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Anyone for Tennis?
Welcome to our July Newsletter! This month's focus is tennis, with the excitement of Wimbledon, strawberries and cream and Andy Murray on centre court just around the corner! We know that a sudden increase in the Great British public playing racquet sports happens around this time- we will show you how the top tennis stars use Pilates to enhance their game and prevent injuries.
Tess knee op!
Poor Tess is going under the knife to have her knee operated on- all those marathons have taken their toll!
Tess' classes will continue as normal with cover instructors and we apologies for any disruption caused while Tess is out of action. Tess will return to teaching later on this summer and we wish her a speedy recovery!!

We are recruiting!

Pilates Plus Physio are looking to recruit a part time Physiotherapist with an interest in Pilates to work in our Physio Plus clinic from September this year. If you would like any more information please get in touch before 15th July.

0131 226 5009

25% off Pilates booking before 31st July

We are offering 25% off any All Levels or Intermediate Pilates class booking if booking made before 31st July.

To book and claim your discount

Click on the relevant tab. Scroll down to find the class you wish to attend and the correct start date and click SIGN UP!

Choose your payment option and enter the code JULY25  at checkout.

Please email  or call 0131 226 5009 for more information.

Terms and conditions: Subject to availability in class. Not applicable to Ante Natal/ Post natal or Beginners classes 

Tennis Stretches
It has been widely reported that Novak Djokovic has arguably the best flexibility of any tennis player ever. He is extremely resilient to injury and his excellent flexibility is likely to be a factor in this. Not only does flexibility aid injury prevention but it helps him reach those critical shots that others can't. This has not happened by accident but instead by extremely hard work, rigorous stretching programmes and immense dedication. Below are some stretches that can help anyone playing Tennis- please begin gently and stretch carefully!

Groin stretch:  Lying on your back with heels together and legs straight. Loop an elastic resistance band around one foot and pull the leg out to the side, keeping the knee straight.
Stop when you feel a strong but comfortable stretch. Hold for 20 secs x3 on each leg.
( Do not stretch into pain and seek advice for longstanding groin pain)

Hip Flexor Stretch:  Start in a plank position-on hands and toes. Step one foot forwards, so that it is level with your hands as shown. Keep the back leg straight and the chest up. 
Stop when you feel a strong but comfortable stretch. Hold for 20 secs x3 on each leg.
( Do not stretch into pain and seek advice for longstanding groin pain)

Child's Pose: 
Sit back on your heels, with your knees apart and lower your chest to the floor. Try to maintain a neutral spine. Stretch your fingers forwards, keeping your elbows straight. Hold that position, then walk the hands to one side then the other as shown. Hold each position for 20 secs.
Stop when you feel a strong but comfortable stretch.
( Do not stretch into pain and seek advice for longstanding pain)

Pilates for Tennis
Read our Blog to find out how to Pilates can help prevent injury and aid performance in tennis.

Pilates Plus Booking App

We have now launched our brand new APP! We are very excited, and looking forward to making the booking process quicker and easier, and more mobile responsive.
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