July 18th, 2021
A Weekly Newsletter from Pine Street Church
A Word from Andrew... Join us for Live Zoom Worship Service Today at 10am...Self-Care, Sabbath Rest, and The Second Marathon....
Dear Pine Street Church Members and Friends,

This week we have the chance to accept afresh and anew Jesus’ generous invitation from the first century and and the 21st century "to come away to a deserted place all by yourselves and rest a while," according to Mark 6: 30-34.

Surely Jesus means at least this; to step back and see what God saw at creation: And God saw everything that God had made, and behold, it was very good.

Apparently Jesus knows that we need extra help to stop and taste and see the good gifts of God (no matter where we find ourselves). In fact, the only commandment that begins with the word “remember” is this one: Remember the Sabbath. Keep it holy.
Imagine that. We need help to remember to rest. Why? Because we are so bad at it.

Summertime is a good time to renew how we prioritize self-care. To practice Sabbath. To take time for a breath and a break. Especially as all of us take the next step in walking a new normal.

One of the best reflections I've read this week that speaks of pastors who are tired on a soul level (but that relates to all of us) is this one titled, "The Second Marathon."

The speed at which we live and move can be disrupted by Jesus' wisdom---and what you and I have experienced over the past 16 months of the C19 global health pandemic has plenty to teach us about church, about ourselves, and about God, if we will listen and take action on what we've learned.

Let us love each other well. Side by side. Let us walk together into a new era; a new normal. We will never be the same. And this is what Christ calls us to in the first place---change, evolution, transformation. There is no other way now.

I'm grateful to walk with you on this journey to what's next.

With heart,

PS: Be sure to take a look around this edition of the Pine Street Post to find out how you can get connected. Including outdoor, in-person worship next Sunday at the home of Stuart and Adderly Lord.

2490 Cana Court
Lafayette, CO 80026
Join Us for PSC Sunday Worship: Hybrid Edition, July 18th, 2021

CLICK HERE to join us via Zoom for todays Sunday Worship Service: Hybrid Edition.

The service begins at 10am and will include live face to face elements, an opportunity for break out rooms and small group fellowship, as well as prerecorded elements such as the sermon and music.

CLICK HERE to download a copy of today's Worship Guide.

A portion of the service will be available to rewatch on the Pine Street Church YouTube Channel by Sunday afternoon each week. However, the best way for you to experience the Hybrid Edition service is on at 10am via zoom.

PLEASE feel free to share the zoom link with anyone who may be interested in joining us.

Give: Your financial gifts to God through Pine Street Church are more essential now than ever. Make a gift today.

If you are giving online or sending checks in the mail, thank you. If you are a person who normally places your gifts in the offering boxes on Sundays, please consider giving online HERE.
WaMa Art Asylum:
Art Brunch,
Sundays at 9am

Now What?! - Art and Our Next Chapter, pt. 4 Integrating the Past

Last presentation in this series, we looked at letting go of our past to free us to explore new opportunities. This week, we will look at integrating our past in order to learn from where we have been, and use it in ways that expand our lives moving forward. Our artist guide this week is American folk painter Edward Hicks, with a little help from modern American philosopher Ken Wilbur.

Now that more and more activities and opportunities are opening up to us, what is our next move? Over the next 6 months? The next year? The next 5 years? What do we want to experience, achieve, acquire? What impact do we want to make? What relationships do we want to cultivate or mend?

Inspired by some of the amazing art I’ve recently seen, I would like to present ideas and resources that may help us turn the next page in our lives, gain clarity about opportunities, and expand our legacy for our friends, family, and community.

Please join me Sunday morning as we continue our live virtual meetings, always ending with your chance to share your thoughts and ideas.

CLICK HERE to join me Sunday morning as we continue our live virtual meetings, always ending with your chance to share your thoughts and ideas.
One Great Hour of Sharing

When you read about disasters, do you sometimes wonder how you can help? Consider giving to this year's One Great Hour of Sharing.

This year’s theme is : Let Love Flow. Your generous donations to One Great Hour of Sharing permit the inclusive love of Pine Street Church to flow whenever and wherever it is most needed. Thank you for helping us to reach (and exceed) our goal of $1,000. So far we've raised $650!

