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Former Gay Porn Star: Joseph's Story
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Former Male Gay Porn Star "Skyy" Forgiven
Big Named Porn Stars Infected with Syphilis!
History of AIDS Deaths and HIV Outbreaks in the Porn Industry
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Ex Porn Star Shelley Lubben in Slovakia!

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Prayer Needs

We are asking all of our faithful prayer warriors to please rise up at this time and pray for the Lubben family. 

Pray for strength and protection for them as they continue to remain faithful to God's calling. 

Pray that God would continue to strengthen Garrett and Shelley's marriage, protect their precious children and that they would continue to stand strong, together, as one unit, even in the face of great persecution and threats from pimps and pornographers.

The fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much!

Thank you for praying!
Ex Porn Star Stories, Porn Outreaches and More! September 2012


Dear Friends,     


Pink Cross is going to San Francisco to reach out to porn stars this month and we REALLY need your help to show these women they are loved. Many look forward to receiving our free gifts and supplies. It touches them that someone is even there to care about them!


Others have told us the Pink Cross bracelets we gave them helped to give them strength to leave porn. Many are grateful for our team members who prayed for them at our booth.


And they LOVE their Pink or Black Bibles!

We can't tell you how many porn stars ask for a Bible from us. But we need more Bibles! We also really need help with the following:


1. We need finances to pay for our booth, fly out missionaries and pay for hotels/meals which is about $5,000.00 (Need this asap)  


2. We REALLY need more beauty supplies. We are almost out! Maybe you can get your church or neighborhood to fill up a box and send to Pink Cross to the address below by September 15.   


3. We need medium-sized Pink or Black Bibles. The girls and guys LOVE receiving a Bible. You can visit our Amazon wish list below to see which ones we like to give them.






You may mail supplies and donations by to:


Pink Cross Foundation

6077 Coffee Rd. #4
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Donate items from our Amazon wish list here and help us continue our outreach to young women and men trapped in porn! We have helped over 100 women and men leave porn and sex work and with your help we hope to help thousands!   


Pink Cross Foundation 


Contributions to the Pink Cross Foundation, a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, are entirely tax-deductible. We will email you an electronic receipt immediately and mail out paper receipts the end of the year. Our tax id number 80-0142359.



We have done  it ALL because we are "able to do far beyond all that we could ask or imagine by his power at work within us." - Ephesians 3:20

We are the most unrelenting ministry and organization when it comes to reaching out to and rescuing people from the grips of pornography. That's because we follow Christ's command to, "Go out unto the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled."

Because you give to Pink Cross every week and month, YOU make it possible for our team to "compel and heal" millions of people from the horrible effects of pornography.

We will never, never, never give up. That is our promise to you.

We want to show you how your donations have changed and saved many lives. Below are some highlights from 2011 that were made possible only because you cared enough to give. We will be sending out an annual report soon so watch for that!

We always start the year off with a boom. In January, we reached out at the AEE Las Vegas Porn Outreach to thousands of porn stars and porn fans offering free resources such as Bibles, teaching CDs and DVDs, STD pamphlets, Gospel Tracts, Beauty supplies and more. We were able to fly out Dr. Judith Reisman who joined our team where she offered expert advice to porn addicts at our booth.

KGET in Bakersfield, CA, filmed a special report on Pink Cross and our porn rehab.
Shelley debates pornographers at the prestigious Cambridge University in England where she is interviewed by every major European magazine or Newspaper. Talk about a way to get the message out to the world! Shelley exposed the truth about pornography in a way that has never been done at Cambridge University. She also gave Jesus Christ Glory in her speech.
"Out of the Darkness" documentary was selected as this year's opening night film at the "John Paul II International Film Festival." Out of Darkness, which chronicles Shelley's journey from the porn industry to a life in Christ, was chosen among 28 other movies as the headliner for this year's film festival. Note: Shelley does not get paid to do documentaries which can take several days to film. She does it out of the goodness of her heart to see people healed from pornography!

Pink Cross reaches out at Adultcon in Los Angeles to porn stars and porn fans sharing the love of Christ and the truth about porn. Each day hundreds of people are ministered to and hundreds of porn stars are blessed with gift bags, hugs, and prayers from our team. The weary faces of the women in porn light up when they see the cosmetics, make-up bags, and beautiful handmade bracelets in the gift bags. They are completely overwhelmed by the kindness of Pink Cross and some of them want out right there!

