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Master Photo Classes 
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Eleven of Tucson's best photographers recently donated a day to share their skills and professional advice with more than 100 photography students from JTED programs across Pima County. The photographers and their Master Classes were:
  • Tom Spitz: Fashion Photography 
  • Steven Meckler: Studio Portraits 
  • Tim Fuller: Telling Stories with Portraits 
  • James Patrick: Lighting the Athletic Figure 
  • Joseph Boldt: Photo Assistant Boot Camp 
  • Mike Christy: Seeking Stories - Community Photojournalism
  • Jim Harris: Stunning Food Photography
  • Joe Patronite: Documentary Photography  
  • Justin Haugen: Light on Location
  • Melissa J. Holland: Wedding Photography
  • Martha Lochert: Senior Portraits without Studio Lighting 
Master Classes were developed by Pima JTED's Photography Advisory Committee, a group of professionals and educators who collaborate throughout the year, because its members recognize the need to provide meaningful, real-world experiences to high school students who are looking for pathways to enter the field.
Superhero Lessons 
Keeping Kids Safe is Our Top Priority

Tucson Police Detective Joey Wall, who also helps teach our Law, Public Safety & Security program, is passionate about community service. 

Now a group of his students are sharing that passion with him. They've formed a group called Young Protectors and visit elementary students to share age-appropriate information on stranger danger, good touch vs. bad touch, and internet safety. Among their many lessons, Det. Wall's students are learning that prevention is the best way to fight crime. 
students practice CPR on manikin Thank You AZ Cardinals!
This CPR Manikin is no dummy 

Thanks to a grant from the Arizona Cardinals Donate to Educate Community Programs Grant Pima JTED students have 8 new Brayden Manikins for practicing CPR. 

The manikins feature LED lights under the skin to show blood flow when chest compressions are done correctly. Pima JTED Career Academic Employability Specialist Danette Davis, who wrote the grant proposal, was able to purchase  the manikins for approximately $4,500.

All Pima JTED Central Campus students are trained to perform CPR.  
Central Campus Showcase Week Feb. 12-15
Central Campus Showcase locations

Students and parents are invited to visit our campuses the week of February 12-15. Click this link  to view the schedule of programs and locations and jump start your career. 
February is National CTE Month
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To learn more about how Career and Technical Education works for students and our nation's economy visit the Association for Career and Technical Education website.

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