
US retail sales rose 0.2% in January from the previous month, according to the Commerce Department, beating forecasts that called for flat sales after a 1.6% dip in December. Sales grew in eight of 13 categories, with particularly strong rebounds in building materials, sporting goods and hobby stores, and food and beverage.
Bloomberg (3/11)

Walmart employees to see $207M in performance bonuses
About 912,000 US Walmart employees will share almost $207 million in fourth-quarter bonus money, as part of an incentive program aimed at improving store performance. The retailer said it paid out almost $800 million in bonuses in fiscal year 2018, compared to $625 million the previous year. CNBC (3/8)

Expert: Successful retailers learn to win over women
Women's roles as caregivers to multiple generations mean they control about 70% of consumer spending, and retailers can look to women for a greater understanding about how retail is changing, consultant and author Bridget Brennan says. "Stereotype avoidance is crucial. Make it your business to learn how factors like language, attitudes and social roles are evolving in the culture," she says. Women's Wear Daily (3/8)

Walmart to offer returns at the front door
Walmart will soon outfit "customer hosts" with the technology they need to process purchase returns at or near the front door of the store. "The customer host will have the technology to do a refund for you right there, including cash," said Greg Foran, CEO of Walmart US. Business Insider (3/7)

Dollar Tree to re-banner, remodel, close some Family Dollars
Dollar Tree will shutter as many as 390 Family Dollar stores and rebrand about 200 others under the Dollar Tree banner this year, the company said. Dollar Tree also plans to renovate 1,000 or more stores in the Family Dollar chain, which the company acquired in a 2015 deal valued at about $9 billion. The Wall Street Journal (3/6)
CVB Report
Lois RiesCVB Director
National Travel & Tourism Week (NTTW) is
May 5 - 11, 2019, and is held annually for the US Travel community. This is the time when travel and tourism professionals celebrate the value that travel hold for our economy, businesses and our personal well-being.

NTTW was established in 1983 by President Reagan. It is the annual acknowledgement to travel in America. There is a common theme to showcase travel's contributions for the economy and for American jobs. The theme for this year's National Travel & Tourism Week is "Travel Matters". The theme showcases all the different ways travel impacts American jobs, economic growth and personal well-being.

Below are a few facts from Brand USA regarding travel in the United States.
  • Travel generated $2.4 trillion for the U.S. economy in 2017 across all U.S. industries.
  • Our attractions, restaurants, music venues and more - and the people that make them possible - are the best in the world and showcase what makes America great.
  • Travel supported 15.6 million U.S. jobs in 2017 - that's one in nine American jobs, making travel the seventh largest employer in the private sector.
  • Americans are increasingly realizing the value of their vacation time, taking an average of 17.2 days of vacation a year. Yet less than half of that time is used to travel - despite its clear benefits for health.
  • Adults know that travel matters to families: 62 percent of adults say their earliest, most vivid memories are of family vacations taken between the ages of five and ten.

Check out our website for all the great events going on in Pierre this year - www.pierre.org

Membership Report
Katie Johnson, Membership Director
It has been a long winter and I know we are all looking forward to warmer weather and enjoying the outdoors - so here are some events to look forward to!

S pring Business After Hours
Hosted at Dunes Golf course on Thursday, May 2. We currently have a few co-host openings available - give us a call if you would like to participate! Business After Hours is an informal way to connect with community members and promote your business or organization. Sip on a beverage, munch on hors d'oeuvres, possibly win some door prizes and get to know your neighbors!

Leadercast: Leading Healthy Teams
Broadcasted from Duluth, GA to hundreds of Host Sites around the globe - including Pierre's Ramkota Hotel & Conference Center on Friday, May 10! Join us and 9 world-renowned leadership experts for unparalleled insights and ideas on how to become a better leader. Check-in begins at 7am, with Leadercast starting at 8am.

Leadercast is $65 for members and $80 for non-members. If you are unable to attend but would like your business or organization to have a presence, sponsorship opportunities are available!

Pierre Area Chambers Golf Classic
To be held at Hillsview Golf Course on Thursday, June 6. Make sure you mark your calendars for this great event and get your team together! Sponsorship opportunities are still available!

Taste of Pierre and Oahe Days Music & Arts Festival
Returning for the third year, Taste of Pierre will kick off on Thursday, June 20th. Oahe Days will be continuing the celebrations on Friday and Saturday. More information to come on these festivities. You can also check oahedays.com for registration forms and more information!

Melting snow and ice, sunshine, flowers, green grass, birds chirping.... Think spring!
South Dakota Missouri River Tourism Update
Karen Kern, Executive Director of SDMRT
20207 SD Hwy 1804
PO Box 786
Pierre, SD 57501
Get Ready! They Are Coming!

With white fluffy stuff still in the air, with melting snow running in small streams or with rivers edging over their banks, it's hard to think about tourists arriving shortly. But this too will pass, and the tourists will be here. Now is the time to get your business or community ready.

