September 26th, 2021
A Weekly Newsletter from Pine Street Church
WATCH: A Word from Andrew... Back to In-Person Worship Today, and I've Been Meaning to Ask...
Dear Pine Street Church Members and Friends,

Welcome back, and welcome home! Today at 10am MST, we will gather together at 1237 Pine Street in Boulder for the first time in 72 Sundays! What a moment.

We are kicking off a brand new series called, "I've been meaning to ask..." Today we begin with the question, "Where are you from?" It is based on John 1: 35-51.

Please watch the video above to learn more about what today will look like in terms of health and safety practices. If you cannot join us in-person, please tune in on the Pine Street Church YouTube channel for the livestream.

If you are able to be with us in-person, we will also be kicking off our children's ministry, which will be provided during the service. All children will be in the sanctuary for the beginning of worship, and then they will be invited to a special time of faith formation in the upstairs classrooms with loving and caring leaders and teachers.

I can't wait to see many of you today...join us, and bring a friend!

With heart,
We're Getting Back Together!

Please join us, and invite your friends and family, as we return to in-person worship, today, September 26th at 10am. We'll celebrate this momentous occasion with a new message series kick called:

"I've Been Meaning to Ask"

Some of the best conversations start with good questions—questions we’ve been meaning to ask, questions that keep us curious, and questions that lead us deeper into courage and connection. This worship series is formed around four guiding questions: “I’ve been meaning to ask… Where are you from? . . . Where does it hurt? . . . What do you need? . . . Where do we go from here?” As you can see, these questions aren’t surface level; they invite us to tell our stories, share our pain, care for one another, and dream about a new way forward together.

We hope this series helps us to behold each other as images of the divine. That it helps us strengthen our capacity for empathy and compassion. May it remind us of the power of unassuming questions. May it show us that courage is rooted in the heart. Through vulnerability and authenticity, may our courageous conversations lead us to glimpse hope, joy, and beauty—and to become the community God created us to be.

In our return to in-person worship you can expect our COVID safety rules and regulations to mirror those required by Boulder County Public Health. These can change often and we will keep you informed of any changes that affect our Sunday morning gatherings. For now, per Boulder County Health Rules, we will require masks and will observe safe gathering protocols.

All Pine Street Church Services going forward will be available for remote viewing via a high quality Live Stream that can be found on the Pine Street Church YouTube Channel each Sunday at 10am
Adult Learning Opportunity

So many people have been affected by extreme environmental events: hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, floods, wildfires, as well as a pandemic. Our earth home is in peril. As people of faith, we are called to use the available collective knowledge to save and protect God’s gift of creation, which has provided and sustained life for countless years.

Join others in reading and discussing the book All We Can Save: Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis, edited by Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Katharine Wilkinson. The book contains about 60 essays, poems, illustrations, each contributing to the breadth and depth of hopeful wisdom offered.

All We Can Save has been selected as this year’s “One Book, One Boulder”, and we are one of the registered book circles to share insights from the book. Copies of the book are available for loan from Boulder Public Library.

We will meet by Zoom on Tuesday evenings for nine weeks, starting on September 28. If you are interested, or have questions, contact book circle leader, Mary Beth Mankin, Let us encourage one another in making a difference.

Praise for All We Can Save

“A powerful read that fills one with, dare I say . . . hope?”
—The New York Times 

“Hopeful and illuminating, All We Can Save is an anthology of essays by women at the forefront of the climate crisis. So often climate writing can make us feel doomed and anxious, but this collection is a comfort because of its honesty and courage…. It’s a reminder that we can work with hope towards a better future.”
— BuzzFeed

“These are the ideas, solutions, inspirations, and visionaries we’ve been waiting for.”  
— Ms

In recent months the Church's Leadership Council has engaged with several organizations who will be leading our church through a comprehensive Strategic Planning Process. It begins very soon, and we need your help! You're invited to complete a Church Assessment Tool (CAT), an on-line instrument that will help our church leaders to gauge the strength, vitality, and trends in and of our church. The information gained from this assessment will be valuable in helping us make decisions about the future of our church.

In about a week, you will receive an email with a unique link to the CAT. Beginning Monday September 7th, we are asking you to go online by clicking on the link to be provided in an email that day and tell us about your experiences in and priorities for our church. Please do not discuss the survey or your answers with others as this may influence their answers.

If you need a paper copy, please contact the office ( or 303-442-6530).

All answers will be strictly anonymous. There is no way of matching any assessment to a particular person, so please feel free to candidly share your perceptions, opinions and experiences. Our future together is dependent on your participation and honest answers.

Many thanks,
Your Leadership Council
Art Brunch with Waverly Matthews
For What Purpose? Higher Education

CLICK HERE to join today's meeting via Zoom

In our last presentation, I invited us to look more closely at our motivations for the things we seek in life. In the next several presentations, we will re-examine our beliefs on specific topics, beginning with our assumptions around the value of higher education.

Many of us were brought up with the idea that a college or university education was THE path for a safe, secure, and meaningful future. It was almost viewed as a sacred right of passage. Is that assumption still true? Was it ever true? Let us probe our beliefs and experiences around higher education, while thoughtfully examining the current value of attending college or university. Is it still a good investment or would tuition costs be better allocated for different training or pursuits?

