Update to the  Neighborhood  
September 2015

Things you Need to Know

 We are sure you have seen all the activities in Occidental Pa rk,  new furnishings and games, increased staffing levels, food trucks,  etc. After hearing various versions of how this came about, we  thought some facts would be good. A very generous donor  stepped up 18 months ago and funded Dan Biederman of New  York's Bryant Park to consultant with the Alliance and its partners  at the Downtown Seattle Association (DSA/MID), the Seattle Parks  Foundation, Friends' of Waterfront Seattle and Seattle Parks. Fast  forward to this summer and what you have experienced is a  collaborative effort lead by DSA to activate downtown public  spaces in a new way. This effort was funded in large part by the  MID, with additional funding from the Pioneer Square BIA and  donors. All revenue generated by food trucks, donations, or sponsorship is rolled back into park programming. 

To learn more about the park's activities and  amenities  click an image below!

This is the beginning of a longer effort, stay tuned for changing winter hours and other news.  

Have a lovely month. See you in the neighborhood. 
-Leslie G. Smith

C lick the image to download  your copy of  Pioneer Square 2020

Neighborhood Plan
Pioneer Square 2020, an update of the neighborhood plan, was recently mailed to local businesses and stakeholders. It will drive the annual work plan of the Alliance. Again, thanks to all who stepped up to help build this updated picture of a preferred Pioneer Square. If you would like to see or download a version of the plan, visit our website  here.

A Quick Pioneer Square Business & Community  Development  Update
by Karen True, Director of Business Development

I've been on vacation for the past couple of weeks and had planned to wait until next month to do my neighborhood business update. But when I heard the following news, I had to share.
Artist, Developer Join Forces: Create Pioneer Square Arts Hub
In a twist on the old story of starving artists at the mercy of unfeeling real estate magnates, an artist and a local developer join forces to preserve and expand existing art studio space and create a vibrant arts hub, in Pioneer Square. A new partnership, dubbed Good Arts after the "Good Eats" cafeteria that occupied the building a century ago, is under contract to purchase the Scheuerman Building at 110 Cherry Street from current owner Aegis Building LLC. Good Arts is a collaboration between three entities: artist Jane Richlovsky of '57 Biscayne and the second-floor master lease holder of the building; Greg Smith of Urban Visions Real Estate; and Steve Coulter, ACT Theatre Technical Director. The team's collaboration was facilitated by Ali Ghambari, Smith's Cherry Street Coffee House partner, who plans to move the coffee house into the building..."  Read the full press release
A couple other quick mentions, since I'm on a roll:
  • Welcome to Convoy Coffee, located in the lobby of Impact Hub at 2nd Ave S & S Washington.
  • Watch for the long-awaited opening of Nirmal's in the Interurban Building before the end of the month.
I'm catching up after my time away, so my apologies for such this short, quick blurb. More to come. (Don't forget that you can stay up-to-date on what's happening via our social media.)
Stay in touch! 
Pioneer Park before
Pioneer Park after

Pioneer Park gets a Haircut
I can see the Pergola!  I can see the Pioneer Building!  What happened!?  Thanks to some quick footwork at Seattle Parks and Recreation, the Alliance was able to facilitate some quick fixes in Pioneer Park that open up the space, create more visibility, and fortify the edges.  Trees were trimmed up over the main plaza, trees were trimmed down in the planted area by the Pergola, the planters were rearranged, and we even got some new mulch!  If you haven't been by recently, take a stroll and see what a huge difference these small changes made. 
Stay tuned. Our work isn't done.  A few more changes are in the works.  After review from the Pioneer Square Preservation Board, we may see some new plantings, some temporary tables, chairs, and a kiosk to finish out the wonderful summer we're having.   

PARK(ing) Day is September 18th!
Have you ever wished there was a park that had _____________ (fill in the blank)?  Well, maybe your wishes will come to fruition on Park(ing) Day, where curbside parking spaces can be turned into a park-like wonderland.  Partnering with Walker Macy, the Alliance will be leading two Parking Day spaces, and a number of others will be popping up around Pioneer Square.  There will be a lot of fun stuff to check out and participate in.  So save the date!  Who knows what you'll find out there!? 
If you are interested in volunteering at an Alliance Parking Day space, we will be needing a few extra helpers to set up, hang out, and/or take down our spaces.  Email  carl@pioneersquare.org if you want to get involved.  PARK(ing) Day takes place on Friday, September 18th.  This international event is supported by the Seattle Department of Transportation, the American Society of Landscape Architects, and the Seattle Design Festival. 
Wondering About the Alliance? 
Sophie Johnson, 
2015 Summer Intern 

 My internship at the Alliance for Pioneer Square was better than I could  have imagined (in fact, I didn't know what to imagine).  After working in  this neighborhood for 3 months, I got to experience such 
 different things -  grabbing food from the food trucks in Occidental Park  and eating at Waterfall Park, visiting galleries on the First Thursday Art  Walk, and staffing the Pike Place Express Farmers Market outside King  Street Station.  I really enjoyed the wide variety of things I got to work on  because every day seemed like a new day to me.  One day I could be doing  social media promotion on Pinterest or Twitter and the next day I could be  inputting all the parking information from First Thursday's Art Walk's  parking vouchers. 

