We're trying something new this month!

In this month's newsletter, we're switching things up. We'd like to talk about issues that are central to our work here at Pinnacle Prevention, and give you opportunities to learn more and get involved to create lasting change in your community. 
Arizona food systems: Creating meaningful solutions

In 2015, over a million people in Arizona were food-insecure. At Pinnacle Prevention, we work every day to find ways to close this gap and create a happy, healthy and sustainable Arizona for everyone. Much of our work focuses on food systems, and we advocate for sustainable solutions to food system challenges. 

The food system and its challenges are a huge and complex issue. We can't even begin to cover all the facets of these challenges, but we believe everyone can get involved to help create solutions. Creating meaningful solutions starts with understanding the root causes of food insecurity and other food system challenges in our communities, so each month we will dig a little deeper into some of these causes and challenges. 

This month, we shared some information on our blog about some of the systems impacting food insecurity and hunger. Visit our site to learn more about food systems in Arizona, creating solutions with systems change approaches and emergency food systems in our communities

[Mind the Meal Gap - Food Insecurity in Arizona, 2014]
Further learning opportunity:
Childhood Food Insecurity 

Check out this free online course from Oregon State University to learn more about how hunger and food insecurity impact children and communities.
Learn more and get involved in your community

If you are interested in continued learning opportunities surrounding food systems, check out this free Johns Hopkins course. To understand what the food system looks like, check out these graphics from Nourish Life.  

There are countless ways to get involved with St. Mary's Food Bank AllianceValley of the Sun United Way Phoenix Rescue Mission  and more.  Check out this blog  to learn more about emergency food systems and how you can get involved.

Visit the Association of Arizona Food Banks website to find a food bank near you, donate and for volunteer opportunities. 
National Anti-Hunger Policy Conference 

Join over 1,000 anti-hunger advocates in Washington D.C. for two days of networking, workshops and interactive training on March 5 through March 7, 2017. This conference is co-sponsored by Feeding America and the Food Research & Action Center in cooperation with the National CACFP Forum

Double Up Food Bucks Arizona

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