Friday, November 15 - Issue #44
Teaching life-skills at Healy: a short story
Students at Healy enjoy a wide variety of classes. Sometimes we forget that perhaps our community and parents would also like to know some of the life skills our graduates learn (spoiler alert: they can do laundry, cook, dishes, and understand banking, loans, and insurance). So, enjoy a tale of a Healy graduate to illustrate just a glimpse of the many ways our students are graduating future-ready. Enjoy!

Once upon a time, there was a Pierz Schools graduate we will call Pioneer Pete, (or Pioneer Polly in the interest of gender equality), who at the age of 25, found himself (or get the idea) out to dinner with a group of his close friends. After the meal, he announced that he would pay for the tip. Because he had once been a 7th grader in Ms. Becki Schmidt’s class, he remembered exactly how to convert decimals to percents, recalling the time they spent on this exact lesson. Proudly, and without the help of his iPhone (Pete knew it was rude to have his phone at the table), he left a generous 26% tip for his waiter. His friends were impressed, not only by his quick and handy math skills, but that he had done so well for himself that he could afford such a luxurious tip.

“How do you have so much money?” they quipped. Alas, Pete confided that his time spent in Mrs. Gruber’s Economics class as a senior set him up for financial success. There, he learned about important money management skills like budgeting, what a credit card ACTUALLY is, all about student loans and what compounded interest means. And, hearing the information first-hand from local business owners, financial advisors, and insurance experts who came to speak to the class, he fully understood the importance of this financial intelligence.  To learn about how life-skills learned at Healy helped Pete succeed, click here .
Healy Highlights
A lesson in business and franchise ownership for Intro to Business
Kell y Becker, owner of Subway located in Walmart in Little Falls, was a guest speaker in Mrs. Stuckmayer's Intro to Business class. She was able to explain to students first-hand the differences between owning a franchise and a sole proprietorship business. She also addressed the need for a good business plan and what that entails. Each student was given a free Subway cookie coupon at the end of the learning session. 
Students get more than just a tour at St. Cloud Technical College
On Thursday, November 7, Career Advisor, Geri Pohlkamp, took nine senior students to the Forecast Your Future in Construction Careers at St. Cloud Technical and Community College. Students met with instructors and completed hands-on activities in Architectural Construction Technology, Carpentry, Electrical Construction Technology, Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigerations, Land Surveying/Civil Engineering, Plumbing and Water Environment Technologies Careers. After a lunch provided by the technical college, the group had an in-depth tour of St. Cloud Refrigeration, Inc. (SCR). SCR is the midwest’s leader in commercial refrigeration, HVAC, building automation, and food service design, installation, and maintenance. The students were impressed with the variety of high-paying careers available at SCR, the opportunities for advancement, and the great family atmosphere. 

Plans are underway to give Healy students an opportunity to attend the  Health Sciences  (Nursing, Sonography, Dental Hygiene, Dental Assisting, Surgical Technician, Paramedicine) and  Transportation  (Diesel Mechanic, Auto Body Collision and Automotive Tech) Forecast Your Future events at St. Cloud Technical and Community College in January and March.
Pioneer Elementary School News
Metier classes explore personalities, collections
Metier classes continue to investigate the all-important topic: THEMSELVES. From 5th-7th grade, students are exploring how they learn, how they play, what their interests are, and what ignites their passions. This week, 6th graders examined the attributes of a Collector mentality, examining their own collections and answering the questions: what and why do you collect? What does this tell you about yourself? The students were excited to think about and share their collections with the class, including rocks, quarters, hair ties, shoes, shells, antlers, blankets, coins, bobble heads, baseball cards, stickers, birthday cards, books, antique kitchen utensils, paper, and much more. Very interesting!
First graders make messes to explore math and measurement
First graders in Mrs. Hoheisel's class are using pumpkins to explore math and measurement. Using string, they measured the circumference; using cubes, they measured the height. Students then counted how many lines each pumpkin had and recorded their data. Lastly, their pumpkins were cut open and students practiced counting and grouping in tens to make 100.
**Student Spotlight**
Featuring students in grades 4-11 selected by their teachers for being awesome humans (seniors have their own spotlight !) We wish we could feature ALL our hard-working students!
Kelsie Woitalla, 7th grade
Nominated by Mr. Teske, "Kelsie is a student who brings a smile everyday to class. She is always engaged in what is going on and willing to help anyway she can. She is a wonderful person and a great student." Keep shining, Kelsie!
Collin Obermiller, 5th grade
Nominated by Mr. Mathwig: "Collin has been a great member of our percussion section. He is always eager to share something he has been working on at home with the class. Collin's attention to detail in the percussion section is great and something that we value!" Way to work, Collin!
Community Education Happenings
Looking Ahead...
"Cinderella" at Healy PAC
Thursday, November 21 @7pm
Friday, November 22 @ 7pm
Sunday, November 24 @ 2pm

Gr 5-8 Band/Choir Concert
Thursday, December 5, 6:30pm
Middle School Gym

Pioneer Christmas Program
Thursday, December 12, 6:30pm
Middle School Gym

High School conferences
Wednesday, December 11

No School Dates
Thursday, November 28
Friday, November 29
Friday, December 16 Pioneer only
Monday, December 23 - Wednesday January 1

Upcoming Community Ed classes:
Introduction to the basic 9 block quilt
December 2, register by Nov 26

Kookies with Karla, December 14
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Fitness Sampler, Grades K-3
December 2 and 5, $5
Register by November 25

Cookies in a Jar, grades 4-6
December 16, $15
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