Pinnacle Design/Build Provides Rockfall Protection
A new natural gas compressor station being constructed in Imperial, PA required extensive rock excavation through partially weathered claystone and shale to reach the foundation pad elevation To protect the compressor equipment, above ground piping, and personnel from potential rock falls, Gateway Engineers Inc., the project’s civil engineer , designed a rock fall protection system consisting of grouted in place Williams rock nails and Maccaferri rock fall protection netting.
Pinnacle Design/Build Group, Inc. was selected by the project’s site contractor, Alex E. Paris Construction, to construct the rock fall protection system along 1,264 feet of the project’s footprint .   Approximately 600 rock nails and 2,500 square yards of rock fall protection netting were installed to catch any unstable, loose rocks from the excavated 1H:1V slope.   
Pinnacle called upon their Strategic Alliance Partner, Richard Goettle, Inc., to help meet the aggressive schedule demands of the natural gas midstream company. The team hit the jobsite with two drill rigs - a Klemm drill with a 40ft single stroke rock drilling depth and an excavator mounted TEI rock drill with a 15ft single stroke rock drilling depth. Both of the drill rigs were utilized to attack the deep nail and short nail drilling depths simultaneously.

Pinnacle Design/Build completed this project in six weeks.
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