Take an inventory of your community or business - from what you determine would you want to return after your first visit? I know a business owner that starts her tourism season each spring by "going in a different door." She actually goes in a different door than she usually does when she enters her business on another day. It makes her look at things in a different light. She says she always finds things that need attention. Maybe it's a bit of repainting or signage that needs changing. Does your signage - inside and out - say what you want tourists to do? And, does it reflect your business in a positive way? You might want to ask someone to visit your business and offer suggestions.

Plan on how you are going to train your work force - your team. And then have a plan for additional training as the season goes along. Your employees are the first impression visitors have of your business or community. And, do you adhere to customer service the same way you want your employees to - they will follow your lead. Give your employees the ability to make quick decision to please a customer and then stand behind their decision. Then they don't have to always find you for an answer, and it will pay off in the long-run. Make sure your employees have information on the area so they can answer questions - or know where they can go to find out what the visitor is looking for. Never should the answer be "I don't know."

Get ready because visitors are coming - let's make their visit to our area end with them saying "we need to come back here." Or, better yet, "we are going to tell our friends about this community or business! It was awesome!"
Chamber Events

Ribbon Cuttings & Open Houses


April Calendar of Events

April 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 15, 16, 17, 18, 22, 23, 24, 25, 29 & 30: Adult Education and Literacy Classes from 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm on Mondays & Wednesdays or 8:30 am to 11:45 am on Tuesdays & Thursdays, at The Right Turn, 115 E. Sioux Ave. Pierre. Contact 605 773-4755 to register or kpauly@midconetwork.com  Free to attend if over 18. 
April 1, 3, 8, 10, 15, 17, 22, 24 & 29: English as a Second Language from 5:45 pm - 7:15 pm at The Right Turn, 115 E. Sioux Ave. Pierre. Contact 605 773-4755 or kpauly@midconetwork.comto register. Free. 
April 1: Unni Boksasp Ensemble Reception from 5:30 pm - 6:15 pm at the SD Discovery Center. Contact Barb Wood 605-567-3597 or oahehill@goldenwest.net. Free.
April 1: Canvasback Art Club from 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm at Rawlins Library, Pierre. Contact Bev Letellier at 224-7993.
April 2: Volunteers needed at Food Bank, Feeding South Dakota from 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm at 20562 Grace Ave. Pierre. Contact Russ or Andrew at 494-3663 or http://feedingsouthdakota.org/
April 3: Mabel's Family Support Group - Alzheimer's & Dementia from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm at Edgewood, 1950 East Fourth St. Pierre. Contact Katie Nagle at 494-3400 or katie.nagle@edgewoodvista.com  No fee and Edgewood will provide lunch for $7.00, pre-register.
April 3: Ribbon Cutting and Open House for United operated by SkyWest in Pierre from 1:00 - 2:00 pm at the Pierre Regional Airport.
April 3: Stanley American Legion Post 20 Monthly Meeting from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm at Moose Lodge, Fort Pierre. Contact Royce Loesch, royceloesch@gmail.com
April 4: Countryside Turkey'n Biscuit Supper from 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm at First United Methodist Church, Trinity Center, Pierre.  Contact Laurie Allison at 945-0827 or laurie.countryside@midconetwork.com$10 Adults, $5 Children 12 and Under Free.  Tickets at the door.
April 4: Breast Cancer Survivors from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm at Countryside, 200 East Dakota Ave. Classroom, Suite 1, Pierre. Contact 945-0827.
April 4: "Landscaping from A to Z" from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm at East Pierre Landscape & Garden Center. Contact 224-8832 or info@eastpierregarden.com Free.
April 4: "Photoshop- Part One" with Instructor Bob Gill from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm, at CUC, 925 E. Sioux Ave. Pierre. Call 773-2160 or sdsu.cuc@sdstate.edu Fee $30
April 5: Pierre Concert Series "Sons of Serendip" from 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm at Riggs High Theater, Pierre. Contact 224-7909 or https://www.facebook.com/groups/871553956251978/about/  
April 6: 5/10K Run/Walk Fundraiser for Southeast Community Center, Home of the Banquet from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm at Southeast Community Center, 2315 E. Park St. Registration: https://goo.gl/forms/51vUps02oDsfPeDI2. Signup by March 22nd to receive a t-shirt. Contact Valeries Hummel LaBounty 605-494-0470 or ladypastorvaleries@gmail.com. Adults: $30, Youth (17 & under): $25, Family: $50.
April 6 & 7: Zonta Spring Vendor & Craft Show from 10 am - 6 pm on Saturday, 12:00 pm - 4 pm on Sunday, at Northridge Plaza, 1615 N. Harrison Ave. Pierre. Contact Brenda Hemmelman at 222-1403 or bkstand@pie.midco.net or http://www.zontadistrict12.org/pierre.html
