January 27, 2023 - Issue #100

Superheros supporting our students and staff

January 23-29 is Paraprofessional Appreciation week all across Minnesota. At Pierz Schools, we are fortunate to have over 40 paraprofessionals supporting our students and teachers—in the classrooms, hallways, lunchrooms, playgrounds, and busses—sometimes leading the way and sometimes behind the scenes. Being a para is a challenging job–but it comes with all kinds of benefits:

“The most rewarding aspect of being a paraprofessional at Healy High School is working with students and assisting them in achieving their goals and fulfilling their full potential. I enjoy building relationships with both staff members and students within the Pierz Schools District as we are very fortunate to have such an amazing group of people within our community.”

“I never imagined it could be as rewarding as it is. Those moments when the student looks me in the eye and I feel like I am making a connection, it just melts my heart.”

What does it take to be a paraprofessional? They are good listeners, compassionate (but fair), motivating, and encouraging — and they are superstars at building relationships with their students and teachers. From small group instruction to playground duty, lunchroom monitoring to school bus monitoring, paras are asked to do a variety of tasks to keep the day running smoothly, and each day they come prepared to perform—equipped with patience, perseverance, and sometimes a little tough love for their students. 

Shameless plug: our paraprofessionals are critical support for our students. We have been, and continue to be, an award-winning, Region 5-leading school in large part to the high-quality paraprofessionals we have supporting our children and teachers. If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, email jloidolt@pierzschools.org to learn more or start the application process.

Happenings at Healy

Cadaver lab in Human Biology

Mrs. Patrick's College in the Schools Human Biology class had the opportunity to observe an autopsy of a cadaver with Dr. Raymond Vollmer from Saint Louis University. During this live session, Dr. Vollmer was able to show our students various internal anatomy, explain the functions, and showed them ways to determine if the cadaver was healthy. 

The second portion of the demonstration showcased the human brain. Dr. Vollmer showed students various human brains, starting with a healthy brain and what markers to look for to determine brain health. He then demonstrated what happens to the brain during and after a stroke. Students were shown two different brains: one that had a mild stroke and another that had experienced a massive stroke. The presentation was very interesting and the students found it relevant to their lives.

Student field trip to experience construction trades

This week, interested juniors and seniors attended the Construct Tomorrow event at the River’s Edge Convention Center in St. Cloud. At this event, students were able to experience the numerous career opportunities in the construction and building trades through hands-on activities to test their skills.

Happenings at Pioneer Elementary

Heart dissections of all kinds for sixth graders

Mr. Mann's sixth grade science classes are learning about the anatomy of the heart. But not just the human heart. Students were asked to bring in specimens for this hands-on lab, and the students aimed to impressed. Squirrel, rabbit, coyote, deer, pig, and cow hearts were all available for dissection during this unique learning opportunity.

Pioneers as indoor farmers

Last week, students in Ms. Dalsted's media and maker space classes planted two varieties of lettuce, peas, beans, dill, basil, thyme, and johnny jump-ups--small flowers with petals of Vikings purple & gold--in the aeroponic Tower Garden. Students will maintain the water reservoir, test the pH level weekly, and add nutrients as needed. The first lettuce seedlings appeared after just five days. Once the lettuce is ready, first-grade gardeners will harvest and have a salad party. Worth noting: at last year's salad party, even the pickiest of eaters found out that lettuce grown yourself tastes amazing! 

Looking Ahead
  • January 31: Preschool open gym and registration for 2023-24 preschool
  • February 3: 2-hour Early Release/Teacher Workshop
  • February 13 and 15: Elementary Parent-Teacher Conferences (K-6)
  • February 17-20: No School

Community Education

Cross Country Ski the trails at Pierz Park, Sunday, January 29 February 5 starting at 1:30pm. Call to rent skis from school for $5 or rent snowshoes from Holy Trinity for $5. Must pre-register only if wanting to rent skis as sizes are limited.

*NOTE date change due to cold weather forecast for Jan 29.

Barn Storming, A Virtual Tour of MN Barns and Barn Quilts, February 2, 6:20-8:00 pm $17

Minnesota is filled with countless numbers of barns, most from a bygone era. Join professional photographer and amateur historian, Jay Grammond, for a virtual tour of the state using a Zoom link from your home or as a group in the High School media center. We will gather at 6:20 for refreshments and introductions before joining Jay online for his one-hour presentation.

Plan your next date night and attend the Pizzazz Dance team comedy show on February 4, 2023. Held at the Pierz Ballroom, all proceeds go to the dance team.

Tickets can be purchased online ahead of time for $30.

Comedian Tim Harmston won Acme Comedy's Funniest Person in the Twin Cities award and has worked in some of the best clubs from Los Angeles to New York.

CPR Lifesaver, February 16, 6:00 pm taught by Rachel Young

This class is the general certification class for someone who hasn't already taken CPR.

CPR Lifesaver Refresher, February 6, 3:30 pm

Watch for more adult classes coming soon! You can always view the latest in offerings on www.PierzSchoolsPayOnline.org under Community Education and follow Pierz Community Education on Facebook.

Preregister for any of the classes by calling 320-468-6458 ext 1906

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