1:30 - 3:00 PM . Main Studio
$35 Members
$40 Non Members

Registration takes place through email or at the Customer Service Desk
Contact: Tennishia Vines (650) 223-8711 tvines@paloaltojcc.org
Details:- 650-465-7919, Stephanie@PilatesBallet.com

Open to people who would like to learn more about this new system of core strengthening, balancing inside and out and fluid movement that's rapidly expanding. “Pilates Ballet Fundamentals®” is literally and physically therapy for the body and soul. A progressive workout educating brain to body stimulation to optimize more muscle fibers within each movement.
Through the use of props and accessible, slow-flow- oriented easy to learn exercises, participants improve their balance, core strength and flexibility while gaining a deeper knowledge of bone rhythms and how to recruit the muscles necessary to move with grace, confidence and strength.

Date: Saturday, September 29th
Time: 1:30pm - 4:00pm
Cost: $55.
370 S. California Avenue •
Palo Alto, CA 94306

Registrations takes place by calling 650.324.2517 or stop by today!

Details- 650-465-7919, Stephanie@PilatesBallet.com

Learning proper precision control so you can let go through movement
Taught by former Principal Ballerina, & 2nd generation Pilates Expert,

Comprehending how to move your body in order to let go of your body
Learning directly from Stephanie Herman, former Principal Ballerina, and 2nd generation Pilates Expert, the principles of proper functional anatomy through movement or dance helps us activate more proper muscle fibers within each specific area responsible for precision in movement .
Once you build this pattern, your muscle memory will help you let go and spiritually and soulfully come alive and move with ease and efficiency. Adding music allows us to combine the prefect harmony of Mind, Body, Spirit and Dance
Questions about these workshop- 650-465-7919, Stephanie@PilatesBallet.com