Celebrating National Farm to School Month

Thanks to those who have joined us in celebrating National Farm to School Month. This is a wonderful opportunity to emphasize the importance of farm to school programs as a way to enhance child nutrition, support local economies, and educate children about their food.

Check out our blog, Facebook and Twitter for insights, stories and discussions surrounding Farm to School programming in Arizona and across the country. With all of the incredible benefits and opportunities these programs offer, there's no question that Farm to School Month is worth celebrating, so help us spread the word all year long!

Visit the National Farm to School Network for more information, stories, and resources. 

Farm to School: Establishing a Year-Round Effort

National Farm to School Month is also coming to a close, but this doesn't mean that Farm to School efforts have to end! These programs promote connections between students, schools, and local farmers, which should be celebrated and implemented year-round. 

Five fun and active fall adventures for the entire family 

Leaves are changing, but healthy habits don't have to! With fall weather comes many exciting opportunities for families to have fun together and stay active.

The season brings sweet treats and family time. This fall, family bonding doesn't just have to be around the fire or the table: take it outside! Whether it's a trip to the farm for an apple picking adventure or a hike up one of Arizona's many scenic mountain trails, there's something for everyone.

County and Town partner to get people out and healthy

Via Payson Roundup, by Michele Nelson

On the morning of the last day of September, families wandered around the grass bowl at Green Valley Park reading the story of Baxter, a kid who loves broccoli.

Adrienne Udarbe, the executive director of Pinnacle Prevention and her fellow co-workers, including Bethany Cheney, handed out bright green backpacks, nutritional information and healthy snacks to the walkers - young and old - who participated in the program.

"The point of this program is to give people access and utilization of the trails - to get out and enjoy them," said Udarbe.

Morning Munch: Options for breakfast abound

Via The Arizona Republic - Living Well, by Debra Gelbart 

Breakfast isn't necessarily the most important meal of the day, but it certainly ranks in the top three. 

"It's important to eat throughout the day, so I don't like to say that one meal is more important than another," said Kathleen Carlson, RDN, a registered dietitian nutritionist with Pinnacle Prevention, a Chandler-Based nonprofit that works to improve access to healthy food and to create opportunities for active living. 

City of Phoenix Installs First Protected Bike Lanes 

In an ongoing effort to make City of Phoenix streets safer and more bicycle-friendly, the Street Transportation Department recently installed the city's first protected bike lanes on 15th Avenue between Van Buren and Jefferson streets.

"This is just the first step in our effort to build safe, protected bike lanes in the City of Phoenix," said Mayor Greg Stanton. "We're sending the message that everyone deserves to feel safe on our streets - and these new protections have already improved the transit experience for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians."

A Farmstand for Everyone

Via Civil Eats, by Annelise Jolley

On a summer afternoon in Denver, locals are lining up for fresh, seasonal produce at an urban garden farm stand. A mom of three gathers zucchini, tomatoes, spring onions, and eggplant in her basket. At the register, an employee hands her an envelope with the suggested donation amount written on the outside. The customer puts whatever she can afford into the envelope and the transaction is complete.

Waste it or taste it? 

Farms, factories and retailers dump over 70 billion pounds of perfectly edible food every year. That's all food that could be going to the 42 million Americans who don't have enough to eat.

A generous donor has committed to donating a meal to Feeding America for every person who takes this quiz.

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