Pinecrest PTA e-NewsletterI | 1st Quarter 2017-2018
Pinecrest Elementary School
Be Bold & Go For The Gold!
Reach Your Highest Potential.
Words from our PTA President
Dear friends,

We’ve had quite a school year so far - lots of excitement, changes, and a few challenges!  Thank you, thank you, thank you  to our board members, chairs, volunteers, parents, administration, faculty, staff, and custodians, for being troopers, supporting, and loving our school. Your commitment, continuous dedication, and hard work make Pinecrest Elementary the BEST!

Can’t wait to see you all on December 2nd at Sports Fest!

Thanks again for all you do!

Mackie Jones 
A Letter from Principal Zaldua
Dear Pinecrest Families,
As we conclude the first grading period, I want to thank you all for the support you have given to our school. We have over 200 families enrolled as volunteers for our school already. Thus, we have had parent volunteers participate in numerous field trips, lunch bunch, classroom activities, and special events. We thank you for volunteering on Saturday and after school events such as Garden Day.  If you need assistance in registering as a volunteer, please stop by the main office and Ms. Giuliana Larson will assist you.

In addition, I want to thank you for your support during Boosterthon, United Way, and Red Ribbon Week. Our students thoroughly enjoyed the character lessons that led to the “fun run” from Boosterthon. United Way offers families a way to “give back” to our community and Red Ribbon Week opens the lines of communication to discuss the effects of drug and alcohol abuse. 

Our students are “going for the gold to reach their highest potential” by developing goal-setting trackers based on the data attained through i-Ready diagnostic testing, last year’s FSA or SAT-10 data, and teacher feedback. We encourage you to stay involved in your child’s learning progress by becoming informed of their STAR Reading levels, i-Ready Reading and Mathematics grade proficiency levels, etc. In addition, our school promotes character education through our Parrot Club. Please review the character traits already taught: respect and responsibility. These are good conversations to have at the dinner table as you gather as a family unit. 

We look forward to the many wonderful upcoming opportunities to share as a school family. We have our upcoming Fall Activities on October 31 for different grade levels. Also, please be sure to participate in our school’s carnival, “Sports Fest,” on December 2nd. I know our committee chairpersons are doing a fabulous job in putting this fabulous event together.

Our school prides itself on its academic rigor and community involvement. This quarter we learned of our school’s Five Star recognition and STEAM Silver designation. We are actively involved in the Green Schools Challenge and Fairchild Challenge. “Great Things Happen Every Day at Pinecrest Elementary.”

Lynn Zaldua
A Look Back at October...
Walk to School Day
Walk to School Day was a huge success. Our 2nd graders walked from Pinecrest Gardens to the PE Shelters, learned tips for walking safely, and took the Walk Safe Pledge. It was a fun and educational experience!

Garden Clean-Up Day
Thank you to our teachers, students, parents and alumni for all of your help cleaning up our gardens post Irma. The gardens look great and we had fun, too!
Parrot Parade Fun Run
Thank you for your support fundraising for our Fun Run! Kids loved earning prizes through their pledges and everyone had a fabulous time running their 35 laps. The occasional rain showers couldn't dampen the spirits of our amazing Pinecrest family!
Boosterthon Success Went Beyond Fundraising!

This year, Boosterthon was both a successful fundraiser and a green event! When the day was over, the Green Team sorted all of the plastic cups that were used and we ended up with just one small recycling bin of plastic cups compared to four bins of plastic cups collected last year. With your help, we reduced our plastic waste by 75% ! We did such a great job that the Boosterthon team will now encourage other schools to use reusable water bottles at their events, too! Great job, everyone!
Mark Your Calendars for Sports Fest 2017!
Saturday, Dec. 2nd, 11am-4pm
Please come out to Sports Fest and support our largest fundraiser of the year! Invite friends and family and don't forget to bring your reusable water bottles, too!

Pinecrest Sports Fest is looking for corporate sponsors! This is the only time we allow advertising on our field and is a great opportunity for local and national businesses. Interested? If so, email:

