You may have noticed. We have been asking you a lot of questions lately. We have been sending out surveys, holding focus groups and talking to parents, business leaders, staff and others in the community about the best way to communicate with everyone. What types of information are you looking for? How do you like to receive information from your teachers, your school, your district, and your school board? What are we doing well and what are opportunities for us to improve?

A strategic communications plan. We are developing a strategic communications plan that will enable us to tell our story in a more robust, well-rounded way. Our goal is to better inform you about our academic successes, career trades and training initiatives, our college prep programs, use of technology, extracurricular programs, fine arts achievements, district initiatives, and school board decisions. And of course, we will keep reporting about our hard-working sports teams, too! 

We appreciate your feedback. We are excited to highlight the great work of our children, our staff and the supportive mutual relationship our community and our schools value. Please keep in touch - take advantage of the opportunities to sign up for any of the various ways we can deliver the news to you. 

Feel free to contact me at  or by phone at 320.468.6458  with any questions. 

George Weber, Superintendent