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Welcome to our June Newsletter. Its now officially Summer- holiday time! Remember that for our All Level and Intermediate classes, you can pay per class, or book a six class pass which affords more flexibility around your holidays and ensures you can keep up your Pilates practice. We look forward to welcoming the Ironman to Edinburgh in July, and our blog focuses on how Pilates can compliment the Ironman training.
7 Years and counting!
We at Pilates Plus Physio have just celebrated our 7th Birthday! We thought we would share where we have come from in those 7 years. Laura and Tess set up the company as two friends and physiotherapy colleagues in 2010. At that time we had four classes- two at Swanston Golf Club and two at Stewart's Melville Rugby club- those classes are still with us today! And some of the original clients are still with us too-that's loyalty! From there we slowly but steadily increased our class timetable to include 10 further venues. We now have a total of 30 classes each week and around 1200 Pilates lovers attending our classes every month! 

We set up Physio Plus in 2014 and haven't looked back- this is our Physiotherapy and individualised Pilates arm of the business and is based on Howe street. The two parts compliment each other very well, and allows us to look after our clients and care for their needs as fully as we can.

We have a fantastic team- from our Physios in the clinic, to our instructors in class, and our admin support, everyone works over and beyond to allow this business to be one of the largest (and best- we are biased of course) in Scotland!

Following your dreams may be a cliche, but Tess and Laura had a great idea, and have got to where we are by working very hard, but by always having an unwavering dedication to our business. And the good news is, despite it all- we are still best friends!!

Deal- 20% off All Levels Passes
We are offering 20% off our All Levels classes for two weeks only! Offer expires on 16th June.

To book click here 

Go to the All Levels/Intermediate tab. Click on the date you would like your pass to start, then scroll down to find your chosen class. Click on SIGN UP NOW and then Allocate Payment, then use the code AL20 to take 20% off the booking.
Any questions please email or call 0131 226 5009
Terms and conditions- Not valid for workplace classes. Please note the expiry on your pass. code only valid once
Instructor Insight!

Anna Maria Risso

Time with Pilates Plus:
One and a half years

Best thing about Pilates Plus: 
Working for Laura and Tess- they are amazing people and so inspirational to work alongside!

Favourite exercise: 
Shoulder bridge - it's so versatile and effective from the first time you perform it! And so beneficial! 

Anna Maria's Quote:
Everything happens for a reason.. very cliche but so very's something my mother always said to me when I was upset if things didn't turn out the way I expected them to! And she was right.. moving to Edinburgh is one of those times! :) 

Something you don't know about Anna Maria:
I love cooking! Food is a big thing at our house! :)  

Anna Maria's Classes:
Anna Maria is currently teaching at the following locations:
Aberdeen Asset Management Workplace class (Mondays 5.30pm) and Easter Bush Workplace Class (Thursday 5.30pm)
Marchmont St Giles All Levels 7.30pm Mondays.

Go Elaine!
Elaine McCann, who attends our workplace class at Aberdeen Asset Management, and is a great friend of ours, is set to compete in the half Ironman in July! We are so proud to be a part of training and of her for taking on this challenge! We wanted to find out a bit more about how its been preparing of this gruelling event! Read on to find out more- and if we know anything about Elaine, she will be signing up for the full Ironman as soon as shes completed this one! 

When did you decide to do the half Ironman? And Why?
Good question! I signed up at the start of the year just before I turned 40. Its the first time the event has been held in Edinburgh so I decided to go for it!
Do you think you will ever do a full Ironman?
I really can't imagine doing twice the distance as this is bad enough! Saying that I never thought I would do a marathon before, never say never! 
What has been the biggest challenge of your training? 
Without a doubt it's juggling the 3 disciplines while holding down a full time job! I went to Club La Santa in April- what a treat training in the sun as opposed to the chilly Scotland weather !

What has been your training highlight?
Seeing real improvements in my swimming, by far my weakest event. I never thought I would say that I really enjoy swimming now, still improvement to be done especially as it's open water. 
How has Pilates helped your training?
Massively, I have plantar fascitiis for the last few months so running has been a real struggle. Pilates has helped build my core especially with long bike rides.
What are you looking forward to the most on the day? Mmmm the finish line...on a serious note I am looking forward to enjoying the race as this is my first one at this distance. 
What other endurance events have you done? I have done 4 marathons and Artemis challenge twice (Loch Tay) 

Release your Inner Ironman!
Read on to see how Pilates can compliment your Ironman training. 

Can you help?

Are you 50 to 60 years old and like to eat dark chocolate?
Ruth Ashaye is looking for volunteers aged between 50 - 60 to participate in a PhD student's research project at Queen Margaret University. The project involves research into the role of chocolate on healthy brain ageing and will run for 8 weeks, beginning in May 2017.
Volunteers will be offered a free initial health check, including weight, body mass index (BMI), and blood pressure, before participating in the research. People who are eligible and complete the study will also receive advice about their current diet. 
If you are interested and would like to find out more about the study, please get in touch!
Contact Ruth Ashaye, PhD Student - or call 0131 474 000 and say 'Ruth Ashaye' when prompted by our automated system
This study has been approved by Queen Margaret University Research Ethics Panel

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