 I even got to watch, help raise and feed the Alliance pets!  When I first started, two baby pigeons hatched right outside the window next to my desk.  Although they weren't the quietest (they kept attacking the window to get more bird seed); cleanest and certainly not the prettiest little baby birds in the world, they soon grew on me and everyone in the office.  We even got to see them fly for the first time - from our window to the building across from us.   That was probably one of the highlights for the whole office this summer.

My time at The Alliance for Pioneer Square could not have been a better experience for me.  All of the staff in the office were so warm and welcoming from the beginning and I sincerely enjoyed working with everyone.  They are all so passionate about Pioneer Square and the projects they are working on to improve the neighborhood (Just look at Occidental Park!).
I definitely got a lot out of this experience and I just hope I was able to help them out too.  Now that my internship is coming to an end I am realizing how amazing my summer has been and how special this organization is.  I only have good things to say about The Alliance for Pioneer Square and how much I have grown professionally from this experience.

-Sophie Johnson

The 4th annual Seattle Design Festival kicks off in Pioneer Square. This year's festival explores how design can contribute to a more equitable society. Join designers and civic leaders at workshops, performances, tours, installations and more. Several Pioneer Square galleries and design firms will open their doors for exhibits and talks.
The Block Party kicks off in Occidental Mall Saturday 9/12 - Sunday 9/13 10am - 6pm. Sign up ahead for popular walking tours. And don't miss the closing party at Surface Theory 9/25. More information about the two-week festival HERE 
First Thursday Art Walk Tonight, September 3rd, 2015 6-9 pm
Mary Lee Bendolph's "I Taught Myself" -Greg Kucera Gallery

Updates from Milepost 31
Milepost 31, 211 First Ave. S., Seattle

Tunneling machine's front end bolted in place
On Aug. 27, Seattle Tunnel Partners reconnected the SR 99 tunneling machine's 2,000-ton front end to the section that remained in the access pit during repairs. With the two sections of the machine now bolted together, crews from Mammoet have unhooked the front-end piece from the massive red crane that performed the lift. Crews then began lowering the machine's outer shield into the access pit for reassembly. As of Monday, Aug. 31, crews had placed two of three outer shield pieces, with third anticipated to be in place this week.
Photos of the lifts are available on Flickr , and this time-lapse video shows the whole thing in 62 seconds. You can continue to track STP's repair effort on our time-lapse camera and follow  @BerthaDigsSR99 on Twitter for updates.
Seahawks Thursday means a break from Milepost 31 Speaker Series
The Milepost 31 First Thursday Speaker Series will be on hiatus on Thursday, Sept. 3, as football fans flock to Century Link Field. But feel free to stop by Milepost 31 on your way to watch the game - we'll be open until 8 p.m.
Stay tuned to the Milepost 31 Web page for details about a special guest speaker in October.
Last month to check out the Farmer's Market in Pioneer Square
Every Wednesday, ends Sept 30th!

While Seattle is generally one of the safest and most progressive cities in the United States, crimes and discrimination related to the City's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ) residents and visitors unfortunately still occur. SPD is committed to the safety of all LGBTQ residents and visitors.

Seattle Police Department (SPD) SAFE PLACE signage is being displayed by local supporting community members, businesses, schools and organizations that work closely with the Seattle Police Department in an effort to reduce anti-LGBTQ crimes, reduce LGBTQ student bullying and encourage the reporting of LGBTQ crimes. If you would like to be a supporting member and receive your free poster of stick to display then sign up today!
Signing up is SIMPLE:   

1.       Go to spdsafeplace.com

2.       Register your business and submit online

3.       SPD will personally come to your business to deliver your Safe Place decal


Send Pioneer Square Visitors to DowntownSeattleParking.com

Help neighborhood visitors and your customers find low-rate parking by spreading the word about   DowntownSeattleParking.com

The Alliance for Pioneer Square is partnering with WSDOT, the City of Seattle, Downtown Seattle Association and nearby parking garages to offer parking spaces for just $3/hour, up to four hours. A great option over circling for parking or feeding the meter.  Read more.

Email Liz@pioneersquare.org   to find out how to post this information to your business website.

Report Graffiti

Remember to Report Graffiti in PSQ by Phone, Web, or App!

Graffitied walls are magnets for more tags and vandalism. Be on the look out to report graffiti, and other issues such as potholes and more through the  Find It, Fix It app or  online or call 206-684-7587. 

If graffiti shows up on your property, make a police report by calling 206-625-5011. 

For more neighborhood updates, go to AllianceforPioneerSquare.org.