Pile Drive Hammer Pads

AIN Plastics has access to the largest inventory of hammer pad materials including T-6 aluminum and canvas phenolic* for Hammer Cushions as well as Cast Nylon 904P.

In addition to our inventory of standard sizes, AIN Plastics can quickly cut and ship custom sizes. We can also provide customized inventory solutions to ensure your material is on hand and ready for you. 

Cast Nylon 904P
Cast Nylon 904P is a specially formulated heat stabilized nylon made exclusively for the pile driving industry.  Plasticizers have been added during the manufacturing process to extend the life of the cushion under high load and operating temperatures. Unlike aluminum and canvas phenolic, the nylon pads are typically used on their own.

Custom Wear Pads

We can make and ship wear pads to you fast!

AIN Plastics has the material stock and the capabilities to make wear pads to your specifications in-house, providing you with fast manufacturing and delivery to your location. 

Just let us know your dimensions and the material you require and we will provide you with pricing and turn around. Ask about our custom stocking solutions to keep your product on the shelves and ready to ship.

Hammer pads available in standard or ask us about custom sizes

*Canvas phenolic is also known under the trade names of Micarta and Conbest

Custom wear pads from 
 Cast Nylon 904P



Standard Hammer Pad Sizes
Cast Nylon 904P
Thickness | Diameter
Canvas Phenolic
Thickness | Diameter
Thickness | Diameter
2 x 22.5 1 x 22.5 .5 x 22.5
2 x 25 1 x 25 .5 x 25
- 1 x 30 .5 x 30
Custom sizes available fast!
Call us with the size you need 877.246.7700

Pile Wrap

AIN Plastics stocks High Density (HDPE) durable plastic material. This easy to apply material allows for the continued use of treated wood piles  by protecting them from exposure to the environment.


Benefits of HDPE Pile Wrap Material:

* Withstands harsh marine conditions

* Protects wood from marine borers, fungus, insects  and salt

* Non-Toxic

* Easy to apply

* Long-lasting

* Seals to prevent the release of chemicals in the wood

* Excellent UV Rating



HDPE Pile Wrap

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