I’m  proud to announce that I have been asked to reprise my role as an instructor for AM Days at Affiliate Summit West at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel on January 27, 2020. The three (3) hour workshop is entitled  Strategic Approaches to Affiliate Marketing Risk: A Legal Perspective

I will hold free consultations with Affiliate Summit attendees to discuss how I can use my experience in ecommerce / online advertising and marketing law to address current and emerging legal compliance issues facing brands, affiliate marketers, and platform operators.

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In an ongoing effort to anticipate clients’ needs, I am writing to let you know about my “team” of colleagues, who also look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

My colleagues and I recognize that executives and business owners face a dynamic set of challenges, yet few can afford the highly-qualified and versatile legal staff needed to manage every business need.

For that reason, Sameer Chhabria, Jason Harris and I continue to work on ways to provide added value to our respective clients. Sameer, Jason and I bring a highly-collaborative, “team approach” to help clients set objectives, determine project scope, allocate resources, and develop practices that will efficiently and effectively manage risks, while keeping pace with the business.

For more information on either Sameer or Jason, I invite you to visit the profile below.
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