January 13, 2023 - Issue #99

Industrial Tech expansion and updates

nearing completion

After nearly a year of planning, remodeling, and construction, Healy High School is very close to having a dramatically improved East Wing, which houses our industrial technology classes. These hands-on courses appeal to so many of our students, and many students continue their post-high school education and careers in these areas. Courses like construction, cabinet making, small gas engines, welding, greenhouse management, landscaping, veterinary science, and wiring/plumbing/concrete will all see vast improvements to equipment, storage, ventilation, and workspaces. Read all about it on our district blog!


Happenings at Healy

Real-life court cases for sophomores

Ms. Allen's 10th-grade Civics and Government classes have been studying the Judicial Branch this quarter. For their unit final, students chose one of three cases they wanted to role-play and which side of the case to argue. Some of the cases they are dissecting are Brown v. Board, Tate v. Short, NCAA v. Alston, Mapp v. Ohio, and Printz v. US. Students are role-playing the lawyer for one case, Justice for another, and the journalist for the last case.

This was a phenomenal final project as they gained experience presenting arguments and responding to the other side's argument points in a respectful manner, while also familiarizing themselves with the duties and responsibilities of the Supreme Court.

Scientific debates heat up for ninth graders

Students in Mr. Essen's Intro to Chemistry classes had the opportunity to showcase their research and debate skills these past few weeks. Students could choose from various debate topics: zoos, electric cars, and even human genome editing (CRISPR). The chosen sides were passionate about their viewpoints while holding to a very concise, organized debate protocol. Students not only flexed their research and debate muscles but were also required to keep to set time and protocol while learning how to respectfully disagree with their classmates. Note: their arguments continued off-stage long after the time was up!

Pioneer PRIDE Award for Middle School

Recognizing and rewarding students living out Pioneer PRIDE

Each month, teachers have the opportunity to recognize and nominate students from each grade in 5-8. The selected students are then narrowed down to just two recipients of the Pioneer PRIDE award from each grade. Each month, we will feature the winners from each grade.

Perseverance Respect Integrity Discipline (self) Empathy

These are five of the characteristics our students strive to exhibit throughout the day here at Pierz Schools. Teachers are encouraged to nominate students each month whom they feel are strong leaders among their peers using these character traits. A committee of teachers, counselors, and administrators then choose two students from each grade as recipients of the PRIDE award. Students get their choice of Subway or Red’s for lunch, a sign for their locker, and have their names and pictures displayed in the hallways. Congratulation to ALL the nominees!

December PRIDE students for 5th and 6th grade (L-R): Bradyn Hemmesch (5th); Ellie Hoheisel (5th), Kendall Happke (6th) and Trig Kapsner (6th, not pictured)

December PRIDE students for 7th and 8th grade (L-R): Zenevera Stark (7th), Reagan Jacobson (8th), Ellie Thomsen (8th), and Hailey Keehr (7th, not pictured).

Happenings at Pioneer Elementary

Preschool solves missing 'man' mystery

The gingerbread man got loose at school after our preschoolers made him and put him in the oven. After following clues and finding notes from him all over the school, they finally found him in Mr. Otte’s office. Who says you can't catch the Gingerbread Man?

Making magic in maker-space

Kindergartners in Ms. Dalsted's library and maker-space classes are reading the story about Jack and the Beanstalk. After discussing the book and how magic beans made the beanstalk grow, Ms. Dalsted challenged the students to make a beanstalk out of pipe cleaners—strong enough to hold the golden egg...with marbles in it. After a couple minutes of puzzling, the kindergartners created multiple solutions to the problem; it's so fun to watch them work it out!

Looking Ahead
  • January 13: 2-hour Early Release/Teacher Workshop
  • January 23: No School
  • January 31: Preschool open gym and registration for 2023-24 preschool
  • February 3: 2-hour Early Release/Teacher Workshop
  • February 13 and 15: Elementary Parent Teacher Conferences (K-6)
  • February 17-20 No School

Community Education

Estate Planning with Kris Erickson of Rosenmeier Law Firm, January 19, 5:00 pm in Little Falls at the High School media center.

Defensive Driver 4-hour Refresher Course, January 26 from 12:30-4:30 pm at the Buckman Parish Hall. Offered by Rick Sczublewski through the Minnesota Highway Research and Safety Center. $24

Cross Country Ski the trails at Pierz Park, Sunday, January 29 starting at 1:30pm. Call to rent skis from school for $5 or rent snowshoes from Holy Trinity for $5. Must pre-register only if wanting to rent skis as sizes are limited.

Barn Storming, A Virtual Tour of MN Barns and Barn Quilts, February 2, 6:20-8:00 pm $17

Minnesota is filled with countless numbers of barns, most from a bygone era. Join professional photographer and amateur historian, Jay Grammond, for a virtual tour of the state using a Zoom link from your home or as a group in the High School media center. We will gather at 6:20 for refreshments and introductions before joining Jay online for his one-hour presentation.

Plan your next date night and attend the Pizzazz Dance team comedy show on February 4, 2023. Held at the Pierz Ballroom, all proceeds go to the dance team.

Tickets can be purchased online ahead of time for $30.

Comedian Tim Harmston won Acme Comedy's Funniest Person in the Twin Cities award and has worked in some of the best clubs from Los Angeles to New York.

CPR Lifesaver, February 16, 6:00 pm taught by Rachel Young

This course will include the official Heartsaver card required by an employer for the CPR class.

Watch for more adult classes coming soon! You can always view the latest in offerings on www.PierzSchoolsPayOnline.org under Community Education and follow Pierz Community Education on Facebook.

Preregister for any of the classes by calling 320-468-6458 ext 1906

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