Issue 22| August 2019
Pinal County
Library District
Make the Most of Your Library: Find Materials by Format
You may already know that you can search for materials across all Pinal County public libraries by using the search box at the top of our homepage. For example: you'll find over 300 items just by typing in the term "Harry Potter."

But what if you're only interested in Harry Potter audiobooks? Or just the movies? What if you only want them on Blu-Ray?

Instead of browsing through hundreds of search results, you can eliminate the items that don't meet your needs by using the Format Limiter. Here's how:

After you run a search in our catalog, notice the "Search Options" button below the search box. Click on it to reveal the field and format limiters. Use the "Limit By" drop-down menu to choose the format you're looking for, be it audiobook, ebook, large print, DVD, Blu-Ray, or CD. Choosing a format will automatically exclude all items in other formats. This means instead of looking through 300+ Harry Potter results, you could browse just our fourteen Harry Potter Blu-Rays, or the thirteen audiobook results, or the three dozen Harry Potter ebooks.
Check Out the Fun Van!
Fun Van is a parenting education program supported by First Things First. Parents and caregivers of children ages 0-5 can attend free
2-hour parenting classes at a variety of locations across Pinal County, including several of our libraries. Children receive a free book and toy each week.

In August, the Fun Van will be making regular stops at the following Pinal County libraries. Contact your library for more information:
  • Coolidge Public Library
  • Florence Public Library
  • Apache Junction Public Library

Click here for more about the Fun Van program and to register. Click here for a list of scheduled Fun Van locations.
Featured Events This Month
Here are a few programs taking place at libraries around Pinal County this month. Click on a program title for more information:
Saturdays in August, at 2:00 PM
Apache Junction Public Library
1177 N. Idaho Road
Apache Junction, AZ 85119
(480) 474-8555

Stop by the Apache Junction Pubic Library on Saturday afternoons this summer to take on a fun, kid-friendly art project each week. Projects include clothespin bugs, painted rock photo holders, origami, and more. Please contact the library for further information, including this week's project.
Mondays in August, 5 - 6:45 PM
Casa Grande Public Library
449 N. Dry Lake Road
Casa Grande, Arizona 85122
(520) 421-8710

This series of programs will help with financial stressors such as: worrying about electric bills, putting food on the table, and wondering if your family will have somewhere to sleep tomorrow night--all of which can influence the way individuals interact with their child(ren), their families, and their communities.

Week 1: Spending Plan, Week 2: Planning for Emergency Events, Week 3: Costs of Debt, Week 4: Understanding Your Credit
Tuesday August 6, 3:30 - 5 PM
Eloy Santa Cruz Library
1000 N. Main Street
Eloy, AZ 85131
(520) 466-3814

Join us for a STEAM activity for kids that will involve something from the categories of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics!
Friday August 9, 5:30 - 7 PM
Florence Community Library
778 N. Main Street 
Florence, AZ 85132
(520) 868-8311

Come to the library for an interactive discussion about the spread of “fake news.” The conversation will be led by Gail Rhodes, from Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism.

Like a virus, fake news catches on swiftly, and can leave the public in a confused daze. How can media producers and consumers cure the spread of false information? What steps are technology and media companies taking? How can the public distinguish between “real news” and “fake news” in the digital age? Learn about the standard practices of journalism and how to become a savvy news consumer. This FRANK Talk is made possible by Arizona Humanities, in partnership with the Arizona State Library, Archives, and Public Records.
Friday August 23, 11 AM - 12 PM
Coolidge Public Library
160 W. Central Avenue
Coolidge, AZ 85128
(520) 466-3814

The Arizona Talking Book Library provides services to Arizona residents with low vision, those who find it hard to hold or handle a print book, and individuals who have a reading disability resulting from organic dysfunction. Find out how they help, and how to sign up for their free services.
Want More Upcoming Events?
Check our Calendar!
Pinal County Libraries have a lot going on!
The Events Calendar on our website lists many of the programs happening in libraries around the county.

In addition, some of the larger local libraries have their own, more detailed calendars. Here are some handy links to other library calendars:
Research Spotlight
Our libraries are fun places with a lot of entertainment to offer, but we also provide great research tools. We offer subscription research databases that you can access for free with your library card.
This month's feature database:
Opposing Viewpoints In Context

Opposing Viewpoints In Context is the premier online resource covering today's hottest social issues, from capital punishment to immigration to marijuana legalization. Informed, differing views help learners develop critical-thinking skills and draw their own conclusions.

The database provides pro/con viewpoints, reference articles, interactive maps, graphics, and more. A category on the National Debate Topic provides quick and easy access to content on frequently studied and discussed issues. Periodical content covers current events, news and commentary, economics, environmental issues, political science, and more. You can find Opposing Viewpoints In Context and our other online databases on our website, by clicking the   Research tab.

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