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Share YOUR feedback on the upcoming Farm Bill
The Farm Bill is being negotiated in conference committee, and there is still time to let Congressman O’Halleran know your thoughts about this important legislation. 

Please take a moment to visit this website to share your feedback on the 2018 Farm Bill.
New Report: Food hardship increasing in Arizona
Food hardship is not a new dilemma to Americans. Each year, people across the country struggle to afford enough food, and according to a Food Research & Action Center (FRAC) report released this month, food hardship rates are increasing.

Promoting food access for all
Eating nutritious food is vital, but too often there are barriers to nutrition that prevent people from getting the food they need. People with disabilities can be disproportionately affected by limited food access. Improved transportation, pedestrian safety, and thoughtful food policy and programs can help increase access to healthy food for all Arizonans.

Public transportation development and health
Investing in public transportation is investing in public health. The benefits of an equitable, affordable, and safe public transportation system are numerous and can affect communities in surprising ways. With increasing issues involving pollution, traffic-related deaths, and access to healthy food and medical care, the need for policies that support better public transportation systems is becoming more apparent each day. 

Making a splash with aquatics district legislation
The Arizona climate is ideal for water recreation, and while community pools are a feature of many urban communities, this is not the case for rural communities. Community leaders and residents in Gila County are trying to change that! 

The Cobre Valley Regional Aquatics Center Committee seeks to establish an aquatics center with a community pool to benefit all communities along the Copper Corridor. One of the biggest barriers to enhancing recreational amenities in rural communities is often infrastructure and cost. The committee is addressing this barrier through legislation that will allow for the establishment of an Aquatics District. 

Stay tuned for information on a potential bill to establish an "Aquatics district" in tax legislation and info on how to support this bill to support the aquatics center. Click here to learn more!
October is Farm to School Month
October is National Farm to School Month, a time to celebrate connections between schools, local farmers, and food. Farm to School Month is an opportunity to emphasize the importance of farm to school programs as a way to improve child nutrition, support local economies, and educate children about the origins of food.

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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month
September 15 marked the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month, a time to celebrate the history, culture, and contributions of Hispanic and Latino people and communities! Check out this Double Up Food Bucks AZ blog and tell us how you're celebrating the communities that help shape our culture, food, landscapes, and so much more.
Phoenix lengthens crosswalk times to make pedestrians safer
via ABC15
Arizona is one of the most unsafe places for pedestrians. Phoenix is lengthening crosswalk times to increase safety. 

Shade can ease heat, but one neighborhood finds trees are just part of the solution
As Arizona heats up, shade is crucial. However, trees don't have to be our only source of shade.

That fight in D.C. over food stamps? It has some Colorado small farmers worried, too
The future of SNAP is in the hands of lawmakers who craft the 2018 Farm Bill. The uncertainty of the bill has Colorado farmers, and Arizona farmers, worried.

School lunch can close the gap between children and farmers
via foodtank
There are several stigmas surrounding school lunch. Alice Waters aims to combat these stigmas and make school lunches more sustainable.

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