If you see little people walking through the Healy doors each morning, don't be alarmed: our high schoolers aren't shrinking. Rather, the preschool program will be located at the high school as we make room for new classrooms during the construction phase this year.

Change isn't always easy, but the flexibility of our staff to accommodate preschool at the high school has been phenomenal. I n the meantime, the little kids are in awe of the big kids every day, and the big kids can't help but smile when they see these little treasures walk through the halls each day!

Also because of the construction taking place this year, many teachers are not grouped with their peers/grade/subject cohorts. Again, we thank all our teachers for their incredible patience and support during the construction project which will allow for our teachers to be located in their ideal educational locations in the future.

Parking has also been a work in progress! As construction continues, we thank all parents and community members for your patience and support as we configure the best (and safest) routes during this phase. Thank you!