Field Trips For Healy and Pioneer Students Bring Classroom Learning to Life
Learning within the four walls of the classroom is one thing; experiencing all the world has to offer in living color opens up all new opportunities, inquiries, and possibilities.

Students at both Pioneer Elementary and Healy High School have an abundance of opportunities that go beyond these buildings, beyond our zip code, and sometimes, beyond our country. Click here to read about some of these experiential learning trips. Lucky ducks.
Healy Highlights
Concrete Class Pours the Dugouts
Students in Mrs. Tax's Concrete class poured the dugouts on softball field #4 last week. They ran the skid, they poured, ran the bull float, they leveled and screed. What an awesome project for this and future generations to enjoy!
Students Tend to Greenhouse and School Garden
The student-run (and solar-powered) greenhouse is looking beautiful! Students have spent the winter months planting, experimenting with hydroponics and researching. Now, the fruits of their labors (pun intended) are in full bloom. Next - planting and harvesting the school garden this spring, summer and fall.
Junior High Service Day
Junior high students spent the day at Camp Confidence raking, hauling wood, and general clean-up of the campgrounds. From all reports, work was definitely mixed with fun!
Drive Your Tractor to School Day
A day that celebrates our agricultural roots was again a success. Over 30 students took the time to proudly drive and display their tractors for all to see and appreciate. Fr. Popp came to bless the students and said a prayer for a bountiful harvest.
(Video credit: Terry Lehrke)
**Meet the Team**
(This week, it's the Kindergarten teaching team!)
Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot!
Ah yes, kindergarten! Remember the days of eating glue, cutting your hair with safety scissors, and crying because you just wanted to be back home with mom and dad? What kind of superhero does it take to turn our anxious little ones into social butterflies who create, explore, interact, inquire, read and write?!

Meet the Pioneer kindergarten teaching team who bring out the best in all their kiddos, letting each one shine, allowing them to reach their full potential: every day, every year. (Little known fact: they have a few openings in kindergarten for next year - tell your friends:)
Pioneer Elementary School News
Animal Adaptions as Translated by First Graders
Mrs. Tomala's 1st graders are learning about animal adaptations, like camouflage. Students pretended that the classroom was a butterfly's habitat and had to camouflage their butterfly to hide from its predators (other students). They placed their butterfly on something around the room and then everyone searched for butterflies. They had some great camouflage and a lot of butterflies weren't found! 
Pioneer Color Run for PTO
Lace 'em up on Monday, June 4 for the 2nd annual PTO Color Run! The run is a free community event for the entire family. All donations benefit the PTO which grant funds to classroom teachers for creative projects, classroom needs, and student needs.
Pioneer Students Raised $2200 for Local Charities
From dollars collected on Gum Day and the overwhelming influx of coins and bills from Penny Wars, students (and parents!) raised $2200! Representatives from 4th, 5th, and 6th grades decided to split it up. They wanted to support the local Food Shelf but also wanted to support veterans in some way--that's where Laurie Doroff and resident Darin Jacobs of Harding Place come in (pictured above). The $1100 will provide veterans there with raised and fenced gardens to keep the deer out (several residents have thought of their own ways to keep the 'Harding deer' out of their gardens)!
The other $1100 was received by Pat Zimmermann (below), manager at the Pierz Food Shelf. She was moved to tears by the generosity of the students at Pioneer Elementary, stating, "This is going to help a lot of families.You have no idea what your generosity can do."
**Student Spotlight**
Featuring students in grades 5-12 selected by their teachers for being awesome humans.
We wish we could feature ALL our hard-working students!
Lori Geisler, 10th Grade
Nominated by school social worker, Mrs. Keith: "Lori has been an outstanding volunteer in our Peer Helping Program, she volunteers her time generously to the betterment of the program and is very consistent in meeting with her "helpee's" this past year. She brings her positive attitude, compassion for others and work ethic towards making our world better."

Thank you for helping make our school better for other, Lori!
Kylie Virnig, 4th Grade
Mrs. Kretschmar nominates Kylie Virnig as a shining star in the 4th grade this year. "Kylie works very hard to do her best in all of her studies and has earned nothing but A’s all year long. Although she is quiet, and
keeps to herself at times, her classmates admire and respect her for the great student that she is. Kylie is also an avid reader, reading just under 2 million words so far this year, and the year isn’t over yet!"

Congratulations, Kylie, on a job well done and being a positive role model for your classmates!
Upcoming Events
Healy Graduation - Class of 2018!
When: May, 25 at 7pm
Where: Healy MAC
Why: To send off our Seniors with Pomp and Circumstance!
Looking Ahead...

  • Pioneer PTO is sponsoring a Color Run! Join us Monday, June 4 at 6pm! Free and open to the public.

  • Last day of school is Wednesday, May 30 (1/2 day).

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