Pink Cross also sends ex porn stars to testify at LA City Council and the Council is so moved by our stories of sex trafficking and workplace abuses that they resolve to question the City Attorney on his latest negative report and do whatever it takes to make sure the porn industry is held accountable with the city!


Pink Cross honored dead porn stars at Worker's Memorial Day.


"Mourn for the dead, and fight for the living!" was the theme for the historic event as Pink Cross honored the lives of porn stars who were tragically taken from us at the Annual Worker's Memorial Day in Los Angeles. Members of Pink Cross, UCLA, AIDS Healthcare Foundation and Los Angeles Department of Public Health, stand together to honor the lives of 13 fallen workers in 2010 from the porn industry. It is the 23rd year for honoring fallen workers in California but the FIRST year that adult film workers are included.


Several parents of porn stars whose child died contacted us and told us that some of the items found among their child's belongings were Pink Cross Bibles and pamphlets. That REALLY touched us. To know we were with them in their final hours was life changing. And we vowed to never stop reaching out to people in porn.     



Our campaign joined with Girls Against Porn to sign a petition to halt the new series "Playboy Club" resulted in the series being cancelled. Huge victory for the anti-pornography movement!!!        


Shelley also shared her powerful testimony on TBN's Praise the Lord. Shelley has done over 400 TV, film and radio interviews since she first came out publicly. She is extremely passionate in getting the truth out about porn and more importantly the amazing truth of Christ. Shelley does not receive payment for appearing on TV shows. She also usually has to pay her own travel expenses to do the shows so thank you to those of you who donate so she can continue to get the word out!   



Pink Cross joined Morality in Media's four-week "Be Aware: PORN HARMS" National Awareness Campaign that reveals the links between pornography and sex trafficking. Shelley also offered her book, "Truth Behind the Fantasy of Porn," free to all who participated in the campaign. Shelley gave over 1,700 free e-books away during this week!!



Ex porn stars joined together in a press conference held on the top floor of the Sheraton hotel in Los Angeles looking down on the largest porn company, Vivid Productions, to launch an initiative that will keep pornographers from getting film permits if they are in blatant violation of existing health and safety laws. Whatever it takes to crack down on this industry, Pink Cross will do it!      



Just when we think we can rest, ANOTHER porn star tests positive for HIV and possibly exposes a dozen or more performers. There are now a total of 27 cases of HIV in the porn industry since 2004 - that we know of! The last known HIV outbreak was in October of 2010. This news comes only two weeks after a press conference was held in L.A. where former porn performers talked about the illegal and abusive practices of the porn industry. (Yes, that would be Pink Cross!) 



Pink Cross Foundation participates in the annual WRAP Week and asks every American and those around the world to participate in White Ribbon Against Pornography (WRAP) Week and to take action against pornography throughout the year.


Pink Cross ex porn stars gave interviews, presented in Webinars and offered articles as well as Shelley offered her book, "Truth Behind the Fantasy of Porn," for free throughout WRAP week.



Shelley was the keynote Speaker at PureHOPE Banquet where she educated PureHOPE members on the harms of pornography and sex trafficking and offerined free resources from Pink Cross. PureHOPE said it was their best banquet yet! 


Shelley also appeared in "Facing Life Head On" with TV Host Brad Mattes "Satan's Final Frontier - the Sex Industry." In this episode Shelley exposes abortion and sex trafficking in the porn industry. You may watch online here  



5th Annual Porn Star Christmas Outreach

Every year the Pink Cross Foundation has a very special role helping women and men trapped in porn and the sex industry at Christmas time through our Christmas Outreach program. Pink Cross sent 100 Christmas boxes full of Bibles, Christmas Gospel tracts, homemade scarves, Christmas cards, candles, Christmas ornaments and beauty supplies. It literally takes us all year long to make everything for these boxes but the women and men are SO touched and many leave porn and sex work because our love "compelled" them to.