Pine Street Church will receive the One Great Hour of Sharing offering throughout the month of July. You may send a check to Pine Street Church with OGHS in the memo line, or find the drop down tab on the giving page of our website.

With gratitude,
Your Heart for Mission Team

One often overlooked element of Church stewardship is the enormous contribution of time and talent contributed by volunteers. At Pine Street Church, volunteer service has helped power us through the pandemic with an over-worked and unpaid leadership council, with volunteer service from our preschool oversight committee, volunteer beautification work from Tom Fowler, unpaid financial services every bit as good as ones I paid for dearly in the Universities I led, pro bono nurture and prayer teams, professional architectural assessments where miraculously no invoice appears, … The list can go on. As important as our financial gifts are to paying the inevitable bills required to maintain our property and ministry, volunteer service is essential to ensure that those bills remain within our capacity to pay them.

On Saturday, July 31, we all have the opportunity to bring our own time and talent into the service of the church’s building and grounds. As we continue to prepare for resuming in-person worship in late September, there is much to do both inside and out at 1237 Pine Street. Every task we can accomplish will make our subsequent investment in professional deep cleaning more effective and less costly than it could have been.

Join us July 31. It will be a day of reunion and of stewardship. You can SIGN UP HERE.
Men's Fellowship Group

The Men's Fellowship Group has a new meeting schedule. Beginning immediately they will meet in person for Breakfast at the Parkway Cafe on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:30 a.m. They will also hold a monthly Zoom gathering at 9:00 a.m.on the third Tuesday of each month. Please contact Bill Mankin for more information on how to join these meetings:
Oasis Women's Group: To Begin a New Book

The Oasis women’s book study/support/ministry group will begin study of The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times by Dr. Anita L. Sanchez on July 15. "The Four Sacred Gifts reveals how our world depends on each of us to discover our interconnectedness to people, earth, and animals, with awareness that we are ‘all one relation’”.

Dr. Sanchez is a Boulder author. This is a great time for women to join the group to learn something new, as well as develop new relationships. Contact Mary Beth Mankin,, with questions or to get zoom information for Oasis meetings on Thursdays at 1:30 PM.

Click Here to join the Zoom group Thursdays at 1:30pm
The Pinehead Portal

Check it out, and register today, HERE. There's a church directory, updates from the PSC Leadership Council and much more. Email if you have any trouble registering and gaining access.
Outdoor In-person Summer Worship Series

Join us in-person at the home of Stuart and Adderly Lord, this coming Sunday, July 25th, and Sunday, August 29th at 10am. We will share in special fellowship these two outdoor service before returning to in person worship in our physical building on Sunday September 26th. Read more about our phased return to regular worship HERE.
God's desire for us is our wholeness; the Hebrew Scriptures call this shalom. This wholeness incorporates our physical, mental, emotional, and relational being.

*Please note: If you wish to include a prayer need on this Community Care list---or another specific pastoral care need for which you would like prayer, please email Pastor Andrew Daugherty at

PSC's Nurture and Prayer Team also stands by for prayer support. To share your prayer concerns, needs, or celebrations, contact Rev. Carol Simpson at:

PSC's love and joy is extended to Dan and Aleta Purcell upon the birth of their 12th grandchild, Quinley Betty Ann Brown!

Community Care List
Please use this list today and throughout the week, praying with special intention for:

  • The Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  • The healing of the division in our nation. For unity and peace and an end to violence.
  • Thanks be to God for COVID-19 vaccines that are being distributed now!
  • Out Boulder County and all those in our LGBTQ+ community
  • PSC's Off Broadway Preschool and summer camps
  • Those in our Boulder community who suffer from food insecurity and hunger and who are experiencing homelessness
  • All who celebrate joys and those who are distressed in mind, body, or spirit, and members of our spiritual family including:

Short term
Carter Edgerley (chemotherapy treatment and son of PSC bookkeeper Michele Edgerley)
Lizzie Parker
Marcia McCarthy (Mary Beth Mankin's sister)
Dan Torpy 

Long term
Vondell Martin 
Shirley Scott 
Butch & Kathy Stanko, Friends of Polly McDonald
Jo Judd
Kerry Hassler

Lance & Christina Muteyo, Juan & Denise Aragon, Ruth Fox, Pieter & Nora Kalkman

*Please notify the church office (303-442-6530) or if there are people who should be added to or removed from our community care list.
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