In this new series, we examine human behavior in all of its extremes, as well as what we call normal, to discover our deepest motivations and desires. By looking closely at our culture's past and present, and the art produced in response to it, we will attempt to understand ourselves better, and perhaps choose a different set of priorities.
The Art of Berta Post

Off Broadway Gallery at PSC
Opening Event:
October 1, 5-8PM
Sept 26th - October 27th

A native of Glenwood Springs, CO, Berta Post was inspired at a young age by her uncle, a Taos artist, to express herself through drawing and painting. Post’s landscapes and still life works rely on an intuitive use of color which invite the viewer from an exploration of the terrain to a more contemplative space rich in feeling and memory. Exhibit duration: Sept 26th - October 27th.

If you're interested in seeing the final days of the current exhibit featuring the art of Adderly Grant-Lord please contact gallery curator, Waverly Matthews to schedule a showing by this Thursday September 23rd.
New Band Member

We're very excited to announce the newest member of the Pine Street Band! Pianist, Carmen Sandim. Carmen's eclectic musical background and passion for live performance makes her the perfect addition to your Pine Street Band!

Over the past few decades Carmen’s eclectic musical aesthetics have drawn her in many directions: classical piano studies, jazz composition and performance, film scoring, and a long-lasting commitment to improvised music pedagogy.

The unifying thread throughout her diverse musical explorations lays on the search for unique and authentic sound.

Some notable ventures in her journey include experiences as a student at Berklee, where she enjoyed the guidance of world class musicians and educators such as Luciana Souza, Vuk Kulenovich, Hal Crook, Ed Tomasi, among others. After graduating, she moved to Washington, D.C., finding employment as a composer for radio, television, and political ads. She won several Addy Awards for compositional excellence, ran her own music production company, JAM – JustAddMusic, and had her work published and released internationally by the German publisher SONOTON.

Carmen moved to Boulder, Colorado in 2005, and for the first time since leaving Brazil, felt she had found a second home... READ MORE
Upcoming Services at Pine Street Church

Please mark your calendars for a number of important services happening at and around Pine Street Church in the coming months.

  • Saturday October 2nd, Rev. Dwight Neuenschwander Memorial Service at Pine Street Church--2pm
  • Saturday October 9th, Becky Gruber Ordination Service at Pine Street Church--4pm
  • Monday October 18th, Kathryn Stuart/Deborah Rothe Memorial Service at Pine Street Church - 2pm
Men's Fellowship Group

The Men's Fellowship Group has a new meeting schedule. Beginning immediately they will meet in person for Breakfast at the Parkway Cafe on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:30 a.m. They will also hold a monthly Zoom gathering at 9:00 a.m.on the third Tuesday of each month. Please contact Bill Mankin for more information on how to join these meetings:
Oasis Women's Group: New Book Study

The Oasis women’s book study/support/ministry is currently reading The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times by Dr. Anita L. Sanchez. "The Four Sacred Gifts reveals how our world depends on each of us to discover our interconnectedness to people, earth, and animals, with awareness that we are ‘all one relation’”.

Dr. Sanchez is a Boulder author. This is a great time for women to join the group to learn something new, as well as develop new relationships. Contact Mary Beth Mankin,, with questions or to get zoom information for Oasis meetings on Thursdays at 1:30 PM.

Click Here to join the Zoom group Thursdays at 1:30pm
The Pinehead Portal

Check it out, and register today, HERE. There's a church directory, updates from the PSC Leadership Council and much more. Email if you have any trouble registering and gaining access.
God's desire for us is our wholeness; the Hebrew Scriptures call this shalom. This wholeness incorporates our physical, mental, emotional, and relational being.

*Please note: If you wish to include a prayer need on this Community Care list---or another specific pastoral care need for which you would like prayer, please email Pastor Andrew Daugherty at

PSC's Nurture and Prayer Team also stands by for prayer support. To share your prayer concerns, needs, or celebrations, contact Rev. Carol Simpson at:

Pine Street Church extends love and sympathy to the family of Bob Price who died on September 5, 2021.

Community Care List
Please use this list today and throughout the week, praying with special intention for:

  • The people of Afghanistan
  • The people of Haiti
  • The healing of the division in our nation. For unity and peace and an end to violence.
  • Thanks be to God for COVID-19 vaccines that are being distributed now!
  • Out Boulder County and all those in our LGBTQ+ community
  • PSC's Off Broadway Preschool and summer camps
  • Those in our Boulder community who suffer from food insecurity and hunger and who are experiencing homelessness
  • All who celebrate joys and those who are distressed in mind, body, or spirit, and members of our spiritual family including:

Short term
Jo White
Susan Medley (sister of Carol Simpson)
Alicia Andersen
Juan & Denise Aragon and their children (recently diagnosed with COVID-19)
Carter Edgerley (chemotherapy treatment and son of PSC bookkeeper Michele Edgerley)
Lizzie Parker
Dan Torpy 

Long term
Jo White 
Susan Medley (Carol Simpson’s sister)
Bud Clifford, and all those who cared for him. Bud, neighbor of Neva Huffaker, passed away this past week
Vondell Martin 
Shirley Scott 
Butch & Kathy Stanko, Friends of Polly McDonald
Jo Judd
Kerry Hassler

Lance & Christina Muteyo, Juan & Denise Aragon, Ruth Fox, Pieter & Nora Kalkman

*Please notify the church office (303-442-6530) or if there are people who should be added to or removed from our community care list.
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