During 2011 Pink Cross also:   

  1. Sent out over 200 care packages and gift boxes to sex workers around the world.
  2. Sent hundreds of personalized greeting cards filled with encouragement every other month to porn stars and sex workers. (Usually Valentines Day, Easter, July 4, September, Thanksgiving and Christmas.)
  3. Shelley donated over 1,700 free PDF copies of Shelley's e-book, "Truth Behind the Fantasy of Porn."
  4. Shelley donated over 100 free hard copy books to sex workers and porn stars.
  5. Reached out to millions of porn addicts and porn stars through porn conventions, night clubs, home visits, online forums and workshops, emails, and online social-networking such as YouTube, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Vimeo, BEBO and more!! 
  6. Gave out tens of thousands of dollars of free resources to those struggling with porn and women and men trapped in porn and other sex workers. This includes STD pamphlets, Gospel Tracts and Sex Trafficking pamphlets made personally by Shelley designed especially for porn stars and sex workers. Shelley does most of the writing and graphic design work for Pink Cross due to her training in computer programming and graphic design software. Not to mention nobody cares as much as she does!  
  7. Pink Cross also offers free public forums on where members of Pink Cross reach out to porn addicts and their family members as well we offer a private forum for sex workers where they can receive prayer and encouragement from other female team members.
  8. Shelley Lubben promotes the work of Pink Cross in every radio, TV and film interview she can get her hands on!   


Testimonies from former porn stars who Pink Cross reached out to in 2011:


Marli Jane - I remember meeting you Shelley at a convention. You were the first person to tell me that I was better than that and that God loved me and forgave me for everything. It took me a while to actually believe it. It sparked a flame inside me that eventually led to my fire I have today.  You and The Pink Cross are a blessing to women like me.


Jessi Summers - I found your site a while ago and just reading your story and others stories really helped me to stay strong. Thank you for helping me to get my story out there just as God willed me to do!


Sindy - I found Shelley Lubben's story on the internet & cried so much while reading her testimony. For the first time I thought somebody understood me. So I wrote her an e-mail & then we talked over the phone. Shelley told me that I need GOD, JESUS and the Holy Spirit. But I didn't know where to start, what to do... I just knew... I needed to stop this kind of life otherwise I would die inside out. Shelley counseled me over the internet which was very precious to me & gave me hope for a better future.


Jan Meza - "Without Shelley Lubben I would not be here today! God sent her to rescue me from the destruction that the porn industry inflicted upon me. She is a refreshing serum of truth behind the scenes of the seedy and sinister shadows that exist in the porn industry, shadows that wait endlessly to consume innocence and all that is moral. Thank you Shelley, the world needs you and The Pink Cross Foundation." - Jan Meza, former porn actress Elizabeth Rollings.


Neesa - I left porn 3 � years ago because I just couldn't do it anymore, especially after the rape. I found out about The Pink Cross Foundation at a booth at AVN. I think very highly of The Pink Cross team and Shelley Lubben. They have taught me important information about the industry that I should have known before I even got in. They treat me like I am human. They are very caring. Shelley sends me care packages often. And they are filled with love, information, great books.etc. It put tears in my eyes. I felt so loved. It had been a long time since someone loved me like that. She and the organization don't force religion on anyone. I went to her and she treats me with love and respect. I like being around girls that are just like me - FORMER porn actresses. I am very thankful for Shelley's team and all of their prayers.


Former porn stars who shared their story or testified in 2011:


Jessi Summers

Corina Taylor

Anita Remby

Christopher Gregory

Marli Jane

Ryan Millay



Jenni Case

Jan Meza

April Garris

Madelyne Hernandez









You may mail supplies and donations by to:


Pink Cross Foundation

6077 Coffee Rd. #4
PMB 33
Bakersfield, CA 93308

or donate securely online at:



Donate items from our Amazon wish list here and help us continue our outreach to young women and men trapped in porn! We have helped over 100 women and men leave porn and sex work and with your help we hope to help thousands!   


Pink Cross Foundation 


Contributions to the Pink Cross Foundation, a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, are entirely tax-deductible. We will email you an electronic receipt immediately and mail out paper receipts the end of the year. Our tax id number 80-0142359.      

Former Gay Porn Star: Joseph's Story

I was born in 1969, not far from San Francisco. My father was a hard-working immigrant from Sicily, and my mother a California girl who grew up in a broken home. They married, in a Catholic Church, though not in the sanctuary, as my mother had been raised Baptist. Later, they had four children. I was the youngest. My mother later converted, and my parents saw to it that we all attended Catholic parochial schools. I was a child of the 1970's and 80s, when, unfortunately, the Church experienced the worst of the repercussions from the Second Vatican Council. After thirteen years of Catholic education, I left, knowing next to nothing about my Faith. I remembered the kindly guitar strumming religious sister, but I did not know many prayers, nothing of Sacred Scripture, Catholic dogma, moral teachings, or the Rosary. Religion felt inconsequential, unrelated to my life. I thought I didn't need it.


