Check out our new Double Up Food Bucks Arizona video!

Phoenix City Councilman Daniel Valenzuela explains how the Double Up program works in our new video below. Please feel free to share with your networks, and with friends and family who use SNAP benefits. Let's spread the word and help more families bring home fresh, Arizona-grown fruits and vegetables. 

Visit for more information and to find participating locations. Like our page on Facebookfollow us on Twitter and check out our Instagram for updates and news about sustainable and healthy food initiatives. Stay tuned for more news as we continue to grow! 

Congratulations to our Executive Director, Adrienne!

Our Executive Director, Adrienne Udarbe, has been named a finalist for the 15th ONE Director of the Year Awards. The Nonprofit Leader Day event on March 29 will honor the work of all Valley nonprofit leaders, and the awards will be announced and presented at the event. Congratulations, Adrienne! 
Compost your way to fresher meals 

Cooking fresh meals at home usually yields some amount of waste: from egg shells and  vegetable peels to cardboard containers and more. Think twice about tossing that waste in the trash -- what we do with our biodegradable waste matters. 

Composting is just as good for your home garden as it is for the environment! Check out this blog to learn more and for useful composting tips.

Try this delicious, in season recipe

Sweet potatoes are in season in Arizona, and you can find them at your local farmers markets. Check out this recipe for sweet potato soup!

5 Ways To Help Your Son Develop A Healthy Body Image

We often tell young girls there is no one right body type. And we need to start telling boys the same thing.

Just like girls, boys are affected by the media's representation of unrealistic body types. Whether in magazines or on social media, boys hear the message that in order to be more masculine they need a chiseled physique.  This is completely untrue.
Helping Decisionmakers Understand the True Cost of Food 
Via FoodTank, by  Joey DeMarco:

A project initiated in October of 2016, TEEB for Agriculture and Food (TEEBAgriFood), aims to valuate ecosystems and agricultural industries as a whole. Leaders of the project work to capture economic value by introducing mechanisms that incentivize environmental stewardship. These components of food systems are often assessed in isolation from one another, despite their many and vital links, TEEB refers to this as the eco-agri-food system's complex. Currently, economic linkages in eco-agri-food systems are virtually impossible to identify-something that TEEBAgriFood seeks to change.

"What we try to do is to develop a common denominator where all the actors of an incredible complex food system can work together," Alexander Müller, the Study Leader and Steering Committee Chair of TEEBAgriFood, said.

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