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Dear All,

We are very excited to announce the conclusion of our pilot study with Dr. Gunnar Heuser, now complete with controls...the study compared the brains of EHS (electrohypersensitive) to non EHS people.  This is the first study to actually show  EHS on a brain scan and then compare them side by side with normal brains.

Below is a link to the press release we sent out this morning.  We did not have the funds to do an international press release, just USA, so if anyone has any international media contacts they would like to pass the press release on to, we would be extremely grateful as we are having a press teleconference on Thurs. Dec. 7th.

Pilot Study Shows Dramatic Difference in Brain Scans Between EHS and Non EHS

It is getting harder and harder to dispute EHS.  May this be the last nail in the coffin of denial.

Merry Christmas,  :)