A huge thanks to Local First Arizona and Wist Office Products for your support! 

We are very thankful to Local First Arizona and Wist Office Products, who presented their quarterly rebate check to Pinnacle Prevention this month! This generous donation will be going to the Double Up Food Bucks Arizona program which doubles the value of SNAP/EBT benefits (up to $20 per visit) used at farmers markets and stands across the state, as well as Fresh Express stops across the Valley. Support for this program is helping people bring home more healthy fruits and vegetables while also supporting our local farmers and economy. Win - win - win!
Support our Arizona family farms suffering from storm damage

Some of our Arizona family farms experienced damage from severe storms this summer. You can help them get back on their feet by donating to their crowdfunding campaigns , and continuing to shop at their booths at markets. Let's come together to help the people who work so hard to grow delicious food for people across our state. 

From our team to your home: Back-to-School tips and tricks

Whether you've already dropped your little ones off at school, or still have a couple of weeks of summer break left, now is the time to trade in your summer routine for an academic one. Ease your kids into a healthy, successful school year with these tips and tricks from our Pinnacle Prevention project managers Jaclyn and Jessie.

Get your kids to love their lunch with tips from our very own Jessie Gruner

Via azcentral.com, by Debra Gelbart 

Lunches for school prepared at home don't have to be time-intensive to put together. A bit of pre-planning, letting your creativity loose and getting your kids involved can help you build a box lunch in less than 10 minutes.

"Prepping food ahead of time can make packing lunches a breeze," said Jessie Gruner, R.D.N., a registered dietitian and nutritionist with Pinnacle Prevention, a Chandler-based nonprofit that works to build healthy communities by improving access to healthy food and by creating opportunities for active living.

5 facts for National Farmers Market Week in Arizona

August 6 - 12 was National Farmers Market Week. We celebrated by sharing five fun facts about Arizona agriculture and farmers markets. Check out the video below, or on our blog!

All summer long, Double Up Food Bucks Arizona has been highlighting some of our amazing Arizona markets and growers. Check out the Double Up Food Bucks Arizona blogFacebook, and Twitter, for market spotlights, stories and more! 
Make every day Nonprofit Day

August 17 was National Nonprofit Day, an opportunity to celebrate the incredible work nonprofits do in communities around the world. 

Nonprofit organizations not only provide a steady source of employment, but also assist in improving the quality of life for many people on a daily basis. Many organizations do work that doesn't fit in one category or box. Often times it's a combination of community work and facilitation, policy changes, research and education happening in synch to get to the core root of the problem - as well as finding the right solutions and/or approach to tackle the problem. How has a nonprofit touched your life this month? 

Check out this blog to learn more about nonprofits, the history of Nonprofit Day, and more. 
17 Food Heroes to Inspire Us in 2017

Via Food Tank

From authors to chefs, business owners to activists, this list is a collection of changemakers in every industry working to fix inequalities and problems in the food system all over the world. Their examples have inspired movements and changed minds. We hope their stories and work will inspire you as much as it has inspired us here at Food Tank.

Women's Work: The untold story of America's female farmers

"In the fields and barns across America are the stories of farmers - the talented, tenacious stewards of the land who have grown our food for generations. But while agriculture is the foundation of our civilization and the backbone of our nation, the story has only been half-told. Depicted through the eyes of men, the history of agriculture in the United States is incomplete. We are missing our heroines - the women who have farmed, who have loved the land, who have sacrificed and made immeasurable impacts on farming and food in America."

A new documentary from North by Northwest and the Female Farmer Project will tell the story of female farmers across America and throughout history. The production team is looking for the pioneers, multi-generational farm women, and women who are making important change in our food system. Nominate a female farmer with a great story.   
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