At Healy High School, academic opportunities abound. Students have a plethora of choices, no matter their interest or career path. Welding, Agriculture, College Algebra, Woods and Water, College Physics, Landscaping, Cabinet Making, Electrical Wiring, American Literature, Computer Repair Class, Child Development, Advanced Cooking/Foods, Garageband (digital music productions), Quilting and many more classes provide students with college and career courses to help them determine their future plans.

“We really aim to provide students with courses and opportunities that align with their career and college goals. Our hope is that we offer something that inspires every student that comes to Healy. We know that not all students plan to attend a 2- or 4-year college after high school. We provide classes and opportunities that will help them train in their career field and provide them with skills for the workforce, courses in agriculture, welding, automotive, wood shop, cooking, sewing and more."