Issue #62 | August 2017

Credit: Albert Oppong-Ansah

Pioneering Innovative Solutions for Lasting Impact

Feed the Future was born of the belief that global hunger is solvable. We can create lasting change that moves countries from aid to self-sufficiency.

Today, we have more tools than ever before to help us reach this goal. Around the world, researchers are finding new ways to grow food, even during drought. Innovators are creating new technologies that help even the most rural farmers connect to markets and get the services they need to thrive. And entrepreneurs are using innovative business models to reduce food waste while making a profit.

Across the food chain, Feed the Future is helping people apply innovative tools and approaches to address the root causes of hunger and help countries tap into the economic potential of agriculture for long-lasting results.

This is an increasingly urgent task, as hunger threatens global stability, security and prosperity. The good news is: We’re making progress. With an array of partners who are just as invested in global food security and nutrition as we are, Feed the Future is maximizing our efforts to ensure impact lasts well beyond our initial investment.

Read this month’s newsletter for stories about farmers and communities that are using new tools, techniques and knowledge learned from Feed the Future and our partners to transform their futures.

Credit: CDM Smith

A Better Path to Markets Boosts Profits for Tanzanian Farmers

For too long, the road connecting Nyandira and Langali villages in eastern Tanzania was treacherous for farmers taking their produce to market. Things changed when Feed the Future teamed up with the local government to build a road that is safe, reliable, and is making agriculture more profitable.

Credit: Asse Bahaid Sow

Smallholders in Senegal Embrace Low-Tech Solutions for High Yields

Gnima Koma already had a lifetime of experience farming, but with help from Feed the Future, she also gained confidence in managing and analyzing data to make better decisions for her farm and local community. Now, her farm is five times as big and her returns have tripled.

Credit: IBLI Kenya

Innovative Insurance Helps Pastoralist Families Prepare for the Future

Livestock is the livelihood of pastoralists in Kenya. When drought strikes, livestock insurance can make all the difference. To help pastoralist families manage risks, the Government of Kenya and local partners are scaling an insurance program that is building resilience among vulnerable communities.

Credit: Uganda Youth Leadership for Agriculture Activity

The Proof is in the Pumpkin: Fatouma’s Journey to Entrepreneurial Success

Young Ugandan entrepreneur Fatouma Namatosi is transforming diets with the nutrient-rich pumpkin. Starting with $140 and a dream, she now owns a successful agribusiness that provides affordable food choices and promotes economic opportunities in agriculture to other Ugandan youth.

Credit: Eric Newman

Less Labor, More Profit for Benin’s Cassava Farmers

Though cassava is a staple food in Benin, farming and processing it is hard work. With a USADF grant, the Mialebouni Association, an organization of women farmers, is embracing innovative, mobile processing stations to cut down cassava processing costs while growing profits.

Credit: Fintrac Inc.

Fishing for Business Opportunities in Nigeria

In Nigeria, fish farming is a big opportunity, but many people lack the technical knowledge to take advantage of this growing market. Chi Farms is joining forces with the Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation program to help fish farmers tap into a lucrative business enterprise.

Credit: Amer Fayad

University Innovations Cross Borders to Deliver Impact

Crop pests and diseases don’t respect borders. So, researchers at the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Integrated Pest Management are using research advances from their work in India to help farmers in Bangladesh and Nepal combat emerging threats and protect their food security.

Credit: Mia Kelly/CSISA-MI

Increased Farm Efficiency Bears Fruit in Bangladesh

With an all-in-one machine that can till, seed, and fertilize, Abdur Rahman is taking his farm to the next level. And he’s not the only one. More than 70,000 farmers in Bangladesh are benefitting from a Feed the Future project that equips farmers with the tools they need to secure their livelihoods.

Credit: Save the Children/Yoeum Phorn

A Focus on Nutrition Sets Cambodian Children Up to Thrive

As a mother, Hoeub Oeub dreams of a bright future for her one-year old son. She also worries about his growth. To ensure he grows up healthy, she’s working with Feed the Future to learn proper nutrition, hygiene and sanitation activities so her son lives a life full of opportunity.

Credit: OPIC

OPIC Helps Farmers Flourish with Access to Water

Without access to water, communities who rely on farming for their nutrition and livelihoods suffer. To solve this problem, OPIC is partnering with private companies to help farmers gain access to irrigation systems that can make agriculture activities successful.


September 4 - 8, 2017

Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire

2017 African Green Revolution Forum

September 27 - 29, 2017

Washington, DC

Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit


Knowing "WhatsApp" with Food Security

Fredrick Korir is a young extension agent in Bomet County in Kenya’s agricultural heartland. He has four hundred farmers and a huge area to cover by foot, bus, or motorcycle, and is always looking for ways to better educate farmers. After participating in an agricultural extension leadership training hosted by Africa Lead, Fred began using a simple mobile phone app to solve his monumental task. The result has been game changing.


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