I want to personally thank all of you who were able to make it to the 2018 Annual Meeting in New Orleans this year. It was fun to feel the vibrant culture by simply walking down Bourbon St. as well as throughout the French Quarter listening to the music, seeing the street performers, and enjoying the delicious and low-calorie food (we wish!).

The meeting proved to be a success, as I believe the speakers provided some valuable information. In addition, the round table discussions proved to be insightful with many ideas being shared with the group ranging from manufacturing, selling, warehousing, and miscellaneous other segments of the business.

Our keynote speaker, Mr. Jack Uldrich did a great job in opening our eyes to the future, and challenged all of us to think of ways to make our industry better, and make all our companies more successful not only by keeping up, but staying ahead of all the technological advancements around us. As we are blazing through another year, I ask each and every one of the members to think of more ways to improve SPIDA, just like Jack encouraged us.

The board is very receptive to new ideas to become better year by year. With this new year comes new opportunities for membership, sponsorship, and most importantly, becoming more active in any of the committees.

Thanks in advance for all that you do to continue to make SPIDA a great organization!

John Newland, SPIDA President
Colorado Regional Sales Manager, Hercules Industries
SPIDA Annual Conference – New Orleans
The annual SPIDA Spring conference was held in New Orleans. Over 60 attendees enjoyed the French Quarter and camaraderie with their SPIDA fellow members. The meeting kicked off Thursday night with dinner and drinks aboard the Creole Queen riverboat. It was an enjoyable evening of local music and views of the city from the Mississippi River. 
John Newland opened the meetings by welcoming everyone and thanking our sponsors. John acknowledged that without the support of our sponsors, the size and scope of our annual meetings would not be possible. Tony Plantz, Ductmate Industries (Linx, GreenSeam and Air Tech) was introduced as our highest level Diamond Sponsor. Our Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsors were recognized throughout the meetings.

SPIDA would like to thank Ductmate and Tony for their continued support!
Tony Plantz, Ductmate Industries
Diamond Sponsor:
Ductmate Industries
Gold Sponsors:
Mestek Machinery
Stamped Fittings
Silver Sponsors:
Owens Corning
Bronze Sponsors:
Johns Manville
New England Sheet Metal
SPIDA Friends:
Design Polymerics
Elgin Manufacturing
Knauf Insulation

We are looking for our 2019 DIAMOND SPONSOR!
Contact James Nicholson at the SPIDA Headquarters or any SPIDA board member for details.
Television/radio personality and author, Jack Uldrich, was our first guest. Mr. Uldrich is a futurist that has appeared on CNBC, National Public Radio and the Science Channel. In his book Jump the Curve he advises how to future proof your business today against the transformational trends of tomorrow. The Big AHA (Awareness, Humility and Action) are keys to adapting. He reminded the audience that history shows us that technologies change and the rate of technological change is ever increasing.  Mr. Uldrich discussed how the advances in 3-D printing (ductwork?), wearable technology, robotics, sensors, nanotechnology and the convergence of these technologies would affect our business in the near future.
The conference continued with updates
from the SPIDA committee chairs.

Pat Brooks, Eastern Sheet Metal, informed us the flat oval deflection data studies will continue by computer analysis. He also let the audience know that the long awaited SMACNA manual is scheduled to be out this summer and that ASHRAE is starting a duct sealant task force.

Bill Busch, Northeastern Sheet Metal, held a real-time text voting for next years' annual conference. San Diego came in a distant second place to Nashville. Stay tuned for details.

Robin Stegall, The Hamlin Companies, welcomed our two new board members; Ryan Barnes of Sheet Metal Connectors and Alvin Dueck of Tradesman Manufacturing. Robin is looking for the next Diamond Sponsor.

Ryan Barnes, Sheet Metal Connectors, discussed our website and Scott Witherow, Design Polymerics, discussed future publications.
Robin Stegall, The Hamlin Industries
Pat Brooks, Eastern Sheet Metal
Bill Busch, Northeastern Sheet Metal
Ryan Barnes, Sheet Metal Connectors and 
Alvin Dueck, Tradesman Manufacturing
Chris Billman of Majestic Steel addressed the conference and updated us on Section 232 Tariffs. At the time of his talk, Mr. Billman informed the membership that zinc hit a 12 year high, scrap metal pricing was the highest since 2014, steel demand was forecasted at a 4%-6% increase and that prices were up 35% since November 2017. Trade war fears, credit, inflation and increased transportation/energy cost were threats to a stable market. On a more positive note, he say that US Steel and Republic had two new mills on-line.
SPIDA welcomed Dr. Marcus Bianchi, Owens Corning Senior Building Science Lead, to discuss fiberglass insulation thermal and acoustical properties and more specifically why density should not be specified. Dr. Bianchi explained how ASHRAE does not specify insulation density and presented information to help members change specifications to more traditional insulation.   
Design Polymerics' Scott Witherow presented on the different anti-microbial ductwork coatings available and features/benefits of these coatings. He also discussed there is a continuing increased demand for these coatings. He discussed mill applied coatings and several different options for shop application. Scott also discussed installation/handling strategies and available application equipment.
Chris Billman, Majestic Steel, discusses metal tariffs. 
Dr. Marcus Bianchi, Owens Corning,
discusses specifying duct insulation correctly.
Scott Witherow, Design Polymerics, presents options for anti-mircobial ductwork coatings.
The meeting portion of the conference ended with roundtable discussions. Our members broke off into rotating groups where they discussed: production scheduling, allocation of cost, shop layout, CAD/CAM, job costing, insulation alternatives and gasketed duct.
These roundtables included many of the most knowledgeable manufacturers and suppliers in the industry, many with 30+ years of experience. Join us next year in Nashville to be a part of these valuable discussions.
Friday night concluded with a happy hour and hors d'oeuvres provided by our sponsors followed by a trip to the French Quarter.

SPIDA would like to once again thanks the attendees and sponsors for another educational and fun filled conference.
SPIDA Board of Directors Meeting
Prior to the general membership meeting, the SPIDA Board of Directors met. In attendance were Bill Busch, Robin Stegall, Randy Swaim, Weldon Weeks, Jacob Dorfler, Ryan Barnes, Steve Stratton, Pat Brooks, Josh Cricton, Jerry Liddell, Reid Boyston and John Newland.
We welcomed Ryan Barnes as a new board member and thanked Jacob Dorfler,
Metu-Streimer, for all his efforts on behalf of SPIDA. We wished him the best of luck at his new role within the company in their architectural metals division. The board voted to extend an offer to Alvin Dueck to join the board. Alvin did accept - welcome Alvin!
The next board of directors meeting with be a one day event in Dallas on September 17th.
Watch your emails and LinkedIn for dates and the venue.
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January 13-16, 2019
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