After graduation from high school, I was always nervous and restless, I didn't know what I wanted to do, so I decided to go to college and waste some time. I picked the University of California at Berkeley, not because of any academic aspirations, but for it's liberal reputation. Somewhere along the way, I feel in love with the study of Art History and was accepted into the program. Perhaps, it was my inner longing to find true beauty, away from the ugliness of the world. Right away, I began to notice a strange spiritual emptiness within me. One day, while walking near the campus, I wandered aimlessly into a New-Age curiosity shop. Immediately, I became enthralled with the seemingly discordant mix of Eastern philosophies, Western paganism, and witchcraft. From that moment onwards, I began to create my own religion based upon my personal needs, interests, and fleeting desires...


During the same period of time, I ponderously questioned my sexuality. I didn't know if I was straight, gay, or bisexual. From a very young age, I was exposed to both soft and hard-core pornography. As a child, I repeatedly rummaged through my old brother's things in a desperate need to find porn magazines. By the time I reached my late-teens, I was buying my own issues as well as x-rated videotapes. In the same spirit of further exploration, I started picking up female prostitutes then made several trips to the legal brothels in Reno, Nevada. At first, I enjoyed myself, then the risk and expense became too much. To my great relief, I discovered adult novelty stores that featured video-booths in the back of the shops. There, I began having anonymous sexual encounters with various men. After one night of deviance, I started to hear strange voices in my head. They told me to go to certain locations and to do bizarre things; usually of a sexual nature. The first place the voices guided me was to a gay bathhouse.


At one of these sex-clubs, I met my first lover. He was an older man who, at first, introduced me somewhat cautiously into the gay lifestyle. Then, our relationship quickly digressed to include more extreme sex-acts. We eventually tired of each, and I moved on, steely and cynical, to his other friends. Many enjoyed the experience of sex in public or having their exploits video-taped. In the beginning, I got a new thrill from being an exhibitionist. Later, as I was already bored, oversexed, and burned-out, this also began to no longer interest me. Then a friend told me about an amateur pornographer who paid guys to masturbate in front of his camera. I thought the idea rather tame, but I gave it a try. What I found surprisingly exciting, was the copious amounts of praise that I received. In my twisted mind I became a star; if only to a third-rate porn pusher. But my initial dalliances with pornography did not end there. Like a drug addict, in need of a more powerful fix, I jumped into the world of BDSM (bondage, disciple, and sado-masochism) pornographic films. My involvement took me to a new level of demonic possession. Satan gave me power.


The dark ritualism within the world of S&M neatly complimented my already advanced knowledge and interest in all things related to the occult. For large segments of the gay population, sex became ceremony. It was the highpoint of their religious experience. Many found solace in this. And for fleeting moments, I too could forget the pains of my tormented soul. But that also faded. I then began to pick-up random men at various cruising points throughout San Francisco. In the meantime, I was still doing an occasional cheap porn film: not for the money, but to bring a few cherished minutes of excitement into my increasingly dull life. Porn became just another route of escape. I was running from myself, but to nowhere. Near the end of my sordid existence, a stranger who invited me to his home tried to kill me. By then, I wanted to die. I begged him to murder me. But, he didn't.


Sinking to my deepest level of degradation, I took part in a violent series of sexual performances that brought me to the edge of damnation. Later that same night, I ended up in a hospital emergency room. The demons arrived and began to escort me to hell. I was scared, and, for the first time in years, I called out to Our Lord Jesus Christ. Immediately, the demons left me alone. Then, I started the long road back to healing. Thankfully, there was still a small mustard seed of Faith within myself that even the years of being saturated in evil could not eradicate completely. Through the Grace of God, I became reacquainted with a humble Catholic priest that I once knew, and he heard my lengthy Confession. But my soul was still not at peace. I couldn't accept God's forgiveness. I thought that I was perpetually stained and forever undeserving of love. Instead of banishing the devil from my life, I clung to all that I was. In a foolish attempt to flee Satan, I entered a secluded religious community where I thought I could hide. Even there, the devil found me.


Read the rest of Joseph's incredible story here.


Melissa's Story     


I grew up with an amazing, loving, and wonderful fun mother, who loved God with all her heart. My father was absent, an alcoholic and drug addict, who hid it from my mom for years before she finally discovered it and left him. My mom was overly nice, and sometimes let us have too much freedom.  


