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Thanks for Your Support! Saving SNAP at Arizona Farmers Markets
Thanks to everyone who donated, and the generous support of   Vitalyst Health Foundation AZ  and  Valley of the Sun United Way , we have secured all of the necessary funds to get our farmers markets the equipment they need to keep accepting SNAP/EBT -- in less than 48 hours!

The Payson Farmers Market , Orchard Community Learning Center , and the Tucson Heirloom Farmers Markets will now be able to continue serving everyone in their communities.

We appreciate you all so much, and our farmers, families and communities thank you!
Let's Play! Introducing the Arizona Recess Toolkit
The past legislative session introduced new recess requirements for Arizona schools. Read more about these guidelines and the benefits of recess in our new Arizona Recess Toolkit!

Please feel free to share the toolkit with parents, teachers, school staff, school board members, and others!

To read or download the full toolkit, click here or on the image above.
Our Arizona Food Systems Network Meeting is Right Around the Corner!
We're so excited for our upcoming Arizona Food Systems Network virtual meeting on community engagement!

Join us to learn about how fellow members of the network are working with their community to expand the reach and impact of their farmers markets, food system coalitions, and community organizations. Come share your ideas and successes in this interactive virtual meeting. Click here to learn more and RSVP.

Our new Arizona Food Systems Network website is now live! Click here to check it out , and stay tuned for resources, upcoming events, and more.
Farm Bill Update: House and Senate Bills Pass
As of late June, both the Senate and House versions of the 2018 Farm Bill have passed. Now, Congress has to collaborate to create one bill before the 2014 Farm Bill expires. Officials say compromise and action are around the corner.

Rural Hunger in Arizona
Although many rural Americans grow the majority of our food supply, they are widely affected by hunger. Hunger is detrimental to the health and well-being of all food insecure people, but living in a rural area can make living with hunger even worse. 

Soda Taxes: The Vitality of Food Policy
Sugary beverages are readily available almost anywhere you can buy food. Often, these drinks are cheap, and many consumers tend to gravitate toward them instead of healthier options. Across the country, soda taxes have helped decrease consumption of these beverages and improve public health. 

Places, Policies, Communities: How Your Location Affects Your Health
Though we traditionally view health as the result of individual choices, there are many factors outside of our control that influence these choices without us always being aware. Where you live plays a vital role in your health. Depending on your location, living a healthy lifestyle may be easy, or it may be more difficult. 

Expanding SNAP Work Requirements is a Ticket to Poor Health
Congress has begun its negotiations on the Farm Bill. The House version of the bill proposes expanded, harmful work requirements for SNAP recipients. But what could happen if these detrimental requirements make it into the final bill?

Reframing Food Hubs
It is impossible to consider racial equity without understanding the dynamic and complicated history of a U.S. agricultural system birthed from the exploitation, domination, and destruction of entire populations.

Everything You Need to Know About Maternity Leave in the U.S.
via The CUT
A new mom explores the brilliant, terrible, wonderful, confusing realities of first-time motherhood. It’s for anybody who wants to be a new mom, is a new mom, was a new mom, or wants really good reasons to never be a new mom.

Raising Awareness for World Breastfeeding Week
World Breastfeeding Week is right around the corner! Stay tuned to our Facebook , Twitter and blog for insights, resources and more.
Let's Celebrate Farmers Markets!
National Farmers Market Week (August 5-11) is coming up! It is a great opportunity to show how much value these markets bring to our communities. Stay tuned to our Facebook , Twitter and blog and get ready to celebrate!
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