April 7, 14, 21 & 28: Open Skate PAYSA rink, every Sunday from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm, at 1610 N. Lowell St. Pierre. $3 admission/ $2 skate rental.
April 7: Unni Boksasp Ensemble Concert from 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm at TF Riggs Theater, Pierre. Contact Barb Wood oahebarb@gmail.com or http://Shortgrassarts.org
April 8: Stately Stitcher's Guild Meeting from 6:45 - 8:45 pm at Lutheran Memorial Church Basement, 320 E. Prospect Ave. Pierre. Contact Myrna Buckles at 605 222-6847
April 9: 10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer's & Dementia Lunch & Learn from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm at Edgewood. Contact Steve Bass 605-494-3400. Free but please RSVP 24-hours ahead of time.
April 9: Chamber Hospitality Committee Meeting from 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm at Pierre Area Chamber of Commerce. Contact Pierre Chamber at 224-7361.
April 9, 18, 23 & 30: Common Sense Parenting from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm at Oahe Child Development Center (Head Start Building) 23017 E. Capitol Ave. Pierre. Contact Dawn Tassler at 224-3189 or gut1@dakota2k.net or http://www.growinguptogether.org
April 11: Tony Melendez Concert for St. Joseph School's 60th Anniversary from 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm at T. F. Riggs Theatre. Contact Barb S. 605-692-2946 or sjsconcert@gmail.com. Admission is a free will offering.
April 12, 13 &14: 66th Annual Hayes Play, 7:00 pm on Friday and Saturday, 2:00 pm on Sunday at Hayes Hall, Hayes SD.  Tickets $5.00 at the door.
April 13: Pierre Post 8 American Legion Baseball Pancake Feed Fundraiser from 7:00 am - 11:00 am at American Legion, Pierre. Contact Pierre Post 8 Baseball at 224-2123 or pierrepost8@midconetwork.com
April 13: Eggstravaganza! Family Fun Saturday from 10:00 am - 11:30 am at the Cultural Heritage Center. Contact Ronette Rumpca 605-773-6011 or ronette.rumpca@state.sd.us. Free.
April 13: 55th Annual Kiwanis Movie at 1, 3 & 5 pm at the State 1, 2, 3 Theatre in Pierre. Featuring the animated movie 'Small Foot'. Tickets are $3.
April 14: Central SD Survivors of Suicide Support Group from 6:30 - 8:00 pm, location to TBA Contact Julie Moore at Julie.moore@avera.org
April 16: 1 Stop Travel Plaza Ribbon Cutting and Open House from 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm in the old Triple M at 29265 US 14, US-83.
April 16 & 18: "Build Your Own Planter Class from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm at East Pierre Landscape & Garden Center. Contact 224-8832 or info@eastpierregarden.com Fee $30 (includes 3 annual plants, soil & care) pot not included.
April 16, 23 & 30: Basic/Intermediate Spanish with instructor Nelly Nord from 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm at CUC, 925 E. Sioux Ave. Pierre. (Six Tuesdays thru May 21st) Contact 773-2160 or sdsu.cuc@sdstate.edu or http://cucpierre.org/learning-seminars/   Fee $130 plus book
April 18 & 25: Spanish Conversation Course with instructor Nelly Nord from 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm at CUC, 925 E. Sioux Ave. Pierre.   (Six Thursdays thru May 23rd) Contact 773-2160 or sdsu.cuc@sdstate.edu or http://cucpierre.org/learning-seminars/   Fee $130 plus book
April 21: 66th Annual Easter Egg Hunt on the South Dakota Governor's Residence Lawn from 1:00 pm - 1:30 pm. Contact Steve Wegman at wind@pie.midco.net . Free.
April 24: Parkinson's 101 Lunch & Learn from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm at Edgewood. Contact Steve Bass 605-494-3400 or steve.bass@edgewoodvista.com . Free. Complimentary lunch is provided but please RSVP 24-hours in advance by calling.
April 26 & 27: South Dakota State Historical Society History Conference. Contact SD State Archives 605-773-3458 or jeff.mammenga@state.sd.us . See conference website for registration rates: https://history.sd.gov/aboutus/HistoryConference/rates.aspx
April 26, 27 & 28: Pierre Players Presents: Born Yesterday from 7:30 - 9:30 on Friday and Saturday. Sunday Matinee from 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm at Grand Opera House, 109 S. Pierre St. Pierre. Contact 224-7826 or info@pierreplayers.com or http://www.pierreplayers.com  Fees: $13 Students/Seniors $15
April 27 & 28: Horse Races with a post time of 1:00 pm CDT at the Stanley County Fairgrounds in Ft. Pierre. $1 entry fee.
April 27: Hoppy Earth Day from 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm at Drifters Bar and Grill, Fort Pierre. Events@driftersbarandgrille.com or http://driftersbarandgrille.com
April 28: Music & Meal Concert from 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm at the First Baptist Church, 2310 E. Capitol Ave. Contact First Baptist chuch 605-224-2030 or firstbaptist@mncomm.com. Free will offering admission.
April 30: Pizza Ranch Fundraiser for the Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary (DAVA) from 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm. 
For future months, go to www.pierre.org