My mother remarried two times and neither of my step-dads was I close to. During her third marriage, my mother became depressed and had a "bipolar" episode when I was 11. She drove me and my younger brother and 2 sisters to the border of Mexico, saying we were going to go to heaven and Jesus was taking us away. We stalled in the middle of the freeway and some man banged on the window yelling for us to get out. My mom took us into a gas station restroom and had us sit on the floor to hold hands and close our eyes, saying Jesus was going to take us soon.  


I finally got up and went outside, super confused and scared. About 1 year later we were put in foster care, except my youngest sister Julia went to live with her biological father. We were separated a lot of the time and moved about 10 times or more in five years. My mother tried very hard to get us back and finally she did.  


By that time I had a lot of confusion and distortion of my view on life because of all the trauma that had happened to me as a child. I began smoking pot and had my first real boyfriend who was 19. I broke up with him after constant fighting and started dating other guys. I never liked being alone so I fell for guys to easily, especially guys with a sense of humor.  


By age 19 I got into speed and moved in with a boyfriend who also did drugs. We did meth every day for a year and then he was arrested for possession. So I moved to Hollywood and started stripping in order to live and pay for my drug habit. I knew it was wrong because I knew Jesus but my life had been so lonely for so many years that I just didn't care about myself. My heart had been broken since I was a baby.

I stripped, took advantage of guys for their money, didn't have any feelings for them or anyone. I was numb inside. The strip club was disgusting and I had to be drunk to even step foot in that place. The men who owned it paced around the room like vultures making sure their customers were taken care of. I felt degraded, but I was so drunk and high that I didn't care. The other girls there were like zombies always fixing their hair and makeup (like me) but not caring about their hearts and souls. I met a guy who convinced me to get out and we dated for a while. He had money, but I didn't want a serious relationship. I didn't even understand how to have one.  


Finally my dad convinced me to come and stay with him, my brother and sister were out there, so I agreed even though he had abandoned me and had done things to hurt me in the past. I had love and forgiveness in my heart. I just wanted to be loved and to be happy.  


I started reading my Bible and one day I had a "drug induced psychotic episode" after coming off the drugs. I became so delusional that I thought my dad was Satan and trying to kill me. I ran down the street into someone's house saying he was coming to shoot me. My brother and sister chased after me and found me and the next day I was taken to a mental hospital. All I can say about that experience is that it was  a life changing experience and a date with destiny from God for my life. I knew and felt He was in there with me, in my dark cloud. He said he would dwell in the dark cloud and he did!! I got out excited for the Grace I was given and had went through my test of fire. Now I walk with God and am healing more every day.


Reading God's Word gives me so much understanding about all I have been through. And I know He has a high call on my life or he wouldn't have allowed me to go through so much. My heart is to help others learn about God, our Father, who loves the fatherless. I just hope one day I am righteous and blameless in His sight. That is  my truest desire.  


I thank Shelley for all she does. She has brought me so much encouragement and love, and more of a thirst for God when I am feeling dry.  


I also want to thank all of you who financially support Pink Cross and for your prayers. You have made a difference in my life.


Keep going Shelley, you are on to so many things, and moving things in the heavenlies with your prayers, and your actions for Him and His Kingdom. I love you!! xoxo Melissa


Former Male Gay Porn Star "Skyy" Forgiven

I moved to Los Angeles for my last semester of college because I had a credit only internship. The only money I had was from grants, scholarships, and student loans. My mother could not help me financially. After tuition and housing, I barely had money to feed myself and I wanted to stay in Los Angeles and look for a job. I was worried about paying to continue to live out here and being able to feed myself. I started looking for a job immediately, but nothing was coming up. I applied to part time jobs at the mall and jobs that I qualified for from the degree I was about to receive. Nothing happened.

Then I was on Grindr, the gay networking app on phones, and a guy mentioned that he was a "model scout" for porn. He talked me into coming over and taking pictures because he said I only had to do videos where I masturbated in front of the camera and there would be no one else involved. It seemed like the easy cash that I needed.


Eventually those videos moved into videos with other men. The model scout gave me the feeling that it was glamorous and people would like me for the videos. He made me kind of think that it was a form of success. I still wasn't able to find a normal job, so this little thing I wanted to do only one time to get some quick cash turned into much more than that. The man who was my "model scout" began to require me to have sex with him in order to continue to get me more work. I felt like a sex slave!! I also felt I wasn't going to be able to support myself because I could not find a job to support myself. I felt trapped with no way out.


