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Welcome to our updated Car Line experience
with PikMyKid!
Phone interface PikMyKid
Meridian families,
We are rolling out a new program to help car line and daily dismissal go more smoothly!

This program is a phone application downloaded onto your smart phone (found in the app store) and will allow you to do the following:

  • Easily and quickly fill out a daily health questionnaire before on-campus learning
  • Notify Meridian Faculty about pick-up changes via the app
  • Authorize other people (known as delegates in the app) to pick-up your child from school and schedule their pick up dates
  • Get alerts when your child has been picked up (feature coming soon)
  • Receive quick news updates (say if traffic or weather will affect pick up), without using sms service

The registration process is fairly painless (we've tried it!) and we ask that all parents whose children are returning to on campus learning register with the phone application at least 3-4 days prior to their return date.

Note: Once the app is downloaded, you will receive daily push notifications to complete the health screen.

  • UPDATED: The adults listed as parent/guardian number one and number two on the enrollment form have automatically been uploaded into this position. Please contact if this arrangement or a phone number needs to be updated.
  • The primary adult(s) will then add additional adults as 'delegates.'
  • Once added, additional adults may download the app, follow the steps, and click that they are a 'delegate.' They will be connected to their child. Delegated cannot announce arrival and cannot pick up students without prior approval from primary parent/guardians.
  • The primary parent/guardian will need to update pick up details for days a delegate will pick up the child.

Click on all three links below for details (especially the Check In Questionnaire):
Additional details
Phone Number and Enrollment

As a security measure, PikMyKid allows us to upload only the parent/guardian listed as number one/two on the enrollment form. Please make sure you register with your personal current mobile phone number or the app will not allow you to access your child’s information.
If you do not think Meridian has your mobile number on file or if your child does not appear in your app’s home page, contact after registration, with your child’s name, school, grade, and updated contact information for you.

Delegates (authorized adults who can pick up kids)

Anyone who will be picking up your child should also register themselves with the application, this includes carpools. Their screen will be blank and they will not have any authorization until you allow it within the app.

Car tags
Car tags will look different this year, with new numbers as assigned by PikMyKid.

  • A new car tag with your child’s official PikMyKid dismissal ID number on it is being sent home to families who have committed to on-campus learning.
  • We have sent car tags to families with children in K-1, 6th and 12th first, with additional grades to follow.
  • If you have committed to distance learning, we will keep your passes at the school for a later rollout.

Please make sure that from now on the car tag is displayed on your dash while on school grounds and that you make note of this number. This is to help ease the transition to the new dismissal system. We appreciate your patience during set up and are excited to use the new program.

We look forward to rolling this out on Monday, but for now, we ask you to

  • Download the 'PikMyKid' app through your app store,
  • Explore the app (including a helpful FAQ section in the "hamburger icon at the top right of the app screen), and
  • Watch the training videos.

Thank you! 
News alerts will be sent via email through the app.
Sample message from PikMyKid
The app also sends push notifications of the same alert.
Sample Message PikMyKid
Meridian School | | (512) 660-5230