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Welcome to our June Newsletter! This month we want to shout about our workplace Pilates classes. I am sure that as many of you read this you are sitting at your desk, and have been for a while, with many more hours ahead of you! Pilates is a great way to combat the effects of sitting for a prolonged period. We currently run several workplace Pilates classes and if you are interested in Pilates in your workplace then take a peek at our blog.
Becca returns to work
We are delighted to welcome Becca back to work. Becca returned on the 24th May and will be mainly based at our Physio Plus clinic, however she is covering lots of classes over the holiday period so you may well see her then! Tess and Laura are so pleased to have Becca back in the management team for her enthusiasm and great ideas- welcome back Becca!

How are you Moving?

If you do have any ongoing niggles or concerns about your feet or other lower limb problems then Alastair can help! Podiatry assessment can really help break the cycle of pain resulting from biomechanical issues. 

0131 226 5009

Try these exercises at your desk today!

Chin Tuck: This exercise can be done either supported against a wall in sitting or with no support. Try and imagine you are lengthening the back of your neck putting space between your ears and shoulders, gently nod your chin down as if you are holding a piece of fruit between your chin and chest. You should feel a little stretch in the back of the neck/spine. Hold for a few seconds, repeat x 6.



Chest stretch: Take your hands behind your head, slightly lift your breastbone towards the ceiling and stretch the front of your chest. Hold for 20 secs x3

Workplace Pilates!

Pilates Plus can come to your workplace and provide a class at lunchtime or after work, lasting 45 or 60 minutes.

If you are interested then please let us know and we can provide more information on how these classes work.

We need a minimum of 8 participants.

Limited Chance to get 50% off our Turnhouse Wednesday Class

We are offering 50% off our Turnhouse Wednesday class (6.00-7.00pm) until 24/06/16.
To book and claim your discount

Click on the All Levels/Intermediate tab. Scroll down to find the Turnhouse Wednesday class and click SIGN UP!
Choose your payment option and enter the code TURNHOUSE50  at checkout.

Please email or call 0131 226 5009 for more information.

How can Pilates help you in the office?
Read our Blog to find out more about how Pilates can help combat the effects of desk based working on your spine, posture and general health. 

Pilates Plus Booking App

We have now launched our brand new APP! We are very excited, and looking forward to making the booking process quicker and easier, and more mobile responsive.
To download the app from apple
To download the app from google play click here

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