Volume 1 | March 7, 2017
~ March 2017 Newsletter ~
Resolve to be Resilient in 2017!
As part of my Resolve to be Resilient Workshop Series , I am co-teaching a class with one of Pilates & More Studio members,
Alison Deutsch
Resiliency - This is a call to action for anyone who wants to feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally – wellness in its fullest sense! 
Alison, a Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner and Professional Coach, helps people create happier lives ~ she’s like a personal trainer for your brain!

Our one session class is designed to elevate your awareness about the mind-body connection and explain how everyday emotional stressors can, over time, lead to physical pain. 

After attending the two-hour class, you will walk away with empirically tested tools to help you to reset, restore, and rewire your mind so you can ultimately become less reactive to every-day stressors. You will also learn how to healthfully move through your day - standing, walking, and driving, so you can feel physically better immediately.    

Please join us:
Tuesday, March 28th ~ 6:45pm-8:45 pm
Lower Merion High School  
Click here
for more information on the class and to register through the Mainline School Night.

Ladies Night Out 2 weeks away!!
Not taking enough time to do something fun for yourself is a
"tale as old as time"

Come along to see BEAUTY AND THE BEAST
with our group on Friday, March 24! 

Meeting at the studio at 7pm for food and adult beverages ~ then attending a later screening.
Pre-movie gathering is our treat! 

Call or e-mail the studio ASAP
to order your ticket!

Essential Oil of the Month:
Did you know that Bergamot oil has historically been used to aid feelings of anxiety? Also great for insomnia ~ or just a better night's sleep.

Its light, citrus infused sent creates a relaxing effect that not only uplifts moods but also builds confidence!

Book an Essential Oil treatment with Carol today to learn more about Bergamot and other stress relieving oils. Instant relaxation, immune support and rejuvenation guaranteed for just $80 a session!

Shoulders and Neck Seminar
March 16th

Join us for adult refreshments while learning how to release shoulder and neck  discomfort through re-awakening range of motion.

March 16th ~ 6:30pm-8:30pm.
[$35 per person]

The Forgotten Room
Ever notice the book conversations among the clients and staff in the studio?? See what all the buzz is about with our upcoming spring reads!

[Click the book titles below to read a description of each]
~ By Karen White

  ~ By Robert Penn Warren

~ By Greg Iles
Quick & Easy Breakfast For YOU
Eating breakfast in the morning can increase your metabolism AND enhance your mood!

If you're tired of eating the same old thing or only have a few minutes to throw something together... give this easy recipe a go!

Carol's Secret Rolled Oats ~
Chopped Pecans, Cacao Nibs, Lavender Honey are all you need. 

..And a healthy drink, Kombucha
Known as the "Immortal Health Elixir" by the Chinese, originating over 2,000 years ago... Some of the benefits are
B vitamins, enzymes and probiotics.
Check it out!

Custom Videos Now Available
Did you know that there are already 15 videos available on our website???

If you have a chronic issue that keeps you from doing those videos and enjoying your movement potential - We are here to help!

Now offering custom videos to fit YOUR specific needs. We will create a personalized routine that you can use at your convenience to get the support you need ~ day in and day out!

Call (610-687-6855) or e-mail the studio at studio@pilatesandmore.com
to give it a go!
Have you considered a Massage lately???
Clients have been raving about Melanie for months now... She is truly an expert!
Contact Melanie directly or call the studio to schedule an appointment with her today ~

          [ $90 for an hour | $135 for 90 minutes ]

Phone or Text: 484-424-9874
Email: pointofcontactmassage@gmail.com 
Website: www.pointofcontactmassage.com

Coming in April...
Social Media Updates 
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Pilates and More

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Third Thursday Workshop:

Sign up for the upcoming Third Thursday workshop on April 21st from 6:30-8:30pm ~

Featuring Om for the Home by Carrie Leskowitz along with a special movement session. 

Adults refreshments will also be served
[Workshop fee: $35]

Carol Beringer | Pilates & More| 610-687-6855 | studio@pilatesandmore.com| pilatesandmore.com