Pinellas: Barbershops, Hair and Nail Salons allowed to reopen Monday with restrictions per Governor’s Order
The Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners is now under Governor DeSantis’ newly- issued Resolution 20-120 allowing barbershops, cosmetology salons, and specialty cosmetology salons to reopen on Monday, with modifications for increased public safety.

Pinellas County’s order regarding these establishments has expired.
The State is allowing these establishments to reopen May 11 "provided they adopt social distancing and precautionary measures” that include :
  • Scheduling by appointment only,
  • No group appointments,
  • Allowing 15 minutes between customers to allow for proper disinfecting practices, and
  • A requirement that all employees wear masks while providing personal services.

Additionally, the following safety and sanitation procedures are recommended, but not required, by the same guidance document provided to practitioners:
  • Thoroughly clean and disinfect prior to reopening. Make sure to disinfect all surfaces, tools and linens, even if they were cleaned before you originally closed. This type of cleaning should continue between each day of operation.
  • Consider providing unworn masks to clients for use during their appointment.
  • Remove all unnecessary, frequently touched items like magazines, newspapers, service menus and any other unnecessary paper products and décor from customer service areas.

The governor’s office also provided answers to frequently asked questions .

The full text of the executive order is available here .

Pinellas County Economic Development