On my first shoot, we were drinking what was supposed to be fake alcohol, but it was real alcohol. It helped calm my nerves. During shoots, I can't remember if there was a major moment when I didn't want to do something and they persuaded me to do it. Honestly, I didn't want to do any of it. I just kind of let my mind blank out during those times because I did NOT like what I was doing at all.


Soon I caught Chlamydia and it terrified me. It was the wakeup call I needed! I prayed and prayed to God to please save me. I begged for forgiveness, and by Christ I am forgiven! God answered me quickly and I found a job that month. Thank God! 

Unfortunately my videos are out there, and I have friends approach me constantly via facebook, etc. saying that they saw one of the videos. It's shameful, and all I can do is praise God that I was rescued from that life before it became worse.  


Read Skyy's story online here. 


Big Named Porn Stars Infected With Syphilis! 

100 Syphilis-Positive Porn Performers in Europe and 9 in the Los Angeles Porn Industry and Counting!

LOS ANGELES - Veteran male porn star Rocco Siffredi told XBIZ Friday that there are "89 to 100" adult performers currently infected with syphilis in three different Eastern European cities where porn is regularly shot - Budapest, Hungary; Prague, Czech Republic; and St. Petersburg, Russia.    


"We have a lot of positives for syphilis. We don't really know where this came from, but I'm pretty sure it came from Russia before it came to Budapest in July," said the 27-year veteran  

performer/director, whose production company is based in Budapest, Hungary.


In 1993 the Italian Rocco Siffredi started making movies in Hungary due to low production costs and steady supply of females. The extreme poverty in the country force many young girls from the provinces to seek their fortune in the capital Budapest. Porn actress Mya Diamond says: "I come from a small village. I wanted to flee poverty and help my brothers and my mother financially."


Another consequence of the poverty conditions in Hungary is that performers are more desperate to succeed, and therefore willing to engage in extreme types of sexual intercourse that aren't even practiced yet in the United States. These high-risk practices lead to high transmission rates of STDs and sometimes HIV among performers.


With so much competition in the U.S., popular American porn stars fly to Europe to get work and often bring back diseases into the US. Hungarian Porn actress Aletta Ocean who worked five months in 2009 in the US divulged she is one of the recent infected stars who contracted syphilis in Hungary.


 "Most of the big-name girls, they all have syphilis, nearly all of them," Siffredi said.


Adult production in Budapest has been suspended through September 3 due to the outbreak. The trade organization for the Los Angeles porn industry is currently calling for a moratorium while L.A. officials investigate the syphilis outbreak.


Officials from the health department warn the nine Syphilis cases recently discovered in the LA Porn Industry, "may be the tip of the iceberg."


Over the past two days, industry blogger Mike South reported that the Free Speech Coalition's Adult Production Health & Safety Services ( is privately advising ALL adult performers to take antibiotics such as Penicillin regardless of testing, medical exams or possible exposure. South wrote, "Through APHSS they are now recommending that everyone in porn take the antibiotics whether you have it or not. That is a very reckless and dangerous suggestion for APHSS to make."


Many believe there is a widespread cover up is taking place in the adult industry in order to hide  the truth about this latest outbreak of sexually transmitted disease among performers," Michael Weinstein, President of AIDS Healthcare Foundation, says. "Simply giving 1,000 performers antibiotics like Penicillin-which some people may be allergic to-prophylactically can be dangerous without proper medical supervision, and to do so WITHOUT any coordination with L.A. County Public Health officials is irresponsible."


Veteran performer Siffredi said Hungarian performers must wait at least two months before returning to work because they may still be able to transmit the disease, he said.


"Here you can catch it even if you get the treatment. For two months you are always positive," Siffredi said, noting he is aware that in Los Angeles, someone who receives an injection is said to no longer be contagious after 10 days. But he doesn't understand why the time windows are so different.


"In the U.S. it's 10 days, here they say it's 60 days," he said. "I'm trying to figure out what is the real thing. In the end of the story, nobody can work."


But the reality is that porn stars will still work. They have luxurious lifestyles to pay for and can't afford a 60 day suspension.


Siffredi said his estimate of "89 to 100" infected actually is from "around two or three weeks ago."  


"Then I heard the news about syphilis in L.A. and the stories with Mr. Marcus," Siffredi explained. "It came much faster than what I thought. I really thought we could isolate it in Europe."