For detailed information about Sports Fest, click below!
A Big Thank You After Hurricane Irma!
We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to our custodial and cafeteria staff for their amazing efforts to restore our school after Hurricane Irma. As Mr. Pinzon said, "despite their own personal obligations and limitations, everyone came together so that the students could return to a school that looked the same as when they left it." "The school is our first home and there was a great sense of unity in coming together to clean up after the storm," he said. We would also like to thank the parents that helped us clean up our gardens after the storm and those that came by with water and snack donations. It's times like this that show us what a strong community we truly have!
Congratulations to our September Parrot Club "Respect" Winners!
  • Meyer - Wulff Rebull        
  • Canino - Akshara Kunkalla
  • Biegen - Victoria Garcia Sanchez​​​
  • Weaver - William Hunt​​​
  • Maestras - Ariana Cruz-Zelaya
  • Lundblad - Mathew Dyer
  • Tamayo - Stella Smith
  • Chrystal - Tasanee Tejera
  • M. Garcia - Jacob Rainow   
1st GRADE ​​
  • Simpson - Julian Rodriguez
  • Kussrath - Lennox Gilliam         
  • Betancourt - Nicolas Guardiola
  • Tejera - Lucas Wang
  • Salazar - ​Emaline Hammett
  • Wong - Andy Wei
  • Armenteros - Mia Taraboulos
  • Lindsey - Max Garcia-Sanchez
  • Spector - Ayden Tarr
  • St.Fort -  Sebastian Jimenez
  • Alonso - Claudia Palmieri
  • Berger - Reese Almazan
  • Diaz - Presley Bligh
  • Phillips - Lorenzo Probst
  • Batten - Samantha Stone
  • Balboa - Elanur Onal
3rd GRADE  
  • Gillott - Francesca Delossantos
  • Mojicar - Maximo Gonzalez
  • V. Gonzalez - Sienna Connell
  • Taylor - Cooper Ruzycki
  • Perez - Nicolas Rivas
  • Sakolsky - Milas Farajzadeh
  • Randolph - Grant Hudson
  • Altfield - ​Nicholas Cunningham
  • Bell - Diego Socarras
  • Boloix - Aliana Santana
  • Molina - Ashera Samad
  • M. Gonzalez - Aaron Blonsky
  • Abislaiman - Andrew Sijan
  • Torres -  Sophie Vondergoltz
  • Morrison - Trevor Tingle
  • Bobadilla - Matthew Russ
  • C.Garcia - Madison Ponce
  • Alvarez - Alexis Acosta
  • Verger - Angelica Asmar
  • Schlesinger - Mathew Daire
  • N.Garcia - Emma Chala
  • Gutierrez - Sebastian Rivas
  • Kondrat - Sebastian Verger

  • Metcalfe - Michael Spetko  
Congratulations to our October Parrot Club "Responsibility" Winners!
  • Meyer - Sophia Kulberg       
  • Carricaburu - Sloane Shay
  • Canino - Marcos Cabre
  • Biegen - Joaquin Saez
  • Weaver - Zachary Lissauer
  • Maestras - Sara Manca
  • Lundblad - Emily Dyer
  • Tamayo - Jenna Cervera
  • Chrystal - Javier Bello
  • M. Garcia - Catherine Solis  
1st GRADE ​​
  • Simpson - Catherine Umpierre
  • Kussrath - Malak Joda         
  • Betancourt - Camila Peralta-Ramos
  • Tejera - Malena Wytt
  • Salazar - ​Boglarka Bartha
  • Wong - Sophia Syed
  • Armenteros - Audrey Rubin-Babiarz
  • Lindsey - Tanner Percy
  • Spector - Ashley Cruz-Zelaya
  • St.Fort -  Guilherme Cesar
  • Alonso - Gwyneth Reynolds
  • Berger - Alyssa Singh
  • Diaz - Alana Althuis
  • Phillips - Soyool Lee
  • Batten - Cruz Segrera
  • Balboa - Olivia Herrera
3rd GRADE  
  • Gillott - Omara Alcantara
  • Mojicar - Kiara Siso
  • V. Gonzalez - Jacob Davila
  • Taylor - Faith Jimenez
  • Perez - Sofia Mehech
  • Sakolsky - Siena Feigenbaum
  • Randolph - Mariella Chedgey
  • Altfield - ​Juliana Buelvas
  • Bell - Vianca Mendoza
  • Boloix - Melanie Stone
  • Molina - Marco Aranegui
  • M. Gonzalez - Isabella Corrales
  • Abislaiman - Arianna Garcia
  • Torres -  Daniel Botero
  • Morrison - Mia Cunningham
  • Bobadilla - Morgan Ruffe
  • C.Garcia - Vincent Remedios
  • Alvarez - Gabriela Quiroz
  • Verger - Isabella Smith
  • Schlesinger - Erin Iturrey
  • N.Garcia - Andrew Gedde
  • Gutierrez - Juliana Couch
  • Kondrat - Sofia Arnau

  • Metcalfe - Jasmine Orr
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Congratulations on These Amazing Awards!

Pinecrest Elementary has once again received the Five Star School Award for exemplary community involvement.
Pinecrest Elementary received the Silver Steam Designation for our amazing work in the areas of science, mathematics and the arts. This year, we are working even harder and going for the gold!
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