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December 2015
Shop Local. Shop Brilliantly. Shop Pioneer Square.
Alliance staff and friends will be delivering something special to hundreds of Pioneer Square businesses this week, our first-ever Pioneer Square Gift Guide. Yes, we have a hidden agenda. We want to lure you away from whatever you're doing - whether for an hour or a day - to help you uncover what just might make this the most enjoyable holiday shopping season you've experienced for a long, long time.

This is more than a "shop local" pitch. Way more.
  • It's time - finally. After years of limited options, there are now myriad fabulous places to shop. You'll find more than just "stuff". Beautifully and thoughtfully curated stores are scattered throughout the neighborhood.
  • Yes, it's about shopping local. Support our businesses. Keep the dollars in Pioneer Square. Every business is here because they believe in Pioneer Square. Support them. They're supporting the neighborhood and counting on the support of the people who work and live here.
  • Show them you care. The important people in your life will be touched to know that you shopped intentionally, just for them. Online shopping is efficient, but aren't a few of the people on your list worth something a bit more special? 
  • Successful retail attracts more retail. We're always on the lookout for unique, quality retail businesses. They're more likely to consider Pioneer Square when they see the success of others. 
  • Successful retail attracts more residents. The key to building a vibrant 24/7 neighborhood is a robust residential base.
  • Start conversations. This is a small neighborhood and it's good to know each other by name. Introduce yourself. Ask for suggestions for the perfect gift. You're dealing with experts here.
  • Get in the spirit. Enjoy the holiday lights and store displays. Go shopping with coworkers or neighbors. (Employers, perhaps it's time for a new holiday tradition!) And the addition of food, drink, or show to an outing is always a good idea, right?
  • You're already here. What could be easier? Stop into one of the stores you pass every day. Stop during your lunch hour or when you're out for coffee. Walk a different route on your way home or to the bus. Who knows what you'll find. 
When we put plans in motion to highlight our neighborhood retailers with a professionally produced gift guide, I was all in. I knew we had cool stores in the neighborhood and couldn't wait to spread the word. But my world view shifted when we started gathering a few items from a few shops for the photo shoot. I had no idea we were in the midst of so many treasures. Yes, I'll be shopping for the people in my life right here in Pioneer Square.
Watch for your Pioneer Square Gift Guides and share the link to the digital version on your social media and with your friends. 
Shop local where it matters, right here in Pioneer Square.
Warmest wishes!
Karen True
Director of Business Development

Calling all dog lovers!
Come celebrate the holidays with your pup this Saturday, December 12th from 11:00am-3:00pm in Occidental Park. 

Shop the Barket Market for some great stocking stuffers, get a free caricature drawing of you and yours, or let your dog play in the pop-up pooch park. There will be live carolers, hot cocoa, hot dogs, kettle corn and a holiday costume contest with local celebrity judges to determine the PSQ  2016 Dog of the Year !

Help neighborhood visitors and your customers find low-rate parking by spreading the word about
  The Alliance for Pioneer Square is partnering with WSDOT, the City of Seattle, Downtown Seattle Association and nearby parking garages to offer parking spaces for just $3/hour, up to four hours. A great option over circling for parking or feeding the meter.

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