Mr. Marcus is the 18 year veteran black performer who admitted he recently altered his test two times to work in the LA porn industry. He told XBIZ that he is "very sorry" for altering his STI test result that showed he tested positive for Syphilis.


But with nine cases and counting there will be many more sorry porn stars.


Mr. Marcus says he was diagnosed for syphilis on July 12, received a penicillin shot on July 13, and returned to work 11 days later, on July 24. He claims he thought he was safe but altered his test anyways. But according to doctors one must go back to his last negative syphilis test to establish any timeline. His infection occurred sometime between his last negative test and July 11. Possibly even up to ninety days before that negative test, as he may have been in the window period before the infection was detectable. He could have had this disease for months without knowing it. Syphilis is easy to spread; even skin to skin contact can transmit the disease.


Porn veteran Siffredi said from the information he has gathered in Budapest that "it seems nobody has the same way to cure the people."


"On my side I decided not to work anymore until this is clear," he continued. "Because syphilis is very, very heavy s**t. It's not like HIV, but if you catch it two times in a row, like if you catch it right now and cure yourself, and then catch it again, then it will become much harder to be cured of it. I was very lucky not to catch it."


He pointed to girls doing too much private escort work outside of their porn scenes as the likely reason for the outbreak.


"This is my opinion that too many girls are doing double work because there is not too much work in the porn business like before. So they do some escorting," Siffredi said. "When you get that blood test that's valid for one month and then do escorting one week and come back to the business without making a new test that would cause the problem.


"I know for a fact that many, many girls are escorting."


Former porn actress Shelley Lubben says when she was in porn, "I did escorting on the side. If the price is right the condom can be pulled off. Porn stars don't care about their health, they care about the money."


On the LADirect Models web site with a talent pool of over 100 porn stars code words like, "Bachelor Party" are used for prostitution. It's very common among Los Angeles and New York porn agencies to offer girls for prostitution.


Siffredi said that he'll often call an agency and ask if a girl is available to film and they'll tell him, "Oh, they are in Switzerland."


"We don't shoot in Switzerland," Siffredi said.


Siffredi says he had received two different phone calls from agents asking for his help in recruiting porn girls to travel to Switzerland for "privates".


"I told them we call this prostitution, and I can't help you," Siffredi said.


The situation in Budapest is unlike anything he has previously experienced in his career, Siffredi added.


"Twenty-seven years in this business and I've never seen such a big mess in porn," he said.


Read more about the Syphilis Epidemic in the Porn Industry here.


History of AIDS Deaths and  HIV Outbreaks in the Porn Industry

What you need to know before you click on that porn movie by Shelley Lubben

Many gay and straight performers have died from AIDS beginning in the 1980's when HIV cases were first reported in the U.S. in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles, the exact time and place where pornography was also first being produced.


More than 100 gay and straight performers died from AIDS since 1980. Many more have become infected by STDs.

Notable AIDS deaths associated with the straight porn industry include Marc Stevens in 1989, John Holmes in 1988 who lied about his HIV status up until his death and is believed to have infected gay porn stars Johnny Dawes, Chris Burns and Joey Yale and straight porn stars Lisa DeLeeuw and Rene Bond who all died from AIDS. Larry Flynt's wife and centerfold Althea died from AIDS in 1987. Gay and mostly straight actor R.J. Reynolds died from AIDS in 1987. R.J. worked intimately with straight performer Lisa De Leeuw who died from AIDS in 1993. J.W. King died in 1986 who was R.J. Reynolds real life lover at the time of his film appearances with King.

Oh what a tangled web we weave...

Notable deaths in the 90's of porn stars who worked in straight porn are Tex Anthony who died from AIDS in 1992. Eric Ryan, Cassandra del Rio and Lisa DeLeeuw died from AIDS in 1993. Morelle DeKeigh died in 1994 from AIDS. Eric Stone died in 1996 and Lisa Melendez died in 1999 from AIDS.

There are numerous AIDS related deaths in the straight industry in the 2000's as well such as transsexual bisexual performer Cristiane Lernon who died in 2003. In 2004 very famous gay and straight transsexual performer Karen Dior died from AIDS. In his book, "Sleeping Under the Stars," he details some of his sleaziest unprotected sexual encounters on and off the porn set with gay and straight porn stars to include Sharon Kane, Paul Morgan, Drew Andrews, Tony Davis, Rick Donovan, John Holmes and Peter North; some of who are still performing in straight porn today.
Peter North aka former gay performer Matt Ramsey made a few dozen gay porn movies in which he 'bottomed' for some of the largest male talent in the porn industry (including Rick Donovan). He also worked with Bill Henson who died from AIDS in 1990. North began his career as a flexible gay porn star who topped and bottomed, but left gay porn in 1986 to pursue a heterosexual porn career, changing his name to Peter North. North has at times denied having done so, then admitted (but stated that an anal stunt double was used), and now simply refuses to discuss it.

