Volume 01 | August 16, 2018

Hello Pinehurst members and friends! Welcome to the first edition of the Pinehurst Foundation's monthly newsletter. We have a lot to share, so lets get started.........
Is Now.........
John Sanger 1954-2016
The Sanger Foundation
The Pinehurst Sanger Foundation was (and still is) inspired by John Sanger , a Pinehurst member who encountered life altering medical and physical needs that surpassed his ability to cover what insurance would not. In response, the founders of this organization created a platform where others could help their friend, colleague, coach, and respected golfer.

It has grown beyond anything the founders could imagine with the loving support of the entire Pinehurst Community. What the Founders ignited with a spark of giving has become a legacy fueled by Pinehurst members to benefit other people with similar circumstances throughout the entire Denver Metro area and more.

In celebration of 10 years, 150 Beneficiaries, and over $1,000,000 given in assistance...
The Pinehurst Sanger Foundation and Pinehurst Country Club are becoming closer to pursuing opportunities that will address the needs in our community more fully and completely .
We are signifying this collaboration to build a stronger bond between you, the Country Club and the Foundation by announcing:
The Pinehurst Foundation will continue the Pinehurst Sanger Foundation Legacy as a nonprofit organization helping individuals in the community who are experiencing serious medical/physical restraints and lack the financial ability to meet the demands associated. The foundation's continued goal is to provide financial assistance for medical and physical aides that enhance their quality of life and empower them to reach their fullest potential.

This partnership would not have been possible without the forethought, insight, collaboration, history, and dedication of the Founders, Former Board Members, Donors, and Volunteers. They have inspired us to foster their commitment and mobilize their vision.
The Pinehurst Foundation does major fundraising activities one time annually- HOWEVER, if you ever feel inspired outside of the gala and golf tournament, we encourage donations through Community First Foundation (or perhaps better known as Colorado Gives.org).

We operate on a "just in time" grant cycle which enables us to offer grants as soon as a beneficiary needs assistance. We recognize that medical needs can arise unexpectedly and immediately. We would never want an individual in need to wait for the Grant Application Process to become open.

Speaking of the process... We believe in putting as many resources as we possibly can toward helping our recipients, so in order to keep the cost of our grant compliance, oversight, and evaluation low, we simply ask individuals needing assistance to submit a Beneficiary Assistance Application on our current website sangerfoundation.org . We then review each submission to ensure it aligns with the mission in which you trust, the individual meets the needs evaluation, and we feel our contribution can make an impact on their treatment. We will frequently partner with like minded organizations to donate in-kind services to ensure the beneficiary will be able to fulfill our vision of leading empowered lives.

As of this newsletter, we have given $135,000 in assistance to 15 beneficiaries since last September!

We always welcome questions, suggestions, and concerns. We are YOUR foundation, doing the work YOU inspire us to do. Please contact Stephanie Menke at SMenke@PHFoundation.org

Join us for the Annual
Pinehurst Foundation
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September 21st and 22nd

Pinehurst Sanger Foundation Beneficiaries!
~ Brittney ~
I n 2012, Brittney was informed she must have her kidney removed to save her life. She had very limited means and had recently lost her job. Her condition kept her off of the job search, much to her frustration. Friends and family held fundraisers and they received a grant that all helped some; however they still fell direly short of the required amount to get the surgery scheduled. They needed $5000 additional dollars...

The Pinehurst Sanger Foundation was pleased to help Brittney with the funding she needed to receive a successful kidney removal surgery so she could get back to being the mom, daughter, and caretaker she had always been.
“I can’t begin to describe how wonderful it is what you do to help people in need. It’s amazing what you are doing, helping me in my time of difficulty. My gratitude will always be with you. I hope one day I can do the same for someone else. Thank you so very very much.” -- Brittany

~ Kade ~
Kade is an adorable and rambunctious 3-year old little boy. In 2017, Kade was diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech, an oral motor speech disorder. As a result, he requires intensive speech therapy with a speech pathologist and an Augmentative Alternative Communication Device (ACC). This device relies on the use of an iPad with speaker....

It is Pinehurst Sanger Foundation’s honor to support Kade and his family in funding his ACC and pathology treatments! 

Kade is now able to communicate through a series of pictures on his iPad to convey a request or idea as the ACC repeats the word out loud for him and others to hear. Many children who benefit from early interventions like speech pathology treatments, ACCs, and other assistance will overcome Childhood Apraxia of Speech.

We know you will join us in wishing the best for our buddy Kade and we will keep you updated on his progress.
You are our #1 sponsor!
Thank you for 10 amazing years of your contributions, partnership, volunteerism, event attendance, suggestions, referrals, help, ideas, collaboration, cooperation, patience , and for the love you have given those who need our help.
You have succeeded in uncovering the possibilities!
We are so grateful to all past and current sponsors of the foundation and would be honored to feature your logo on our website and upcoming newsletters!

Please send your logo to:


We are extremely grateful to be partnering with amazing organizations who provide the care, specialties, and services our beneficiaries need to live empowered and fulfilling lives despite their circumstances.
We heard you talking...SO, along with a new name and a new monthly newsletter, we are in the process of developing a NEW and IMPROVED website.
You will soon have the capability to register for the Gala and Golf Tournament, sign up for volunteering support, get to know the beneficiaries, find updates on how the beneficiaries are doing, and much more.

Who does the work of the
Pinehurst Foundation?
Pinehurst Foundation Board of Directors:

Craig Fowler- President
Brad Colling- Treasurer
Jackie Ryan- Secretary
Karen Valdez-Board Member
Dale Deleo- Board Member
Jeff Buckman- Board Member

Executive Director:

Stephanie Menke

Stephanie Menke, Executive Director | Pinehurst Sanger Foundation | 303.949.4364 | smenke@phsangerfoundation.com | http://sangerfoundation.org/