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Every once in a while you have to change things up. Our website got a makeover this month, and we're excited to show it off! Visit PinnaclePrevention.org to check out our new look and learn more about our services. You can also find out more about Double Up Food Bucks Arizona, and find participating farmer's markets near you. Keep an eye out on our blog for tips and stories about healthy lifestyles, nutrition and active living! 

Also, as you've probably noticed, we have a new logo design. Let us know what you think! Don't forget to like our page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We share great news and tips daily. 
The Arizona Children's Healthy Lifestyle Partnership has reconvened! 

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the kickoff of the revamped Arizona Children's Healthy Lifestyle Partnership last month. It was an inspiring day led by Solomon Masala of Source Consulting Group. We left the day feeling ready to work together on our goals and find creative ways to positively disrupt the systems that impact the health of children and youth in Arizona.

We can't wait to continue our collaboration to make our visions for Arizona a reality with access to healthy foods, safe places for physical activity and quality health care. 

Moving forward we will be meeting once per month and building a cohesive and well organized collective impact. Most meetings will include both an onsite space and go-to-meeting and we will have a large in-person only gathering at least once per year.

The next meeting will be held December 9 th . Those interested in more information can contact Kathleen Carlson.

Here are some pictures from the AzCHLP Kickoff!
Professional development opportunities:
Systems change in Arizona

Our work with the AzCHLP is a great example of meaningful systems change -- a concept that is central to our work here at Pinnacle Prevention. We love when a group of people can come together to collaborate, plan and enact change in our communities. We think systems thinking is an effective way to do this, and we encourage our network to get involved.

In general, systems change represents a shift in the way communities make decisions about services and programs, and the ways these services are delivered to citizens. This shift is made possible through partnerships and collaboration across communities, including direct community input, stakeholders and agencies. Systems change creates lasting impact on multiple levels of influence. AzCHLP is systems change in action, and we will continue to share more examples of systems change efforts in Arizona every month.

Visit this site to learn more about systems change and to access more resources. Click here to learn more about the habits of a systems thinker. 

The Waters Foundation has opportunities for professional development and continuing education focussed on systems change, including a web-based course. Click here to explore these opportunities.

Stay tuned for more examples of systems change work in Arizona, as well as more professional development opportunities. Visit our website to learn more about our team, our expertise, and how we collaborate with partners to enact meaningful systems change in Arizona communities. Please don't hesitate to contact us to learn more! 

Don't miss your chance to experience the Embrace documentary again!

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the Embrace documentary screening last month! We were thrilled to be a part of this inspiring movement. 

We'd also like to thank our co-hosts, Healthy Habit Solutions, Feeding Littles and Babymoon Inn for all of their help and amazing raffle prizes. 

There are two more screenings in the Valley, so don't miss your chance to see this film again! Click here for more information and tickets for tonight's Nov. 7 screening, and click here for more information and tickets for the Nov. 28 screening. 

Be sure to join the Embrace Phoenix Facebook group to keep the conversation going and be entered to win a $50 Whole Foods gift card. 

The Pinnacle Prevention team is growing! 

We're thrilled to announce a new wonderful addition to our Pinnacle Prevention team, Cynthia Melde! 

Cynthia is a native Arizonan with 12 years of experience working in public health and early childhood development. Cynthia's work centers on advancing public policy and systems change to ensure the healthy choice the easy choice for everyone. She is well known for fostering strong relationships and collaborating with government, business, non-profit and philanthropic organizations to create upstream solutions that support healthy, thriving communities.

Visit our website to learn more about Cynthia and the rest of our team! 

Meet our team! From left to right: Jaclyn Chamberlain, Kate O'Neill, Adrienne Z. Udarbe, Cynthia Melde, Kathleen Carlson. 
Food Waste: Throwing away resources in a hungry country

We waste billions of pounds of food in the U.S. every year. Grocery stores throw away produce that isn't pretty enough to buy, consumers purchase more food than we can eat, and we toss out items before they are really spoiled.
Reducing our food waste by just 15 percent would save enough food to feed 25 million people every year. Keep up with our blog to learn more about how you can do your part to make a difference, support the Earth and feed the hungry. 
The joys of mindful eating

Mindful eating is a practice that can help you love what you eat and stay healthy while doing it. 

Mindful eating is not a diet, but rather a practice that focuses on fostering a healthy relationship with food and eating. Mindful eaters pay close attention to when they are hungry and full, what kinds of foods they like or dislike and why, and how meals make them feel.

Check out our blogs to learn more about the benefits of mindful eating and tips for how to practice it. 
Double Up Food Bucks Arizona

Exciting news for Double Up Food Bucks Arizona is coming soon! Keep an eye out for more information about this awesome project, and click here to learn more!
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