September Update
The Story Continues
Dear Friends,

Do you love a good story? Do you love it when the underdog wins? When your team makes an incredible comeback? How about a story of redemption or maybe a story of a changed life?

Here's a little story I received short time ago....

" Jim - I love that place with every sense of my being. When my daughter was diagnosed with mild autism one of my first thoughts was that she would never be able to go to Squanto. But as you know, she went to camp for the first time this summer and loved it. When she came home the tears came flying out of her....she had the time of her life, wants to live there and can't wait to go back. God keeps amazing me with her!

Twenty years ago this summer, a camp staff member sat me down, told me all the stuff I was doing that wasn't healthy, how I needed to stop trying to be in control of my life and give it to God. I'll tell you, my whole life changed in that moment. I wanted to change. I wanted to be happy. So I listened and I gave it over and my life has been full of joy ever since. Now my daughter gets to experience the goodness of camp. Just amazing!  So, thank you. And I know there are 1000's of these camp stories out there that are different than mine but really the same because of that special place."

Friends, God has done, and continues to do great things at camp. The fun, the games, the campfires, they are all important. But what matters most is when Jesus becomes real and lives are changed. When walls come down and hearts get softer as Jesus comes near. It's a beautiful story.

The role you play in the camp story matters. Will you consider a generous gift so more stories can be written? Currently, we rely on undesignated giving to fund 15% of our annual budget and as of this writing we're not there just yet. As our fiscal year-end approaches on September 30th, your gift is so needed and greatly appreciated. Please consider how you can play a part in the story by helping us finish our fiscal year strong with a gift to camp.

Thank you in advance for helping to write the next story.

Jim Condap
Acting Director

Welcome our New Ministry Staff! 
Ben Gould

Ben is joining us from 
Springfield, MA, where he attended the Evangelical Covenant Church. After enjoying Pilgrim Pines retreats and visiting with his youth group, he found himself working here on summer staff. He enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee and the guitar. Ben is excited to be joining the Pilgrim Pines team and is looking forward to a time of growth and fellowship.
Emily Sargent

Emily is joining us from 
Southington, CT. Emily has a long history with Pilgrim Pines and she just finished her first year on summer staff. While serving this summer, she felt a calling from God to serve his people in ministry and is excited to see where God calls her on this new journey. She enjoys singing, laughing, and eating good food with people. 
Ministry Moment
Bailey Grote, Former Ministry and Summer Staff
The past year has been the most up-in-the-air season of my entire life. I have moved from Swanzey, NH to Los Angeles, CA and now I'm currently in Denver, CO.
I'm used to moving a lot. It's what I've done my whole life. In fact, I've never lived some place longer than 5 years. I have a hard time staying.
But my dad has said since I was a little kid, "I don't think God is a God who wants all of us to stay. Sometimes people are called to move around. There are tons of people in the Bible who moved often. And God used them."
Making decisions has always been hard for me. We make 70 decisions daily in our conscious mind and some of them matter for a minute when you're in line at Starbucks and some last a lifetime, like who you're going to marry. They don't just matter for today, they matter for tomorrow and they don't just matter for you, they matter for others as well. And that weighs heavy on me.

Retreat Registration is Open!
Pilgrim Pines offers a variety of retreat opportunities for people of all ages throughout the year. Each of our retreats are designed to help you relax in God's creation, retreat in a faith community, and find restoration in Jesus. 
2017-2018 Retreats
Click the links below to find out more information about each of our retreats on our website. 
September 22-24, 2017
October 6-8,2017
November 17-19,2017
November 22-24, 2017
December 1-3,2017
January 5-7, 2017
January 26-28, 2018
January 19-21,2018
February 9-11,2018
February 16-19, 2018
April 20-22, 2018
May 25-28,2018
Summer 2017 Videos
Check out all the fun we had this Summer!
Road Scholar
Did you know that Pilgrim Pines has been hosting Road Scholar (formerly called Elderhostel) programs for over 29 years?  Road Scholars provide educational classes for adults on a wide range of subjects.  Pilgrim Pines hosts close to 20 courses during the school year.   The few examples of topics show how wide ranging the courses are:  "The Films of Ken Burns", "Celebrating the Autumn Tapestry and History of New Hampshire", "Greek Dramas", "The Great Depression".
For more information, 
Registration is processed directly through  Road Scholars.

Recipe of the Month
Smores Bars
Preheat the oven to 375

In a large bowl beat together
1 LB Butter, melted
2 cup brown sugar
4 cup flour
2 cup graham cracker crumbs

Press evenly into a Full Sheet Pan that has been coated with nonstick spray

Sprinkle chocolate chips and marshmallows evenly over top
6 cups milk chocolate chips
6 cups miniature marshmallows

Bake for 12 to 15 minutes or until the marshmallows are toasted brown

Cool completely before slicing and serving 

We want to hear from you! 
We value your opinion. Click the link below to give us some feedback on your experience with us.
Product and Service Donation
Imagine owning a home with hundreds of beds, 96 toilets, multiple electronics, multiple wifi locations, a fleet of vehicles, power equipment, etc.
As you can imagine it takes lots to keep the place going.
Pilgrim Pines is always looking for more partners in its ministry.  If you are interested in partnering with us, there are several ways you can contribute. Take a look at our product & services page  for ways you can help. Or feel free to make a direct donation by clicking the DONATE button below.

Our hope is that you will continue to faithfully walk with us as you have in the past.  So, we are asking you to please consider joining us on this journey with your gifts of talent, time, and treasure.

Volunteer Opportunities
Pilgrim Pines welcomes volunteers all year long
Whether you come by yourself, with your family or through a church group. We are blessed by volunteers who help in the kitchen, serve as weekend hosts, assist in the Mayflower office and work on maintenance projects.
We can really use some volunteer help now and into the fall as we are clearing some areas of overgrowth in the camping area.
Your church may even be interested in our " Adopt-a-Cabin" program. When a church adopts a cabin they commit to an annual donation toward its maintenance and often send a volunteer group to specifically tend to their cabin's needs.  Contact  Jim Condap  if your or your church are interested in volunteering or the Adopt-a-Cabin program.

If you shop on-line through Amazon, please sign up for  Amazon Smile and choose Pilgrim Pines as your charity.  Amazon Smile is a non-profit arm of Amazon in which 0.5% of all purchase prices are donated to the charity of your choice.  So you can shop like normal and support Pilgrim Pines in the process.

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