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Welcome to our July Newsletter. Schools are out! It might be that with holidays etc, you can't commit to your usual class. Why not come to see us in clinic for a 1:1 and home exercise programme? We have an offer on 1:1 Pilates sessions- buy two and get the third free! Our Blog focuses on just how often you should practice Pilates to get the maximum benefit- so read on!
The Learning Never Stops!
Kirsty and Laura attended the APPI (Australian Pilates and Physiotherapy Institute) Conference last month in Glasgow. It was a fab day of networking with other Physiotherapists and learning lots of new Pilates tricks! It was a very practical day- and we both pushed ourselves hard in class- now we know how our clients feel! 
We will look forward to adding some of the new ideas to our classes, and rolling them out to all our other instructors so that we are always challenging you in new and interesting ways. We love to learn at Pilates Plus- its so important to us that our classes are fun, have great variety and also that we are keeping up to date with the research behind the benefits of Pilates.
Get three 1:1 Pilates sessions for the price of two!
We are offering three 1:1 sessions in our clinic on Howe Street for the price of two, for the month of July. The cost will be £80 for three session.

To book call 0131 226 5009 or email

1:1 Pilates sessions are beneficial if there is a particular hurdle in your class that you would like to overcome, or if you are keen to start Pilates but would like to learn more  before starting a class.

Terms and conditions- First session should be booked before 31st July. No expiry date on bookings. 24 hour cancellation policy applies.
Instructor Insight!

Kirsty Mosley

Time with Pilates Plus:
Five Years

Best thing about Pilates Plus: 
Being able to combine work with a hobby! I love teaching Pilates so don't see it as a job at all! The Pilates Plus team are a great group of girls. I really enjoy when we meet up and share teaching ideas, which I feel helps keep our classes varied and most importantly enjoyable for the clients!

Favourite exercise: 
Clam... it's a great exercise to help with back, pelvis and lower limb stability, its beneficial for everyone from our ante natal clients to the ultra marathon runners!

Kirsty's Quote:
"Life is all about how you handle Plan B!" It would be great if everything in life worked out exactly how you planned it...especially for people like me who love a plan! But sometimes life throws you curve balls and you're faced with challenges, in such times it's all about how you handle Plan B!!! 

Something you don't know about Kirsty:
I love to travel and I have been very fortunate to have travelled to 6 of the 7 continents ... I still have to book a trip to Antarctica!!!!

Kirsty's Classes:
Kirsty is currently teaching at the following locations:
Stewart's Melville Beginners (Ferry Rd, Inverleith) 6.30-7.30pm Wednesday
Stewart's Melville Intermediates (Ferry Rd, Inverleith) 7.30-8.30pm Wednesday 
Read about Rob!
Rob Pearson has been attending 1:1 Pilates with us for many years, and is a regular attender of our Monday Gorgie class. Rob loves an extreme endurance event! He has completed the gruelling Three Pistes cycle sportive, The seven hills event and The Glencoe Marathon last year, which he also intends to do again in October this year! We love to celebrate our clients success stories so if you have done something you are proud of, and want to shout about it, let us know!!

What has been your toughest endurance event?

 I would say the Three Pistes Cycle Sportive, which goes via Glenshee, The Lecht and ends at Cairngorm Ski Centre so a lot of climbing and over one hundred miles. Although held at the end of May the weather was atrocious! It poured with rain, was cold, threatened snow and the wind was blowing hard in the wrong direction. I got three punctures and had to get a new tyre half way round. By the last puncture I was pretty close to chucking my bike away but luckily a maintenance van came round the corner and got me rolling again, so I made it to the end.
What has been your favourite endurance event?

I did the Glencoe marathon last year. The weather was fantastic, the scenery amazing and they even had a cheese and port board at mile 20 something, not that I fancied that! I also ran it with a Swedish friend and long distance training partner, which made it special. It was a good celebration after too!

What has been your training highlight?

Buying a foam roller, although probably not the most enjoyable thing when I first started using it. The other is doing training runs along the canal with my daughter who has started showing an interest in running and is training to hopefully run around Arthur's Seat this summer. 

What is your Pilates weekly routine?

I have various seemingly ever expanding programmes concentrating on flexibility, conditioning or strength and how much I do can vary from week to week. I generally do 20 to 30mins of flexibility exercises after waking up and feeding the cat most mornings. I try to do roller and release work most evenings but if I manage four sessions that's a good week. I try and fit in at least a couple of strength based sessions but this tends to be subject to how busy the week is. On a Monday, I go to Mairi's class at Gorgie Memorial Hall, which is always brilliant and following weekend runs, cycles or events it seems to have a big rejuvenating effect.  

How has Pilates helped your training?

I still seem to get aches and pains but I have definitely got stronger and more flexible, which I am sure has greatly helped my running and cycling. I seem to recover quicker and importantly 'touch wood' have been pretty much injury free.

Are there any endurance events that you haven't done that you would like to?

The events I like best are trail or off road type runs and tend to be smaller so there are heaps but the key ones at the moment, are running the Lairig Ghru, which I wasn't able to attend last month so that's unfinished business. Also the Pentlands Skyline Run as I run in the Pentlands as much as possible and at some point I would like to join my Swedish friend at fjallmaraton, which is a mountain marathon in the middle of Sweden.

Pilates- How Often?
How often should we be practising Pilates? What are the current guidelines? Read on to learn more

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