E-Motion America, Inc. is a distributor of  AllMotion and Nanomotion.

We offer: Fully intelligent controllers capable of stand
-alone operation with
out wires from controller to drives.

Fully Intelligent Servo Drives

The EZ Piezo Servo was designed to allow the rapid implementation of Position Control using the Nanomotion** HR1/HR2/HR4/ST1 or similar motor.

The fully intelligent controllers measure just 2.25 " x 2.25 ". The Nanomotion** HR1/HR2/HR4 Motor, 9pin DSUB connector plugs directly into the Controller. A single 4 wire bus, containing 2 power wires and two communications wires, links up to 16 such Piezo motor controllers in a daisy chain. (See Wiring Diagram ). Commands can be issued from any serial terminal program (such as HyperTerminal ) or from the EZServo /Stepper Windows application.

Silent Operation, Optimal Size, High Resolution Piezo Motors.

Nanomotion's ER Motor family leverages the many advantages of our piezo technology, applied in a traditional motor housing. Utilizing a piezo drive inside the motor, the ER family offers silent motor operation with zero backlash (no gears) and built-in holding and braking without power consumption.

The EDGE-4X Motor expands Nanomotion's product line of low voltage piezo motors, bringing 4 times the force of the Edge motor. The EDGE-4X provides up to 1.3N force with unlimited travel for linear or rotary applications. Continuing to optimize size, weight and power, the EDGE-4X is well suited to:
  • Auto Focus & Zoom Requirements
  • Pan & Tilt Gimbal Drive
  • Optical image Stabilization Modules
The ST Series Piezoelectric Motor is the smallest motor of its kind. The ST provides high resolution motion control for linear or rotar y devices in a fraction of the space of traditional mechanisms. The ST is ideal for small stepping as well as continuous travel, with the ability to make step increments in the tens of nanometers and the ability to operate at speeds up to 25 0mm/sec.
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