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Pilot Program for Commuter Shuttle Buses

August 2014 to January 2016


CHA Members,

From August 2014 to January 2016, the city is conducting a  pilot program for Commuter Shuttle Buses to share Muni zones.  There are 16 shuttle companies participating in the pilot and on an average weekday, there are 205 shuttle buses operating in San Francisco. 
It is estimated that the pilot program will generate $3.5 million in fees for the city ($3.55 per stop).  Authorized pilot participants, displaying a green placard with a 5 digit ID (XX-XXX) and a red 2015 validation sticker, are authorized to use the Muni zones.  


Several neighbors have raised concerns about the manner in which these buses drive quickly through neighborhoods or sit idling in their vehicles for long periods of time which causes noise and air pollution in the neighborhood. If you have concerns or see violations, you don't need to wait until January 2016 to report them.  The link below will take you to program FAQ's as well as instructions on how to report (1) your concerns or (2) violations - see Question 12.  We will update you on next steps as the pilot wraps up in January 2016.

Cow Hollow Association
Board of Directors
Sherry Archer, David Bancroft, Lori Brooke, Don Emmons, 
Cari Gennerelli, Cynthia Gissler, Malcolm Kaufman,
Martina Lauterbach, Veronica Taisch, Geoff Wood