Oh! what a tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive...

Notable HIV infections in the straight US porn industry include female porn actress Dusty who was infected with HIV in 1992. Carrie Morgan was infected in 1993. Rebekka Armstrong became infected in 1994. Barbara Doll was infected in 1995. Nina Cherry, Delfin and Jordan McKnight were infected in 1997. In the 1998 HIV outbreak, porn actresses Tricia Devereaux, Kimberly Jade, Caroline and Brooke Ashley were infected with HIV allegedly by Marc Wallice who is speculated to have intentionally hid his HIV positive status with fake blood through several HIV testing cycles in order to keep working.

Sounds familiar with Mr. Marcus doesn't it?

Tony Montana was infected with HIV in 1999. He had performed in scenes with Marc Wallice and did an anal scene with Misty Dawn (who is better known as Laurie Holmes as she was married to John Holmes shortly before he died of AIDS in 1988). Misty Dawn continued to do porn and was active in porn until 2003. Who knows who she infected!

Niki Lae was infected in 2000 with HIV. Tori Coca Flame was infected in 2001. She performed with gay and straight performer Eric Stone who died from AIDS in 1996. Straight to gay performer Michael Anthony was infected with HIV in 2003.

Then the notorious 2004 outbreak happened.

Miss Arroyo, Lara Roxx, Jessica Dee, Bianca Biaggi and Darren James were all infected with HIV in 2004. Miss Arroyo acquired HIV on March 30, 2004 while filming with Darren James in a straight porn scene with unprotected sex performing double anal penetration.

Lara Roxx acquired HIV on March 24, 2004 while performing with Darren James. She only did five movies and was in the porn industry only a few months before acquiring the disease. Jessica Dee acquired HIV from Darren James while performing unprotected sex in a porn scene March 24, 2004. Jessica tested positive for HIV in April 2004.

Jennifer, a transsexual porn performer, was diagnosed positive with HIV on May 4, 2004. Black male porn star Darren James was active from 1997 to 2004. He tested positive with HIV on April 12, 2004. Darren James claims he got infected with HIV while filming in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on March 10, 2004 when having unprotected anal sex with Brazilian porn actress Bianca Biaggi.

When Darren James returned from Brazil his test had not shown up positive yet, and he worked with around 13 female performers in unprotected anal scenes, some of which were infected with HIV through Darren James. Since the 2004 outbreak performers who now go overseas are supposed to wait a month upon return pending test results prior to performing in the states again.

Due to the 2004 outbreak, the California State government considered regulating the industry. Some proposed to mandate the wearing of condoms during sexually explicit scenes. Industry insiders say this would ruin sales of their wares since the unprotected content is one of the selling points of some of their films. They say the wearing of condoms ruins the sexual fantasies of many viewers.

The reality is that the porn industry has infected and killed hundreds of porn stars with the spread of HIV and AIDS. There is NO fantasy in porn.  


In June 2009 a female porn actress had become infected with HIV. In 2010 a male actor had become infected with HIV. That performer was identified as Derrick Burts who has worked in straight and gay pornography. Despite contracting gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis in the porn industry Burts continued working with unprotected sex in the straight industry before quitting when he was diagnosed as being HIV positive in 2010.


Since 1985, a total of about 20 of those years are known to have involved actors and actresses who became infected with HIV or who died from AIDS who worked in the straight porn industry. The only years where HIV outbreak or AIDS deaths within the straight porn industry have not been reported that we know of are 1985, 1991, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008.


However, in 2011, a positive HIV result for a porn actress in Florida was reported. Conveniently it was apparently a false positive. Or was it? Can we really trust an industry that has members who lie, alter and fake their blood tests in order to work?


Can we trust an industry who wants to give over 1,000 penicillin shots to porn stars in order to cover up how many Syphilis cases there really are?


I think not.


To learn more about Shelley Lubben, former porn actress who acquired HPV which led to cervical cancer and Herpes, a non-curable disease while in the porn industry, please visit




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